Best Video Games of All Time

A video game is an electronic game in which a player uses an input device such as a controller to generate visual feedback on a video display device. Regardless of genre, platform, and age; these are the greatest video games ever created, and may include bestsellers, critical hits, or pop culture phenomena.
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1 Minecraft Minecraft Product Image

Yeah, this game never ends, but it still lasts longer than any other game. Full of creativity, and it is constantly getting better standards at being good. It is good to play with friends, good to YouTube and stream, it is open - world, can be modified, and it isn't easy or difficult. Also it looks good, pretty too. You can make anything. Playing hunger games is one of my favorite things to do.

I don't see why some people have this hatred toward Minecraft. I don't think it's unlikable in the slightest. They must see it all the time on YouTube and elsewhere, but don't watch the videos or look at the content, so get annoyed at anything related to the game they see since they are in the minority of gamers that don't understand it since they have never played it.

Minecraft, the best game ever. On Minecraft you can do basically what ever you want. You can make a house, you can make a building. You can mine for the greatest Jewels and craft it with anything. Craft a pic axe to go mining. Craft a sword to fight off the monsters of the night. You can discover an abandon mine, Find lava or water. Craft an axe to chop up wood and make a house. Make what ever your imagination takes you. Craft a shovel to dig, Craft a hoe to make a farm. Collect resources to live. Mine redstone to make a machine, make a door bell or even a light bulb. Make a portal to another world. Discover new thing in the another world (the nether) or even in the real world. Kill monsters to brew new potions to heal or die. Make an enchanting table to enchant your tools to mine faster, dig faster, chop faster or make your sword more damage. Make armor to protect you, also enchant it for greater protection. Make anything with the best Jewels you mine. Have a pet animal including ...more

Here are a couple of reasons for why I think minecraft is the best of all games:
1. It's a sandbox/open world game. Open world games have been very very popular, as seen with the Spiderman Playstation games, Skyrim, GTA, and many others.
2. It's very open. There are many things that can be modified. You are able to download or create modifications for your game, and can use texture/resource packs to change the look of your game.
3. Player retention. The game developers have, in my opinion, mastered the art of keeping people interested. Lot's of the updates that have come out have been really hyped up, and Mojang did not dissapoint. They get out one, maybe two updates a year, and usually they are big and add a whole lot of fun to the game.
4. It's not that difficult of a game. There are people out there that, yes, have become gods at it, but even so, for a new player, it is easy to learn how to do things and practice movement and things.
5. The multiplayer component is ...more

2 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Product Image

This game is in fact one of my favorite Zelda games beating out all Mario games. BUT this game is DEADLY overrated because everyone thinks the best during the time makes it the best today. Thins evolve and get better so just put it simple. Some games did a better job. Sure it might be revolutionary but it doesn't make it great. The side quest and the game world aren't the best. There games with better dungeons, gameplay, and bosses. But on the flip side. This game has an AMAZING story, gameplay, and dungeons. And this game is one of THE most challenging Zelda games out there. And it makes you think and predict. Other games DO also require skill but it's a different kind of skill.

Of every game that I have ever played none has been as powerful as The Ocarina of Time. The ultimate brain teaser combines with the epic atmosphere in every Zelda game to create this masterpiece. Bosses such as Volvagia, Bongo Bongo, Ganon and even the measly Gohma are just pieces of a game that changed the way that even mature adults thought of gaming. Not to mention the awesomeness of the temples that you go through as an adult. The fire temple, water temple (holy hell the water temple), and every other each has it's own style and atmosphere. For every kid who has not had the chance to play this game I would advise you get off your butt go buy this game and sit back down for hours, it is an amazing experience. Not only was this game ridiculously good in 1998, but having been remastered in glorious 3D only has added to the impact that this game has on everybody who plays it. The first time I played this game I literally had chills from the final battle with Ganon. There is nothing ...more

TOMB RAIDER! Are you guys serious! The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time defines what we as gamers see as the one perfect game. It still to this day stands as a tribute to ALL other games. It won more awards than Lord of the Rings at the Oscars and still is played today by those who know what real games should be.
Oh God guys, I mean Tomb Raider, Are you serious! I will admit it was a very good game and revolutionized some aspects of gaming, but to compare: If Tomb Raider cut the bushes really well on the gaming landscape, then the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time tore down the whole freaking yard and rebuilt it, but had to split the work with Mario 64.

Thankfully, this game is listed at the top. Definitely a game to remember because it is simply FUN. The story is great, gameplay is very unique during its era, and will probably mark the hearts of every gamer who has experienced playing it during the 90s. Even though the duration of the game is very long, you will never be bored of it because there are many places you can go to, not to mention in 2 different worlds. If I were to compare it to the modern games, sure modern games have realistic graphics, but nothing beats the word "FUN" when it comes to classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While Making this review, I get the urge to download and play it on an emulator... See ya guys

3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Product Image

The game that brought me into the world of gaming. Beforehand I had only ever really played very casual games (and still do... I love FIFA) as I was too young to really get into and appreciate deep stories and immerse myself in the lore of any beautifully crafted universes. I was 13 when this came out, and it will forever be my favourite for introducing me to such a vast world where I can hunt dragons one day and negotiate with extra terrestrial life the next. When other games render this obsolete, with better graphics, more awe inspiring foes and even more secrets to uncover, nothing will stop me from having an occasional urge to check on my Nord hero in the hope of reliving some of that initial magic.

