Top 10 Video Games Metalheads Love to Play


The Top Ten

1 Doom

It even uses some Metallica Slayer and Pantera songs as its soundtrack (Though its an unofficial 16 bit version) - christangrant

Right on the dot. - htoutlaws2012

2 Guitar Hero Metallica

I think this one is self explanatory - christangrant

3 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Who doesn't love the radio station V Rock it plays songs from Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden - christangrant

4 Brutal Legend
5 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
6 Halo 2
7 Halo 3
8 Call of Duty: Black Ops
9 Fallout 3
10 Killer Instinct

The Contenders

11 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
12 Star Wars Battlefront II
13 Primal
14 Twisted Metal: Black
15 Red Dead Redemption
16 Bully: Scholarship Edition
17 Soul Blazer
18 Mortal Kombat
19 Doom (2016)
20 Barbie Groom and Glam Pup
21 Duke Nukem 3D
22 Borderlands
23 Star Wars Battlefront (2015)
24 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
25 Call of Duty: World at War
26 Metal Head
27 Karmaflow

The world's first rock opera video game.

28 The Witcher

For those who don't know, Vader recorded a song for the very first Witcher game.

29 Wolfenstein 3D
30 Double Kick Heroes
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Top Remixes

1. Doom
2. Brutal Legend
3. Halo 2
1. Doom
2. Guitar Hero Metallica
3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
1. Borderlands
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Guitar Hero Metallica


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