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1 "It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like like you...SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL." - Sans

Sans is my favorite character in Undertale. I think some people hate this quote because it makes Sans' personality go all over the place, but I like how this quote comes when you think you've got Sans' character pinned, and then when you kill everyone, he will avenge his friends and brother. He can't just stand by and let you go on, even if he knows it's impossible for him to beat you as you can always just come back and fight again. He knows that if he dies, everything ends. But he still fights. That's true determination.

What makes this great is that throught the game we just see Sans as sort of a friendly comedian, and then we're taken by surprise when he says something so dark.

Since like what, August? July? Whatever! Since Summer, I was getting to learn more of the fandom, and Sans however is a character I Loved more than anyone else. His puns are funny, has cool attacks, got a cool brother, and even showed me what determination really meant. To not give up. to not let your guard down. or let anything stand in your way. When I hear sans say that genocide quote, It really lights my heart. He's the best character, I want to call him my bone daddy.

This quote is perfect because if shows you that even if you were good in the pacifist route, Sans will still remember everything you did in the genocide route, and it will be hard to forgive you for what you've done.


I hesitated between this and the ''Undyne piling on the smooches'' thing. Mettaton wins in the end just because he was given an actual voice for that glorious quote. And because legs.

An incredibly deep message about our society's obsession with physical appearences.

I actually said this in my gym locker room. I am now the Undernerd of the school.

When you see them legs at the gym

3 "We are officially screwed every which way from Sunday with whipped cream and a Sans-shaped cherry on top, aren't we?" - Sans

I've never seen this in game, and I'm not even sure if this is a quote, but I voted for this wnyway.

Makes no sense
Yet so beautiful
Another Sans quote on my wall

I want to have a sundae like this now. Thank you sans.

The funniest quote ever

But only in my opinion
Well I'm not the only one



Lol she also has a crush on alphas at the end of the pacifist route? They almost kiss lol

This is me. Why, I don't know, it's just me.

I can't believe alphys said that!

This got me laughing so hard

5 "Now your sanity and mine can die TOGETHER!" - Undyne

I don't think this was a quote, but it is relatable!

Yes mine died ages ago!

This is me everyday.

Yes this is the best

6 "I should have killed you when I had the chance." - Alphys

Such an impactful quote, especially once you know Alphys as a character. It doesn't sound anything like something she would say at all until these circumstances.

This quote is from the Neutral Alphys ending, where you kill everyone except one person in Hotland. That person can be Muffet, one of the guards, or just a random Pyrope, Tsunderplane, or Vulkin.
Anyway, in this ending, Alphys is in charge now, and wishes things were the way they used to be, before your murderous rampage.

Okay, this is definitely not a quote from Alphys.

This isn't a phrase at all alphys hater

7 "I can't go to hell. I'm already out of vacation days." - Burgerpants

If this's gonna be your senior quote and you know it clap your hands

Oh god. This is one of the most badass things anyone has ever said.

I tried to work once, I was burger pants -one day after

I'm just 18 and I already wasted my life on undertale.

8 "YOU! WILL! NEVER! SPARE ME!" - Undyne

Guys this IS a quote if you continually spare her after she turns your soul red.

This is a quote. Play the game before you hate on it.

What if I hand you a puppy if you do/

This isn't a quote. Somethings wrong with the admin here.

9 "In this world, it's kill or be killed." - Flowey

Flowey is the best character in undertale.
Sans is a close second though...
Ironically, they are the ones who remember your runs in undertale.

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Flowey is AMAZING! Such a great backstory and character traits. So many people are him for halloween because villains are the funniest character to play. He's my favorite!

The reason Flowey says this is because when he was supposed to kill the humans and get the souls, he didn't hurt anyone. In return, he got killed.

10 "Our family is bigger than evah. Now that my wife. Is fused with sixteen othah people." - Snowdrake's Father

Yes praise your amalgamate wife

Laughed my head off at this!

what if they wanna have christmas?

This is true

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11 "I like to just lie on the floor and feel like garbage" - Napstablook

This is legit me.
Once, we were doing something in my school, and my friend requested us to put T for Trash.

Napstablook is the best! Plus he suffers from crippling depression:( Laying down with him was one of the best moments of my life! Ahh those beautiful stars...

Let's face it, there's a little bit of Napstablook in everyone

Napstablook is my spirit animal

12 "Despite everything, it's still you." - Chara

This is hands down one of the best quotes in the entire game. I didn't realise it when I first played a few years ago, but looking back at it now means a hell of a lot to me, it really shows that no matter what happens to you or what kind of changes you go through, you are still you. and nobody can take that from you.