How in the actual HELL is Skyrim below Super Smash Bros and Minecraft ? And how is Witcher 3 at 50? It's a game of the same caliber as Skyrim.

Great graphics; long exhilarating quests; endless possibilities of things to do; multiple characters to create; hundreds of amounts of armor and weapons that can be manipulated and enchanted; dozens of skill sets and perks to be earned, so your characters are even more specific and unique; and an infinite amount fun to have with this game. You can be an assassin, and Spartan-like warrior, and gladiator-like warrior, a Mage, an archer, a chemical warfare operator, a ninja, and more! This game is mere perfect and I could play it for years. The number one non-multiplayer game of all time

This Game along with Fallout 3 are both Games that should be #1 & #2 if I should choose,being a die-Hard Fallout fan, I would go with Skyrim for #1 though just has so much. But seriously the list here making Skyrim #4 & Fallout 3 in #21 is Ridiculous you cannot even compare them to Zelda or even Worse Mario Bros or even much worse Wii Games. These are Bethesda Masterpieces that Changed Gaming, go read it up. To compare them to these games is an insult and way inaccurate. The Massive Graphics and Detail alone makes both of them Better than Zelda & Minecraft x 1000.

4 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl Product Image

Although Ultimate might have accomplished more, Brawl has Subspace. I don't know if we'll ever get something as unique as Subspace in video games ever again.

I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my own money, unable to wait for Christmas. I think it was the best video game I have ever bought, and that is saying something. Other games have different goals: Point and shoot, do puzzles, survive the zombie apocalypse, etc. But in this, you get to test out different players, and every game is different. Single player was pretty good, and it wasn't really short, but multiplayer was my favorite part. I like how Nintendo made so many ways to do multiplayer so you could do it with more people. I think it's great. I love games like this where you can go play a game with your friends instead of playing solo. It's always more fun to play video games with others, rather than just yourself.

I feel like even though the newest Smash game should always be better overall, Brawl will always still hold up. Unlike future smash games, Brawl doesn't feel like content is missing, especially Subspace Emissary being the best mode in Smash history, and not just because of the story. The competitive aspect is questionnable, but casually it is awesome.

As a young gamer, you often find an early Jewel that becomes your favourite for the rest of your life. That is, until this game came out. All your favourite Nintendo characters in a fun, easy to play fighter? This game gets my vote. It improves every thing Melee needed and was simple enough for new gamers to play. My friends and I spent countless hours playing through all the modes and unlocking everything. Then we went to another friend's house and did it all again. Maybe not the biggest or deepest games ever, but it's so fun!

5 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V Product Image

The campaign it's so replayable. The characters are ok, and the best thing about this gem it's there's a lot to do in the full area of Los Santos & Blaine County.

The amount of time I've spent driving at top speed on the pedestrian-filled sidewalks whilst shooting at the cops on director mode is arguably a bit too much.

Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece! The writers wasted no time to create a realistic, gripping story of three diverse criminals on a mission to get their lives back in shape. The voice acting was phenomenal, especially from Steven Ogg who voiced Trevor. The world design excellently recaptured the feel and design of Los Angeles in a way the lots of developers can't or won't. You can do so much in Grand Theft Auto V from pulling off insane bike stunts to dressing Trevor up like a girl or even Super Jumping on pedestrians. This game is pure fun and extremely miniscule when it comes to glitches. I'm not saying it should be number 1, but it has to be number 2. Nothing beats Ocarina of Time!

Truly a masterpiece. I've loved the other Grand Theft Auto games but this takes it to a completely new level.

The graphics and setting are flat out astonishing. Everything in the game looks absolutely beautiful and I love just driving or flying around on free roam at night and just admiring how beautiful the game looks. It never gets old.

The story is on par with San Andreas for the best story in a Grand Theft Auto game. Franklin wants to find his parents' killer and obtain a successful life so he can escape the life of a gang member and live a normal life. Michael is a former criminal trying to enter retirement early to keep himself and his family out of harm. Trevor being an outlaw who used to take on scores with Michael found out that Michael faked his own death, escaped with all of their score money, and got his best friend Brad killed, so Trevor wants revenge on Michael by killing him. All 3 of their goals are able to blend in extremely well with the story-line to ...more

6 Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 Product Image

This should be above GTA 5. GTA 5 sucks in my opinion due to the inappropriate content. I'm not saying the graphics or gameplay is bad, because it definitely isn't, but it's because of the ridiculous amount of explicit content that makes me hate it. On the other hand, we have SM64, an amazing, classic game. SM64 doesn't have the BEST graphics ever, but it is much better than GTA 5. The soundtrack is actually amazing, while GTA has a much worse soundtrack. Overall, SM64 should be top 5.

This game, has many flaws that 64 lovers don't give enough importance to like the boot out system, how coin star missions work, the bad camera, etc. But it also have many great things that 64 haters don't give enough crédits, like the exploration, the freedom of control or the creativity of the levels. Cool, but messy game. Also the DS remake is way better. Sorry not sorry.

