Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


I could have picked any of these other games for the year's best: Overwatch is more addicting, Battlefield is more a better constraint when it comes to tone, DOOM is more entertaining to play, and Dark Souls is more difficult. But guess what? Uncharted is the only game to nail all of these at once. 97/10

This game just set a really high bar in both graphics and story.

The story line was so good and I liked how it all linked up perfectly and I had completely no idea that was going on.

The campaign is incredible. Multiplayer is great. Hands down best game of 2016 in my opinion

It is the best game I've ever played since I already beat the first uncharted and the second uncharted.

Amazing. I haven't played any of the other Uncharted games and I was absolutely blown away. I'm definitely picking up the other 3. - Tacosarelife

Not the best game in the franchise, but it definitely deserves game of the year

I Really Want To Play This Game So Badly, it Looks Great - VideoGamefan5

I would've liked this game even more if they would've kept donut drake in.

Naughty Dog is the best at making good visually stunning games with really good story lines. (And No Loading Screens)

Who wouldn't choose this they'd have to be crazy to vote for anything else

I may have not played the other 3, but this game was incredibly interesting and fun to play.

Multiplayer is superior and touchable by these other games

I like Uncharted 4 infinitely more than anything else on this list but I had to vote for Battlefield 1 to try and get it to second place because Overwatch definitely doesn't deserve it.

Pure Awesome, One Of The Best Games I've Played In A While - VideoGamefan5

Truly a Thief's end to an absolutely god tier franchise.

I don't think it deserves a spot on the top 10. Maybe top 50, but top 10 shows that this game is a little overrated. :-/ - maestroERROR123

Best game ever in the history of video games

This game is undoubtedly number 1

This game is going to sweep the GOTY awards, nothing else even comes close to this. One of the best gaming experiences I've had in my life.

This game is jewel. This game is best. From graphics to story mode everything is so great. To all game lovers this is awesome man. Just try it once -Anubhav

Maybe we should kinda wait til it comes out. - MKBeast

Second best right behind overwatch is by far the best game of the year also battlefield 1 wasn't to bad itself

This Game Is Amazing...Best quality...best shooting...best driving,but ome time you have to find the way but it doesn't show anything to help

As a true Uncharted series fan and playing every single game, I can say this wasnt the best in the series but still wins goty by a mile.