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1 Star Wars Battlefront 3

I have this strange feeling that Battlefront III will be the best-selling game ever. It's just a feeling I got :P - StarSeeker94

Their making one and even better its from the creators of battlefield! Can't wait for this game! I just hope it has a third person view. - DunnaNunnaBatman

I've played SW2 for about 6 or 7 years by now. I abolutly loved it! One of my favorite ps2 games. By some reason even it's always the same I never got bored while playing it. Even now on 2013 I play it with my friends and have a lot of fun. And still waiting for the sequel :( it'd be amazing for sure - Dodolodo

This would be the best game ever

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2 Megaman Legends 3

Sadly its cancelled

3 Super Smash Brothers Trilogy

This is good. But Stephen, do you really always have to state the obvious? Oh and on your list, people posted some good shows on your bad shows lists.

It would explode from all the awesomeness. - QTANTOBA

it's a me,
Too cute

It would mean no more nostalgia! Pleases make it for Wii and WiiU!

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4 F-Zero Wii U
5 DOOM 4
6 Star Fox Collection
7 WWE vs TNA

This would be dope! - hoboninja13

8 Marvel vs Capcom 4
9 Fallout 4

This game should be called Fallout 4: San Francisco and should use Skyrim's engine.

Anybody saying Call of Duty; go and beat your head against a wall.

This. Fallout is a brilliant series. FO4 should have the leveling system of FONV, the weapon creation of skyrim (other than enchantment), say you can upgrade a gun a few times for better stats. All the usual FO3 and NV stuff. Itll be wonderful.

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10 Paper Mario U

Well, it's coming... But... *sigh* - RoleplayerR

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11 Half Life 3

Wow, why is this so low? I have wanted Half-Life 3 ever since I finished Half-Life 2 Episode 2. But no, people would rather have LEGO Sponge-bob the video game. Figures, after all, this is the same world where people love Niki Minaj and Nickleback but have never heard of Blackmore's Night or Nightwish sigh...

15th place, 15 divided by 3 (for Half Life 3) is 5, there are 5 letters in Valve. Half Life 3 confirmed. - Matthewn1999

We're still waiting Valve, we're all waiting

Not happening, and never will be. - Extractinator04

12 Nicktoons Battle

Oh my gosh.
This is an epic awesome idea.
I would become an addict to this came.
I would also keep screaming "Ecto-ray! " and "Goin' ghost! "

Includes most Nicktoon characters from most Nicktoons! Like SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, Tak, Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, and lot more! - Stephen2

It would be like Smash Bros and they could add third party characters like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny

SpongeBob v cat noir who'd win cat noir duh. - DreamWorks2005

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13 Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel

It would be more interesting than MK vs DC Universe. Just look at this:

Scorpion vs Ghost Rider
Liu Kang vs Spider-man
Sub-Zero vs Iceman
Raiden vs Thor
Goro vs Hulk
Johnny Cage vs Captain America
Jax vs Iron Man
Kenshi vs Daredevil
Baraka vs Wolverine
Kitana vs Jean Grey
Sonya Blade vs Storm
Mileena vs Elektra
Stryker vs Punisher
Jade vs Scarlet Witch
Cyrax vs Deathlok
Nightwolf vs Nightcrawler
Kung Lao vs Silver Surfer
Kabal vs Runner
Sheeva vs She-Hulk
Shao Kahn vs Magneto (or Colossus) - Magnolia

I could do something like wolverine vs Sub-Zero and Scorpion vs Iceman - SuperMan2003

This should be made for real! - SSJ

14 Banjo-Kazooie 3
15 Super Mario Strikers U

Good idea

16 TimeSplitters 4
17 Call of Duty: Civil War

This is such an original setting. Having to go back to muskets and stuff will be awesome the extra stress and effort with this age weaponry will make kills, battles and victories more satisfying. Not to mention that we can avoid kids online since they will not have to skill, patience and intelligence required for the types of tactics used.

18 Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon

Ren and Stimpy kills teen titans go. - NoOreoForU


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19 Anime All Stars

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this idea. I've talked about this idea for a couple of years and it would literally be just a better version of Smash Bros (which is a massive compliment). But the reality of the matter is that because of copyright issues and such, the game would be nearly impossible to make.

It would be great to see everyone's favorite anime characters face off in combat here would be a few good match ups:

Goku vs Ranma
Spike vs Gene Starwind
Lena Inverse vs Edward Elric
Vegeta vs Envy
Inyuyasha vs Guts
Roy Mustang vs Vegeta
Monkey D. Luffy vs Naruto
Ryoko vs Washu
Vash vs Spike Spiegel - egnomac

It would be like Super Smash Bros. Only with Anime characters it would feature fan favorites like Goku, Edward Elric, Lena Inverse, Spike, Ryoko, Inyuyasha, Naruto and many more they should really consider making this a game.

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20 Chrono Break
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