I think Zelda was for its first few years the best game ever made. Although it has aged decently it is just not the best game in that genre anymore. But Super Mario 64 still stands up against games that are been released now. It is magic by Nintendo to say this was released in 1996 is unbelievable. The only game to come close to the feel that this game has is Banjo Kazooie which I actually nearly voted for it is that close. How Smash Bros brawl is 2nd and Melee is low down on this list I will never no.

An absolute classic and a blast to play through for the first time! Without it, we may never have had games such as Mario Galaxy, Odyssey or Sunshine, and they're good games!

7 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Product Image

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a delight to play. With a vast roster of characters and stages, with new side modes this game is a blast to play with friends or by yourself. Classic mode is revamped in this game with each character having a personalized route along with training mode having many updates for advanced players. However, there are some missing modes many smash fans will know including, stage builder and stadium modes. A new adventure mode, World of Light, is also in place including a variety of challenges and some amazing boss battles. Although it is great in many ways, it starts to get repetitive after some time. Overall, even though this game has some flaws, I still consider it the best in the series so far.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is better than all the other smash games in my opinion, why are all the other smash games ranked higher? Anyway, this game has the biggest and most ambitious crossover in all of film/book/video game history. Game has a vast amount of characters, stages, and modes to play on to keep players playing the game. Also the game looks like it was worked very hard on, with the way the stages move and their designs, the characters' looks and move sets, the adventure mode, etc. The games has online. adventure, added spirits, more fighters, regular smash, classic smash, a shop, a vault, DLC characters, and now virtual reality... what more could you ask for a video game? In my opinion, the greatest sequel to a video game franchise of all time.

This might get dates, but Smash Ultimate is currently the best Smash Bros. So much content, and detail it is incredible. It is also very good competitively.

Overrated if you ask me. Sure it's a good game like all of it's predecessors, but here's the thing: Aside from the very slightly improved graphics, the game is basically the same as the other Smash games. This is yet again a case of Nintendo doing the same thing over and over again, milking their franchises instead of innovating.

8 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Product Image

Super Mario Galaxy may well be the most, or one of the most memorable games in the whole of the Mario series. Arguably Super Mario Galaxy 2 may have been a major improvement, but without Super Mario Galaxy, there isn't a Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The game consists of eight terraces, scattered across the observatory and each can be unlocked throughout the game. In comparison to past Super Mario games, the world map is unique. Instead of accessing levels via a simple map, you must access the terraces to fly to galaxies.

The graphics are good, much better than most other Mario games released beforehand although not perfect.

Nintendo really upped their game with Super Mario Galaxy, but with their new console released (Wii U) there will be a lot of talk about Super Mario Galaxy 3.

Hands down Mario's best main series game, Super Mario Galaxy offers the best experience that Nintendo has given us. Creative level design, a slew of powerups at your disposal, and not to mention a major upgrade on Mario's usually one dimensional storytelling. While as some have mentioned, it's sequel managed to improve upon some of the original's problems, Super Mario Galaxy still manages to be better. It's soundtrack is amongst one of the best in gaming history and it introduced a surprisingly emotional story through the form of Rosalina's storybook. It's a bit outdated, but I'd take it over Super Mario Bros any day!

I love this game! The colours, the music, the story, everything! One world can be dark, then the next one would be bright and cheery, the music from this game is extremely memorable, and is probably my favorite music from a game.

The main story isn't too different, but Rosalina's story is interesting and sad, not to mention the ending! I wont spoil it but, lets just say, it's pretty awesome. Probably the most memorable game I have ever played, and that's saying a LOT.

Just talking about it makes me want to play it! Excuse me, but I am going to go play it now.

This was my childhood! I remember just how satisfying it was going for game completion at ten years old. I didn't quite do it, but nowadays, I'm finishing what I've started. It's got to be the best 3D main-series Mario game of all-time, surely!

9 Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Product Image

My brother plays this game and it's SO GOOD! But it is violent :l But very good it takes place in 1899 and you can be a bad guy or good guy! Very good game.

In my whole experience as a casual gamer, I have to say that Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game of all time until this very day. I've already completed the Story Mode 3 times, and plan to do it a 4th time, but it never seems to get old. I live the story like it's the first time that I'm playing, and the ending always has me on the verge of tears.
This game has everything. It is nearly perfect, if not completely. The plot is amazingly structured and the events of the game are constantly changing, so it is almost impossible to get bored. The characters are all very remarkable and unique, and each of them have different perspectives of the world that make the world seem way more real. I distinguish John Marston among the cast. He is not your usual happy-go-lucky protagonist who saves the world and gets the main girl, he's not like that at all. He wasn't always on the side of good, and the player can actually feel the guilt that he faces every morning of his life. He seeks ...more

Great game with an amazing storyline. Much better than that overrated The Last of Us. TLOU is a great game but the storyline wasn't anything special and was just an apocalyptic story and was boring and stale when you replay it. Red Dead Redemption on the other hand has an awesome story with a lot of memorable moments and characters. This deserves more credit and popularity when compared to TLOU.

By far one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in gaming. Just everything about this game was flawless from start to finish. Even though the first couple missions were alright, it really picked up and hooked me from there. The only other game that got me as invested as I was with Red Dead was Bioshock. Amazing game.

10 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Product Image

Used to watch my siblings play it. This was like around the time of the Wii. Bruh, it was so much fun thinking back to watching my brothers play this and most of the games on the N64 - A damn good game on a damn good console.

