Top 10 Most Useless Triggers In Geometry Dash

We all know we can't live without triggers like Move and Alpha, but there are some triggers out there that I just don't care about.

The Top Ten

1 Spawn Trigger

The touch trigger is better. It,s WAY easier to use, and way less complex. You might as well use that instead of this.

There are so many alternatives of the spawn trigger that actually are very useful, like Touch and Collision. - Solacress

I actually just discovered a use for this trigger if you want to make a VERY advanced minigame level, so it may actually be more useful than the pulse trigger. - Solacress

Ooof yeah I agree - Bigandbagguy

2 Pulse Trigger

You can do everything you can usually do with this trigger without actually using it. - Solacress

3 Pickup Trigger

It's basically an invisible collectible that can't move. - Solacress

4 Animate Trigger

GOD I do. This is a useful trigger if you want to make a boss and stuff - Bigandbagguy

Who really uses these? - Solacress

5 Follow Trigger

Yes, it can be useful, but not as useful as others. - Solacress

6 Stop Trigger

I actually use this one occasionally. It's just the fact that if you're careful with your other triggers, you can do almost everything this trigger does. - Solacress

7 Shake Trigger

It's cool, but nothing else - Solacress

Everybody uses this. put it down on the list - Bigandbagguy

8 On Death Trigger

It can be cool, but it doesn't really make life easier. - Solacress


9 Follow Player Y Trigger

We're into the zone where triggers become very useful, so it was hard to put this on the list. - Solacress

10 Rotate Trigger

THIS WOULD BE WAY LOWER but yeah, the glitches make me really really mad - Bigandbagguy

I'm sad I had to put this on the list, but it just has so many glitches. - Solacress

The Contenders

11 Alpha Trigger

Lots of auto levels use it though

I think this is very useful, I just put every trigger on the list. - Solacress

12 Move Trigger
13 Toggle Trigger
14 Instant Count Trigger
15 Count Trigger
16 Collision Trigger
17 Touch Trigger
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