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1 Sans is good but definitely not my favorite character in the game
2 Alphys did nothing wrong
3 Undyne's Genocide fight was actually a bit harder than Sans'
4 Papyrus is the most overrated character in the game
5 I liked Mettaton better when he wasn't in his hyper-sexualized David-Bowie-impersonator form

I saw his weird form on the Internet. Yick... - RiverClanRocks

6 Chara is not as evil as people think; she's mainly just misunderstood
7 The game is fairly priced

Do people think it costs too MUCH or too little? $10 seems like a reasonable price to me. It's a great game but it isn't long even if you do both of the main routes. - Garythesnail

8 The Genocide route is actually easier overall than Pacifist
9 Endogeny is best dog
10 Temmie is weird and ugly

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11 I prefer Asgore X Toriel over Sans X Toriel
12 For what they are, the graphics really aren't that bad; in fact, they're quite charming
13 Alphys is actually hotter than Undyne


14 Flowey isn't evil; he's just misunderstood
15 There is nothing wrong with So Sorry being in the game
16 Mettaton's legs do NOT need to be photoshopped onto everything

This meme is everywhere. And I hate it. - RiverClanRocks

17 The Amalgamates aren't scary; they're just depressing
18 Alphys wasn't annoying; she was cute
19 I never really felt all that bad for Sans in comparison to characters like Asgore and Alphys
20 I really do wish that the Alphys X Amalgamates shipping had worked out
21 Alphys is cuter than Temmie
22 The Pacifist final boss was better than the Genocide one
23 Just because Sans is a boring, unfunny, annoying douchebag doesn't make him likeable
24 The Amalgamates are actually kind of cute
25 Hotland and the True Laboratory were the best parts of the entire game apart from final boss battles
26 The game wasn't too easy; it was too short
27 The enemy encounter rate should have been a bit higher
28 I prefer Papyrus X Undyne over Alphys X Undyne
29 Grillby is the hottest character in the game
30 Alphys should have been skinny
31 I like Underfell Sans better than Underswap Sans
32 Burgerpants' facial expressions totally don't look like they were made in Microsoft Paint
33 Asgore and Toriel are cuter than Asriel
34 The Dreemurrs are cuter than the Mimigas from Cave Story
35 There needs to be an Undertale/CaveStory crossover game
36 Gaster is overrated
37 Muffet kind of needs to go die in a hole
38 The game was more or less the perfect length for what it was
39 The Genocide Run is vastly more pretentious than Pacifist
40 The game isn't overrated for the most part; it's just overhyped
41 The fanbase isn't really that bad; it just has its moments here and there
42 The fanbase has actually contributed a lot of amazing stuff to the game
43 Sans' death was nowhere near as sad as Papyrus', Undyne's, or especially Alphys'
44 Alphys is the best character in the game
45 Alphys Hoek is one of the greatest fanfics ever made
46 Omega Flowey wasn't really that scary; he mostly just looked utterly ridiculous
47 Burgerpants isn't creepy
48 Alphys and Sans both had vastly better plot twists than Asriel did
49 The only thing good about Alphys was the True Lab twist
50 Cave Story is still sadder than this game
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1. Sans is good but definitely not my favorite character in the game
2. Alphys did nothing wrong
3. Undyne's Genocide fight was actually a bit harder than Sans'


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