Theories. Theories everywhere.

I love this game, Not my favorite game, but my favorite Zelda game. It has a hauntingly disturbing but glorious story, the characters feel much more easy to engage with, it brings everything we loved from Ocarina of time, and pampers that. Also, it's home to some of the best music I've heard in a video game. You have the well crafted Clock town theme, The frightening Final hour theme, and so many more. Somebody, elect this game for president and Oscar's award. Okay maybe not the first one... The game sets itself to dark, but also really enjoyable. As I said, it's not my favorite game, but definitely up there.


Majora's Mask is a unique experience. No games have better world building, and atmosphere as this game personally. Plus the soundtrack, and story is the best of the Zelda franchise. Sure some sidequests are really annoying, and while the 3 days adds a lot to the game, it also makes the dungeons worse, but it is still a wonderful game personally.

This was by far an easy pick. Some games try to be dark, like Twilight Princess. It was, but it tried too hard. It was a good game, but this game was almost perfect. It had graphics from ocarina, sure, but that is a good thing for me. The vibe of this game, death looking down at you. This game is not made to be dark, it IS dark. The mask mechanic is splendid, the execution is as well, the sidequests are good with awesome outcomes (most of them) and the four dungeons are amazing. And it is creepy to see all the villagers of the town being ever so cheery, while the moon is going to kill them. The good ending was worth it so bad, even though the time limit made me feel a little under pressure. This game is not my first zelda game, but it sure is the best and my favorite. I give this game a 9.5/10, because, let's be honest, every game has it's flaws.

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11 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Product Image

I am 12 and a retro game collector. This game started it all. My dad had a storage unit, and every weekend my brother and I used to go there and choose three NES games to play on our NES remake console (the Retro Entertainment System). The first time we went, we picked Mega Man 3, The Legend of Zelda, and this. I was younger at the time, and I thought Mega Man 3 was too hard, and Zelda was too confusing. So I played Mario. I loved it with all my heart, and never stopped playing. Grand Theft Auto V is higher on the list than this? What kind of mindless violent idiots are you?! Anyway, I think, wait no, I KNOW that this game should either get 1,2, or at least 3 on this list.

This list has way too many modern games. This was back when violence was unliked. There was no playstation whose black color resembles darkness and xbox whose green resembles vomit or slime. Just Nintendo, who was just straightforward games. But bottomline why is some piece of crud I've never heard of called Vampire something or other above this? And please tell me the guy who put Metal Gear, a game which is literally nothing but walking, dying, repeat above this. This was back when you couldn't save. You weren't simply just trying to finish the game over time, you had to finish it in one playtime. Much more awesome!

This game was super good for its time, but now... it has many issues. Having to restart the entire game after a Game Over sucks, the controls are questionnable, and the levels are kind of uninteresting, especially when compared to later Mario games, Lost Levels included. It is playable, at least, but there are many games I'll rather play than this one.

Super Mario Bros contains the base ingredients of fun and it is the epitome of gaming greatness.
It's immediate and accessible for everyone, simple to learn yet challenging and hard to master. It doesn't need to have tutorials to guide you in the game, because the game itself will lead the player to understand where to go and what to do, through its visual elements, gameplay mechanics and sound.
It's just a perfect gaming concept which found its highest peak of greatness with Super Mario Bros 3 in the NES era.

12 Half Life 2 Half Life 2 Product Image

The best game of all time. It's not even my favourite, but it changed gaming forever. Back when it released, it was marvelled at for it's most realistic physics engine and fantastic story. Even now, while the graphics are dated, the story is still better than a vast majority of games out there, and it's still always really fun to play through. I think where Half-Life 2 really shines is in its atmosphere. I've found myself sometimes just sitting in random corners and just taking it all in, because this game really hits home with the dark vibes it gives off. This is true for all of valve's games, but this one in particular is excellent at providing a good sense of hopelessness.

Half Life 2 is one of the best video games I have ever played. From its ahead of its time graphics to its unique gameplay, this game is very close to perfect. From the first level I played in this game to the last, I enjoyed every second of it. There are several reasons why this game is so good. Firstly, it is no ordinary first person shooter, it redefines the whole meaning of the genre, it is a phenomenal single player experience that is incredibly fun to play and keeps you coming back for more, with its fantastic AI and gameplay. Half Life 2 is said to be one of the best games of all time, and rightly so, it has aged really well and if there was any possible chance of Half Life 3, then I would 100% definitely buy it. It is a simply flawless game that I will never get bored of.

Why this #8 I mean come on, realistic gameplay, Half-Life series own that, puzzles, Half-Life series own that, graphics, Best on its time, want better graphics? Play Cinematic Mod, good storyline (not best), Half-Life series own that, fantastic level design, Half-Life series own that, Great Characters, Half-Life series own that, realistic A.I, Half-Life Series own that (Not for the combine soldiers though), this like the best game ever, I agree LoZ: OOT is #1, but why the hell Minecraft is #5, Minecraft is creative, but you just destroy some blocks, collect it, fight monsters (Like Elder Scrolls? ), but no story at all? Should be lower in this list. About Grand Theft Auto SA? I agree it is one of the best, but it has sexual scenes, very bad languange, and graphics like playing games from 2001. Never play Smash Bros, so not gonna talk about it, Mario games? BORING!, you just saving princess and nothing more than that, although I agree how fantastic the level design is. Halo 3, never ...more

Where do I begin?
How about, it's amazing.
Half life 2 is one of those games. The types of games that are so good, that are so beautifully gorgeous with their level design, ongoing story, character development, and balanced gameplay, that it is pretty much impossible to explain how good it is.

