Video Games with Most Mature and Dark Story


The Top Ten

1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Amazing game with a fantastic story, the main story's length is roughly 40 hours and the quality still remains. it's like the game of thrones of video games - yolo264


2 Grand Theft Auto IV

When people play Grand Theft Auto they most often forget about the story missions, this Grand Theft Auto had the best story, it was very serious but it still had the humor of previous GTAs and NIKO BELLIC is amazing! - yolo264

The story of every Grand Theft Auto is usually overlooked because of the fun gameplay, but this game's story was amazing and best in the series. it was serious but it still had the humour of the previous GTAs, but it becomes really great because of NIKO BELLIC, he is one of the best protagonists ever - yolo264

3 The Walking Dead

The most emotional ending ever in a video game - yolo264

4 Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar really knows how to make a great protagonist, john marston was great and that ending - yolo264

5 Bioshock

The story is very original and with a great twist - yolo264

6 The Last of Us

The chemistry between ellie and joel is fantastic and it has some of the most realistic and in-depth characters in a video game - yolo264

7 Max Payne 3

Great locations and music and a bit of neo-noir, really feels like an action movie - yolo264

8 Silent Hill 2
9 Deus Ex

The blade runner of video games, great story with some great characters and conspiracies - yolo264

10 L.A. Noire

It's very rare to find a noir game like this, some really intresting cases and characters - yolo264

The Contenders

11 Spec Ops: The Line

Who expected this game to have a great story, it's a thrill ride from start to finish - yolo264

12 Mafia 2
13 Minecraft
14 Roblox
15 Club Penguin
16 Super Paper Mario

It is a pretty dark game and possibly the darkest for the E rating.

It good

17 Half-Life 2
18 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
19 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
20 Watch Dogs
21 Lisa: The Painful
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