Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


I could have picked any of these other games for the year's best: Overwatch is more addicting, Battlefield is more a better constraint when it comes to tone, DOOM is more entertaining to play, and Dark Souls is more difficult. But guess what? Uncharted is the only game to nail all of these at once. 97/10

The Uncharted franchise is so powerful that it makes the Naughty Dog creations like Crash Bandicoot look like Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric! - The Ultimate Daredevil, full-fledged talking about Naughty Dog, which is as great as Nintendo used to be

These are one of those games you get hooked to. I had the same vibe for The Last Of Us. Storylines are great, and has depth, and of course, FUN

This game just set a really high bar in both graphics and story.

This is one of the best games I have ever played, if not, the best. I love the multiplayer and no other game can offer a better campaign than uncharted 4 Best game no doubt in my mind.

The story line was so good and I liked how it all linked up perfectly and I had completely no idea that was going on.

The campaign is incredible. Multiplayer is great. Hands down best game of 2016 in my opinion

It is the best game I've ever played since I already beat the first uncharted and the second uncharted.

Amazing. I haven't played any of the other Uncharted games and I was absolutely blown away. I'm definitely picking up the other 3. - Tacosarelife

I would've liked this game even more if they would've kept donut drake in.

Love this game! I think the graphics, storylines and characters are just brilliant. Great game!

It one of my favorite games but it not my best I mean they didn't even add fifa 17 the best game but they added this one

Not the best game in the franchise, but it definitely deserves game of the year

I Really Want To Play This Game So Badly, it Looks Great - VideoGamefan5

Amazing game disappointed that it wasn't game of 2016 and infinite warfare isn't even in the list LOL

Naughty Dog is the best at making good visually stunning games with really good story lines. (And No Loading Screens)

Yes yes yes out of all the lists I've seen on this website this is the only number 1 I agree with

This game kept me wanting to know Nathan even more and the graphics are superb!

Who wouldn't choose this they'd have to be crazy to vote for anything else

I may have not played the other 3, but this game was incredibly interesting and fun to play.

Multiplayer is superior and touchable by these other games

I like Uncharted 4 infinitely more than anything else on this list but I had to vote for Battlefield 1 to try and get it to second place because Overwatch definitely doesn't deserve it.

This game is undoubtedly number 1

Pure Awesome, One Of The Best Games I've Played In A While - VideoGamefan5

Truly a Thief's end to an absolutely god tier franchise.