It may have not aged well when it comes to graphics, but don't let anyone tell you that graphics make a game.

Frankly, I'm surprised that HL2 hasn't gotten into the top five yet. It is so big, not only with it's core gameplay, but also with many modders.

What I'm trying to say, is that the HL games has defined the FPS franchise with it's perfect story, five star characters and it's spot-on gameplay.

It was perfect then, and it's perfect now. That is all.
P.S. Half Life 3 confirmed.

13 Halo 3 Halo 3 Product Image

People always ask the question "what makes Halo so great? " I asked myself the same question for the longest time. It isn't the multiplayer, the gameplay, the campaign, or anything else that makes halo so great as how perfectly it combines all those things together. Halo's campaign; the gameplay and storyline blew my mind. It's a game that will give you goosebumps throughout it, but will chill you to the bone with it's unforgettable ending (includes after-credits). You sit there in awe and you can't say anything. I couldn't find the worss to describe that feeling. It arguably has one of the greatest gaming storylines in history, and in my opinion, the best storyline in a game series. Halo 3 is also known for having one of the best FPS online multiplayer's to date. With all around outstanding game modes and maps that keep you searching for more. What makes halo 3's multiplayer so great is the fact that everybody, even starters have an even chance of being the best in the match. Every ...more

I have a friend at school who asked me what makes the Halos different from one another. I looked at him with the face that says, "I could explain, but it take more time than the four minutes we have in between classes." There is something about being a super-soldier, the army's best, that gets your adrenaline pumping. When you come across Marines in the games they are happy to see you and their hopes get lifted. It is one of the reasons that so many love Halo. Halo 3's campaign is a masterful story about the Chief finishing the Human-Covenant War once and for all. With so many memorable characters biting the dust in and before this game, everything ends with this. The level design of the missions is beautiful and truly capture the awe and wonder you had when you played Halo for the first time. The multiplayer might be the best in the series, with so many guns and vehicles to use and explore the uses for. A small, but great starting map selection, each one is unique and crazy in their ...more

I was born in 1996. I did play Halo 3 a little bit when I was young and didn't get into it that much. Then, as more and more games came into the series, and the general Halo population moved on, I began to realize what a great game it was. The story, the gameplay, the multiplayer, the custom games (Oh my god, the custom games!), and just the goofing with friends were all so amazing. Nowadays, all I can think was that I really missed out on the active days of Halo 3, which, however pathetic it sounds, is kind of depressing to me. I really think it was the best game ever, and I missed out. But for the bit I did get to play, I loved it.

Arguably the best game from the Halo Franchise and also quite possibly the greatest FPS of all time. The online for this game is still being played all around the world, and it is still selling a lot of units. On the first day of its release Halo 3 reached $170 million dollars in the United States alone, and sold 3.3 million copies in the first 12 days and it sold 5.2 million copies WorldWide in the first two weeks and was dubbed the Best-selling Video Game of 2007.

14 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Product Image

This is the BEST offline game, because it is fun (duh) it has GREAT graphics, and it has so many quests that it will last you a long time, but it's just playing by itself that is really fun. Music really sets the mood too. Good for speedrunning also, and it's so full of mystery and secrets... this is also one game that is great to play even when you have nothing else to do.

I still have not beat this game, but the graphics are amazing, the storyline is detailed and the landscapes are downright gorgeous! I used to just look for every shrine!

Breath of the Wild is by far the best video game I have ever played. I know it definitely won't get 1st place considering how much longer Ocarina of Time has been around, but it definitely deserves to be in the top ten. Most open-world games hold your hand, tell you what to do, and give you a false sense of progression by giving you new items or tools to get to certain areas that you couldn't get to before. Breath of the Wild gives you all the tools you need at the beginning of the game. You can literally beat the game right after you finish the tutorial. Every divine beast, shrine, and Korok seed is completely optional. The only shrines you need to do are the first four on the Great Plateau. Other games don't give you that sense of discovery. Other games treat you like a child and tell you what to do, but in Breath of the Wild, you don't have to have that special weapon or power to get somewhere or defeat something. Everything you need to do that is handed to you in the first hour of ...more

One of the most exhilarating breaths of fresh air I've seen in a long time. Definitely deserves to be higher, and glad it made this list. Definitely the best Zelda title since Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. After Skyward Sword and a Link Between Worlds I didn't think I'd get to play another amazing Zelda title that made me feel the way Ocarina of Time did growing up, but oh I was so wrong. Nintendo you outdid yourselves this time, looking forward to what the future holds for Zelda, but as far as Breath of the Wild goes, it is a must play.

15 Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Melee Product Image

This game is amazing, if you like it, good for you, it would be a 10/10 if all the non-Mario characters were replaced with actual Mario characters plus Banjo and Conker.

