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21 The Simpsons Guy
22 Super Sandbox

Probably a lesser known game that will quite literally have anything be possible. Be it Aliens, TVs that you can change and warp. It will take lots and lots and LOTS of time and work and almost too much technological advance, but it will be worth it. Literally, you are god in the game. No offense for any religious people, but you know what I mean. - username34

23 Ender's Game

I'm not asking for a complete replication of the story. I'm asking for maybe a cheap game where you can play in the battle room scenes, the final mission scene, and maybe that rat game Ender was playing in the movie. A game like this was actually in development for a period of time, but got cancelled. Why? - PeterG99

24 Lizard Lick Towing: The Official Game of the TV Show

Reposessing cars from angry rednecks along with brawls at the Lizard Lot.

25 Super Smash Bros Brawl 2
26 Simpsons vs Family Guy Mortal Kombat
27 Kirby for Wii U

Actually, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is coming! From the looks of it, it looks like a new concept. Like Kirby's Epic Yarn! I like Kirby's Epic Yarn! Make it like Kirby's Epic Yarn! At least make it good. If its not good I will break my Wii U. Seriously. Okay, totally not seriously. But you get the point. I hope its good. - MystoMesprit

28 Legends of the Hidden Temple
29 Dante's Inferno
30 Eminem the Video Game
31 Grand Theft Auto 6 Miami
32 Hip Hop Hero
33 Cave Story 2
34 Mother 1+2+3
35 Portal Prequel
36 Camp Half Blood

So this should not only include battle-scenes and DETAILED character creation (as in there should be more than three options for hair color or pants or whatever), but there should be questions you have to answer and choices you have to make that change your outcome and might give you different quests or friends or something. Death scenes like the last of us, where it doesn't just say that you died during a fight scene when you run out of health or whatever; It should have a little scene to show what happened. (And I might keep using the last of us game as an example because it is great) Also, like in the last of us, there should be more than one view point, (or maybe even have two different custom characters of your own so that if they get split up you can control both groups or something) and there should be scenes like in the last of us in between battles and choices or something. Also; my brother plays wizard 101 and when I was watching him play once I noticed that you find random ...more

37 Super Mario Maker 2
38 Disease Maker

I love diseases they are fun, you should be able to control a pathogen and invade someone.

39 Soccer Mom Simulator 3D
40 Evil Cake Attacks Mars
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