Top Ten Video Games We Wouldn't Like to See a Real Life Simulation Of

Video games are fun, but they would suck in real life. Basically, these are the worst video games, whether it's an iPhone game, a game on an Xbox, Wii, or even the PC, to have a real life simulation of them. So, go ahead and vote, and comment if you want.
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1 Plague, Inc

The whole story line of Plague, Inc is to make a disease and kill all humans with it. It's a really fun game when it's confined to the world of the mobile app store, but trust me... if this game happened in real life, be prepared to make a rocket to Mars, unless you enjoy organ failure.

This list is a lot like my list of Games You Don't Want to be Trapped In.

Too bad if you don't want to because that's what 2020 basically is.

I just googled this game, I would hate to be stuck here.

2 Five Nights At Freddy's

I mean, seeing real models of those guys would be cool. Working at the place.. ? I have so many Nightmares about looking down the hall and seeing Foxy rush at me.

If the Chuck E. Cheese's franchise eventually goes bankrupt in a flash, expect this to happen (not really).

Doing something like making fazbear's fright would be awesome. Actually working at the place would traumatized everyone

I love that game but imagine if it was real...

3 The Sims

No way the sims is smiler to real life

Anybody is probably aware of how the game "The Sims" is played. Basically you tell fake people what to do. So, unless you enjoy every one of your actions being controlled by some dictator of the world, you wouldn't want this to happen.

4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

I'm not going to explain much else, except if you want to die, wish this game would happen.

Good World War step

5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Would be the most expensive action game to run a real life version of. Aside from the ones which are based in fantasy worlds and/or multiverses.

This is the LAST Call of Duty game I'm putting on here, OK?

6 Pandemic

The story line of this game is the exact same as Plague, Inc, and Pandemic even has sequels. So, if Plague, Inc, and all the Pandemic games happened at once, be prepared for a chaotic world.

7 Super Mario Bros.

This is a great game, but would you want Goombas walking around, where if you even TOUCHED them, you could die, or have this glorified turtle kidnap a princess?

I would die by just touching a mushroom or a turtle? Game over.

8 Slender: The Eight Pages

Being stuck in a forest while being chased by a monster and the only thing you have is a flashlight and a few death notes

9 Halo

I have no need to put any more commentary in here.

Come on killing covernant fighting flood,destroying ringworlds,that's fun ( note it was fun when I was 10 and used to fantasie this but now after undestanding xenocide and all other stuff it ain't fun no more but the games still awesome )

10 Mortal Kombat

Lots of blood, gore and head ripping. Not the way I wanna live.

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11 The Last of Us The Last of Us Product Image
12 Minecraft Minecraft Product Image

The good news is, you would respawn. The bad news is that, well, skellys and zombies and creepers! OH MY!

13 Fallout 3 Fallout 3 Product Image
14 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Basically with a real life simulation of this game, your ultimate goal is to kill each other. We'd have to go to mass graves soon.

15 Grand Theft Auto

I think the list is talking about semi-invincible characters that could rampage across a city without consequences, not the city environment itself.

There are tons of simulations like this. Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Camden, Oakland, etc.

16 Pokèmon

ARE YOU CRAZY?!? I have the greatest dreams of living in the Pokemon world, I often wished I could just be made of pixels instead, it would be absolutely epic! On the other hand, I get where you're coming at, but id like to believe that id form intimate relationships with my pokémon, and they would beat up other pokémon ykno... Cause they love me!

All those really cute Pokemon we like would look like a bunch of retarded monsters in real life

Oh, Pokèmon... it's a fun game and all, but I wonder what the animals go through. So, suppose this in real life: your Pokèmon (Labrador Puppy) has one duty: to help you catch more "Pokèmon". Your puppy beats up your neighbor's cat, and your neighbor has to pay for it because your dog is stronger. At least the neighbor's cat has free health care.

That's what a real-life Pokèmon could be like.

Also, PETA would be pissed.

I wish I lived in Kalos. Then I would get to meet Clemont and become Champion, get a bunch of Pokemon, be world famous, etc. etc. etc.

17 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Product Image
18 Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 3 Product Image
19 Manhunt Manhunt Product Image
20 Borderlands Borderlands Product Image
21 Parasite In City
22 Mega Man
23 Pacman

I don't know if anyone has seen it yet, but there's a trailer for an upcoming movie called Pixels where video game characters come to the real world to wreak havoc on things. Pacman is one of those characters.

24 Amnesia
25 Bioshock Bioshock Product Image
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