This game should be the top after Legend of Zelda, even though there is a new Super Smash Brawl on Wii but this game is a classic and it has endless fun, even if you play it after another 10 years this game will still be the best, it's just the way the game is made. Multiplayer and playing with your friend's has never been so fun, Mario games are made to be the best.

Often considered to be the magnum opus of the smash series, Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the most technically deep fighting games today. It is also a blast to play with friends, and the learning curve is not too high, making it one of those rare games that is truly easy to learn, but hard to master.

The last of us is incredible, Mario is legendary, and to put it all together, this game has every great Nintendo character on here. (I never said "The last of us" was Nintendo because I know its not. I'm just saying, its incredible. ) The fighting is great and is basically a true test of skill and decision. Brilliant. well done GC, well done Nintendo.

16 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Product Image

This game is very good! The graphics are impressive and I love how the ghost hat basically puts itself into Mario's beat up one and sort of gives it a power-up

This game is not a Mario game for toddlers, people! This is the real deal. This game has probably the best mechanics, looks and backstory of them all! It explains Bowser's relationship with Peach, it looks stunning and I have very few issues with it. My only issue would be that instead of bringing the Koopalings in, they had the Broodals but even then, the Broodals are good characters. Short version: It's a good grown-up game.

This game is very interesting as it has many new features as Cappy gives Mario a wide variety of skills. Also, Broodals are a great addition to the Mario franchise. If there is another game like Super Mario Odyssey, it should be around top five.

The capturing mechanic is great, but they do nothing interesting with it except at the end when you capture Bowser, the moons are so easy to get even a 6 years could get them, this like a Mario game made for toddlers, not for fans.

17 The Last of Us The Last of Us Product Image

Amazing graphics, awesome music, fun gameplay, really nice combat, and a whole lot more. Oh, and a beautiful story that changed my perspective and the way I think about things, and basically changed my life and who I am, no exaggeration.
A while back my brother beat the game and said, you have GOT to play the game. Since I had no intention to, he showed me the ending. Then, I went and watched a two hour movie of all the cutscenes and was amazed. I wanted to play the game so bad then, but worried that it would be boring since I knew everything that happened. I was proved wrong, the gameplay was just awesome and made the story even more effective. The game should've been so much longer. It is literally my definition of game perfection. This game was art.

This should be number 1. Literally the best game I have ever played and. Will continue to play. I can play the story over and over again and still be amazed and intrigued. You get emotionally connected with the characters and there's always twists. From the beautiful sights, nature and music. Is all comes together as a masterpiece. There are always new things to discover in the game and many Easter eggs as well. This isn't just a typical apocalyptic game, it has been thought out to be much more than just People vs. Zombies, but even People vs. People. Even the DLC "Left Behind" covers some spaces that people are confused on. It's almost like playing in a movie. Very well thought out and definitely worth the tune to play.

This game earns my vote. There is a reason why this game won twice as many awards as gtav. For starters the beginning was awesome. You got to see the world go to hell through the eyes of a 12 year old girl then she dies 10 minutes into the game. The graphics were amazing but in 2013 it was classified revolutionary due to being created on a ps3 then was remastered and the graphics was 10 times better. The soundtrack is perfect matching the atmosphere the landscape beautiful. But what I really loved about it was the use of perspective. This wasnt just some typical apocalyptic game. This was... real. You fought zombies and humans alike sometimes there was no fighting at all for a while but they added to this gap by placing conversations, cutscenes even the ocassional sightseeing. What other apocalyptic game has that? 10/10 for me

This game made me cry when I played it. So much detail put into the graphics, story-line, and game-play. WHY THE HECK IS Mario on the list WHEN It's A GAME FOR 6 YEAR Olds and this Gaming masterpiece isn't? beautiful. Plus: Mario has no story line. This creepy Italian (stereotype) plummer stalks a princess and "saves" her from a giant turtle. Acid trip anyone? Obviously she doesn't want to be with him if she gets herself kidnapped EVERY SINGLE GAME. I'm Sorry, if that constitutes as a story line. I will see y'all in post apocalyptic Boston.

18 Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII Product Image

I don't think there will ever be a game that sets you in such a involved immerse plot like this one. This game not only has a great interactive plot but the visuals and pre rendered background where created beautifully and the gameplay is top notch. Not to mention the music sets the mood perfectly in specific areas and this game to me is a completely masterpiece of its time. If this game was completely overhauled on the ps4 it might just be the greatest video game ever known to man.

I grew up a 90's kid, and I'm thankful for that. The NES and genesis introduced me to amazing games of all genres, including RPGs. It wasn't until FF7 and Ocarina of Time came out that I realized what a game could actually encompass.

I grew up on Zelda, but FF7 was the first game that made me actually have emotions. I felt love, hate, and sorrow. It was the first story I felt completely immersed into and compelled to beat it. There has been no game since that I have been able to feel the same way about to this day.

Best PlayStation game and RPG. This game has a huge world to explore unlike other games. The best part in the game is during the end where you just spend time breeding chocobos and finding all the hidden secrets this game have. This game had a LOT of content for its time no other game offered so much. The materia system is such a work of art with 100+ of combinations possible.

This game is absolutely fantastic, and anyone who says otherwise probably hasn't even played it. It is amazing and is my third favorite game. Go to any list of 'best video games' and this one will not only be on it but high up. Get your trash out of here this game made literal history for the video game industry.

