Top 10 Video Games that Set Gold Standards for Their Genres

The Top Ten Video Games that Set Gold Standards for Their Genres

1 Super Mario Bros. (2D Platformer)
2 Metal Gear Solid (Stealth)
3 DOOM (Run'n'Gun FPS)
4 The Legend of Zelda (Adventure)
5 Mario Kart (Kart Racing)
6 Super Metroid (Metroidvania)
7 Galaga (Arcade Games)
8 Undertale (Indie RPG)
9 Mortal Kombat (2D Fighting)
10 Punch-Out! (Boxing)

The Contenders

11 Super Mario 64 (3D Platformer)
12 Resident Evil (Survival-Horror)
13 Final Fantasy (Turn-Based RPG)
14 Starcraft (MMO)
15 Mega Man (Run'n'Gun Platformer)
16 Luigi's Mansion (Spin-Offs)
17 BioShock (Story-Driven FPS)

The only good thing that was representing their genre

18 God Of War (Hack'n'Slash)
19 Xenogears (Story-Driven RPG)
20 Xenoblade Chronicles (Single-Player MMO)
21 World of Warcraft (MMO)
22 Team Fortress 2 (Class-Based FPS)
23 Half-Life (Survival-Horror FPS)
24 Metroid Prime (Action FPS)
25 Sonic The Hedgehog (Speed Platformer)
26 Gran Turismo (Racing Sim)
27 F-Zero (Futuristic Racing)
28 Earthbound (Comedy RPG)
29 Fire Emblem (RTS)
30 South Park: The Stick Of Truth (Comedy RPG)
31 Donkey Kong Country (Spin-Off Platformers)
32 Conker's Bad Fur Day (Comedy)
33 House of The Dead (Lightgun Shooting)
34 Borderlands 2 (First-Person RPG)
35 Pokemon (Merchandise-Driven RPG)
36 Super Smash Bros. (Spin-Off Fighting Games)
37 Crash Bandicoot (Sony Mascot Platformers)
38 Super Mario World (2D Platformer)
39 Yoshi's Island (Spin-Off Platformer)
40 Mario Golf (Golf Games)
41 Wario Land (Puzzle Platformers)
42 Earthworm Jim (Comedy)
43 Advance Wars (RTS)
44 Undertale (Comedy)
45 Axiom Verge (Indie Metroidvania)
46 The Sims (Life Simulation)
47 Minecraft (Building Games)
48 The Elder Scrolls (Fantasy RPG)
49 Fallout (Sci-Fi RPG)
50 Double Dragon (Beat'em'Up)
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