Thank you, Chara. *Hearing this fills you with Kindness* (Sorry, my soul type is Kindness)

Me at the beginning of 2020:
It's you!
Me at the end of 2020:
Despite everything, it's still you.

It's just a good quote it can kinda hit deep if you overthink it enough

13 "Get Dunked On!" - Sans

Yeah, man dunk that dirty brother killer in the basket. Party for Sans!... YEAH!

Quote that might be heard when you're having a bad time

This is why you don't try to spare when you have murdered a whole civlivation.

I say this a lot because I play basketball I never miss. Until I do miss then uhh a uuuhhh GET DUNKED ON

14 "HOI! I'm TEMMIE!" - Temmie

It's so motivational *sniff*

Get this higher up the list

It's "Tem" not "Temmie" in that quote

That is a true tem quote

15 "Take care of yourself, kid. Cause someone really cares about you." - Sans

I love this quote so much, because it reminds me that no matter what, I can get through this. It also pushes all of my depression to the back of my mind, at least for a second or two.

Don't forget that someone cares about you too! We The Fandom Will Take Care Of You!

Please don make Toriel cry it will break my weak heart. This is why I did pacifist.

I read this, and depression is gone for a few split seconds. It just doesn't exist.

16 "NYEH HEH HEH HEH!" - Papyrus

This is going to be my 8th grade quote. I made up my mind. Ain't no changing it now!

Tiktok kids: I am so cool
Me: look at papyrus and you will be ashamed of your pretend coolness

I wonder what this laugh would sound like in real life.

Sums up the game pretty good

17 "You're gonna have a bad time." - Sans

I'm sorry I halfway did a Genocide route sans! I gave up halfway because killing Papyrus was the most painful thing I have ever done. I'm never starting a Genocide run ever again.

People probably don't like this because Sans follows up on that bad time. Me personally I love it because I had fun with the fight and never got mad or frustrated because Sans was doing the right thing trying to stop the Genocidal player.

If you people don't stop making memes about this... You're gonna have a bad time

It's sorta overused and by "sorta" I mean "really"

18 "You never gained any LOVE, but you gained love." - Sans

Love holds everyone together. It creates peace and a strong connection with people you meet. Sans understands this as he does with many other things. Good Quote!

I was really moved by this, and unfortunately I have never been able to kill anything in any game since hearing this.

So true, so lovely, so sweet
But you kinda have to figure out what it means on your own

I used to be confused of this quote- I feel stupid for note remembering flowey at the start.

19 "There's a burning feeling inside me. A feeling that WON'T let me die." - Undyne

I never actually did the Genocide route or watched a playthrough, but I've gotten involved in the Fandom, so I know where this is from.

Inspirational, amazing, heroic. One thing, though. It's "There's a burning feeling I can't describe. A burning feeling that WON'T let me die! ", It's almost right, just a few words are wrong. Still awesome quote though

And that burning feeling inside of you is called determination, Undyne.

I just love undyne and I think shes amazing. I love this quote and I think it's the best.

20 "Don't kill and don't be killed, alright?" - Asriel Dreemurr

You know, this actually quite ironic considering his flower form literally says the exact opposite

It shows that Asriel is actually a nice and loving person that has been turned dark by his fate.

Ok, Asriel. Don't worry, you'll find a way out of this. You're immoral, so you'll find a way to die eventually.

Asriel is one of my favourite characters. *Regular Asriel!

21 "Quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp!" - Sans

The convenience of that lamp still fills you with determination

yes indeed

Oh Noes, Hide!

I’ve spent way too much time laughing at this,

22 "Who needs arms with LEGS like these?!" - Mettaton

This is one of my favorite quotes in the whole game! Mettaton is the best!

Wow hey monster kid come here (shows mettaton) this your embodyment of that saying

Basically what all chickens would say.

This is why mettaton is my favorite popstar!

23 "You're a wimpy loser with a big heart!" - Undyne

It felt heartwarming when she said that

This is the best quote in the game

This applies to so many people

Is this not everyone?

24 You can't use the fire exit because you're not made of fire.

And how do you know this-? STALKER ALERT

This got me cracking up XDD

*Walks out of door anyways-* IMMA REBEL BOIS-

I just-

This- beauty

25 "I'm only nineteen years old and I've already wasted my entire life." - Burgerpants

Everybody eventually will be able to relate to Burgerpants.

Burgerpants is my spirit animal

Burgerpants is relatable

Why is this so relatable?

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