19 Portal 2 Portal 2 Product Image

As one of greatest games of all time, Portal 2 should be ranked way higher than it is. This game just screams brilliance. The characters, the plot, the writing, the physics, the puzzles, all crafted to perfection. And when you put the sales numbers up against other games from the same year,

The results are astounding. Modern Warfare 3 sold over 25 million copies, while portal 2 sold a mere 4 million. I'm not saying that the Call of Duty series is terrible. It has amazing multiplayer and you could spend hours of your day having fun with your friends. However, some people fail to recognize what is a true masterpiece in gaming. It has humor, wit, innovation, and will age EXTREMELY well. There are very few games that are amazing from start to finish, and this is certainly one of those games.

Top five material. The co-op mode is by far my favorite part, but the single player campaign is around four hours long and you'll enjoy most--if not all--of it. The characters are well-crafted, the graphics are brilliant, and the game closes with possibly the most amazing ending to anything ever. The game makes you think, too, but being a puzzle game, you can spend a very long time tying to figure out something. And when you do finally figure it out, the feeling of satisfaction cannot be compared to anything else. And for the people who've played the game, you should know that it's hilarious! People, let's send this to the top five!

I think this should move to the top 10 or top 5 or maybe even the number one spot. Graphics are beautiful and like someone else said has a lot of detail. It is a puzzle game, but to me it isn't. I don't know what it is. It is a form of intelligence. Finding the solution to a level is a good feeling. The game doesn't make you feel like the puzzle doesn't make any sense and you don't even know what your trying to do and then throw your computer across the room. The story is great. They're aren't many characters but they are very well developed. Even if they can be robots, pre recorded messages, a silent protagonist, or a potato. They have character. I would even consider a turret or companion cube to be a character. You would have trouble trying to decide who the villain is or who is trying to help you at the end of the game. Speaking of end of the game. The credits have probably the greatest song in gaming. Multiplayer is good. You actually need your partner to solve the puzzles. The ...more

This game is fantastic. Although I agree that orcarina deserves its place, this should be much higher. Valve once again made a masterpiece. The voice acting is amazing, as it usually is in valve games. The graphics are also amazing, and there is a lot of small little details put in, like the vines growing from walls, cracks in the flooring, and even parts going down conveyer belts. The puzzles are also hard to solve, but not so hard that your gonna want to punch a hole through the screen. And the ending was fantastic, and quite a sad ending, with 2 amazing songs bringing closure (? ) to the series. And that last clip at the end nearly had me in tears, but laughing at the same time. The co-op mode is also fantastic, having to make you actually rely on your companion to get through the puzzles. The game also has an amazing fanbase, creating new levels every day. All in all, it is a fantastic game. I'd give it a 97%, and a spot at 3 on this list.

20 Undertale Undertale Product Image

This is my favorite game! The characters, the music, and the story is just brilliant! The plot and theme is very deep, and it gets you hooked in to play more of this game. In order to get the full story, you need to do every ending in order to hear about certain stories and legends of the past. They make you feel like you are powerful and determined since you have the power to reset and save the game. Some of the characters even interact with you through the screen as they are self aware that this is only a game and that they are inside of it. This is a beautiful game, and I am satisfied that it is this high on the list.

A lot of people find Undertale to be overrated. I think I know the reason why. This game is not for everyone. You either love it, or don't understand it. As for me, I am one of those people that love it. I think this game is super funny, has probably my favorite characters in all of fiction, reaches outstanding levels of emotions, has a battle system that not even the fans of this game talk enough about for how great it is, and has my favorite soundtrack ever, not only video games.

I have done all of the endings (except most neutral routes of course) and I could not beat Sans.. He was so hard I couldn't get past his 5th attack. It was harder than Undyne the Undying, (who I was stuck for months on). I can easily still says that Sans is my favourite character. But I love Toriel and Papyrus too! Overall, I think it's a great game and definitely recommend and worth a try! (Also my favourite game!)

This game is great, the soundtrack is awesome, and the greatest, and most important part of the game, your choice to kill all, spare all, or kill some and spare some, shapes the ending of the game, and as you'd guess, sparing them all gives you the happiest ending, and the spare and kill some is divided among about 70 different endings.

21 Fallout: New Vegas Fallout: New Vegas Product Image

The only thing I can say is that Fallout New Vegas changed my life and took me out of my depression, sometimes I feel that being part of a Western-type video game also mixing Science Fiction was a great experiment on the part of obsidian entertainment. And the story of the game is memorable, so are the characters great and you never get bored of going and gambling in a seedy casino.

I love the ending battle for the damn hover, side with NCR is the best choice to take down The Legion and kill everyone there off.

My personal favorite in the series simply because it has most of the lore I liked from fallout 1 and 2 while being far superior gameplay wise to fallout 3. I get pissed off at how much people overate fallout 3 to New Vegas because New Vegas in my opinion is the best fallout game ever released besides fallout 2 and fallout 1 (I think New Vegas is even better than fallout 4 because of the wide variety of choices). Fallout 3 is not better than fallout New Vegas so (pleased don't get pissed this is my opinion)!

Fallout: New Vegas is Definitely my Favourite game of all time, having a Fantastic Story with Great Characters and Role Playing, It's one of those games you can replay over and over again and always have a different Experience Which Defines what an RPG Should be, And to think Obsidian was only given 18 months to develop it.

22 Super Mario World Super Mario World Product Image

I understand why it's popular, but I find it overrated. That's because this game does nothing particularly better than the new super mario bros games, yet it's this game out of the 2D Mario games that is the most popular. It is really good, but is it the best game ever? Personally, it's far from it.

I'm sorry, but WHAT! 237? Why is this. This should be #2 or something. Super Mario World is my favorite game of all time and there's good reason to. This is the best selling game on the SNES at over 20 million units. That's more than Grand Theft Auto: SA, the pest selling game on the PS2. Mario World is long, fun, and filled to the brim with secrets, and is one of the most notable games of all time.

I thought this would be like in the top 5 or top 10. This is one of my first games, and it is my favorite game of all time. It does deserve the number one spot but I know it's not gonna get it :. But it should make its way to top ten.

The soundtrack is perfect and the the level design is flawless. Plus 10 points for being a Mario game, plus another 10 because it's a SNES game, plus 10 because it's got Yoshi, plus ten for Koji Kondo and plus ten for being from the 90s.

23 Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts II Product Image

One of the greatest and most complicated story lines ever made. A story of a boy who undergoes many hardships just to keep his world and his friends safe. Sora has a big heart and will do anything just for his friends even if it means giving up his own life. He confuses friendship and love with Kairi and is very dedicated to find his friend Riku. When he eventually does, he breaks down into tears. Truly and heart touching story. The perfect crossover video game one could play. A great role playing game suitable for all ages. This game should be ranked much higher.

I totally love this game. The story mode will leave you in tears. The whole kingdom hearts saga is great. I am so excited to get kingdom hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts is the best game I ever played. Whenever you play this game, you are filled with suspense and you are curious to know what will happen later on. This game is not that popular right now, but once Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, it's going to be the most popular game ever. It will overcome all the popular games, including Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5. Trust me, you won't be able to find a better game than Kingdom Hearts.

I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. It's far from flawless, but it's one of my all time favorite games with a moving storyline about the importance of your friends. There are sections of this game that will always make me cry when I play it, and I both hate and love it when a game can do that to me. If you haven't played the series and want to, make sure to play the first game AND Chain of Memories first. Things will make a lot more sense that way.

Let's look at it this way... If you had said to me that Disney crossed with Final Fantasy would be one of the longest running game franchises starting from the PS2 era and if you had also told me I would want a sword that has a key for a blade, I would have laughed at you. But alas, he I am, wanting a Key for a blade because heck, it's a key. It's awesome.

24 Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Battlefront II Product Image

I remember playing this when I was stress in primary school. I loved the game. Even if I'm in the 2019, I sometimes play this. I think it show more realistic because you can shoot your own teammate, but in modern world, such as the new Battlefront, you can't shoot your own teammates, even just for fun. This is one of the important Star Wars Battlefront game.

I LOVE Battlefront II. The multiplayer makes the experience both exciting and challenging. I really like the different modes you can play (my favorite is AT-AT Attack). This game is my favorite game ever. It deserves to be higher on the list.

AWESOME GAME! The campaign is extremely good and instant action has many new places such as Utapu. Also, many modes like hunt mode where you hunt the planet's natives or XL where it is a who can kill 350 men first battle. I can't ask for anything better!

Number forty?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! By FAR one of the best video games EVER made! It is one of the few games of my extensive ps2 library that I never grow tired of. Instant action is to battlefront what Slayer is to Halo.

25 Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo Wii U Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo Wii U Product Image

I don't know why this isn't above brawl. It is so much better than brawl for so many reasons, and I think that most people would agree. The reason it's all the way down here is because it's newer, so way less people have voted for it. To say brawl is better than this is weird. Everyone has their own opinion but still... How? You could argue that mele is the best, because there is a large following of that game, but this one has more stuff and more fun and more fighting than any other smash game before it so it should be #2 instead of brawl.

This game is a masterpiece. Super Smash Bros. is a masterpiece of a franchise from beginning to end (not the end. Maybe one on Nintendo Switch). This is by far my favorite video game of anything (right along with Sailor Moon Drops on Mobile.) Outstanding roster of characters (My main is Mario! ), amazing graphics, great combat system which improved over Brawl, and even Amiibo! My best friend and I have sucked the life out of this game, playing for hundreds of hours. This game is way too fun and too good. It needs a spot in the top 20, or even better, top 10. Amazing game, and definitely one you would trade your money for.

It is really good. I mean it's smash bros after all. However, Ultimate does the same thing as this game, but better, and I feel like the priorities of this game is questionnable.

MELEE was phenonemal, and still holds up today. It gets praised for how competitive it is, but stil is fun to play with new players. It gets praised of its speed. It gets praised of its characters. But there is one thing where it gets praised, but doesn't deserve it.

The so called 'extra features' that this game has.

Or should I call it by it's actual name: 'glitches'.

Yes, this game had a lot of glitches. And I don't blame the game for that. Look up how long it took to make this game. But what I can't stand that some people say that MELEE is good and bring up that it has 'extra features' that other games don't have.

I'm glad that the Wii U version doesn't have that.

I am not going to praise the Wii U. I only want to say that Wii U isn't worse then MELEEE because it doesn't have 'extra features'.

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