Best Video Games of All Time

Regardless of genre, platform, and age; these are the greatest video games ever created.

The Top Ten Best Video Games of All Time

1 Minecraft

Minecraft inspires creativity. Minecraft has EVERYTHING. It has rpg elements, it has fighting, it has the undead, it has building, it has farming, it has exploration, it has survival, it has horror, and most importantly, it has an amazing online multiplayer mode. One thing I personally love about it is the retro graphics. This game is easy to get, and it's easy to pick up and play. This game is simply perfect.

Some people hate it because of the graphics, but they don't realize the creators intended for it to be blocky. It gives Minecraft it's own style, and it's very easy to build with.

Minecraft, the best game ever. On Minecraft you can do basically what ever you want. You can make a house, you can make a building. You can mine for the greatest Jewels and craft it with anything. Craft a pic axe to go mining. Craft a sword to fight off the monsters of the night. You can discover an abandon mine, Find lava or water. Craft an axe to chop up wood and make a house. Make what ever your imagination takes you. Craft a shovel to dig, Craft a hoe to make a farm. Collect resources to live. Mine redstone to make a machine, make a door bell or even a light bulb. Make a portal to another world. Discover new thing in the another world (the nether) or even in the real world. Kill monsters to brew new potions to heal or die. Make an enchanting table to enchant your tools to mine faster, dig faster, chop faster or make your sword more damage. Make armor to protect you, also enchant it for greater protection. Make anything with the best Jewels you mine. Have a pet animal including ...more

All the little kids have put their minds together to create this reply.

This has to be the greatest video game of all time because it allows you to create your inner self. It is the best selling video game of all time, excluding Tetris. Heck, you can even make a version of Tetris in Minecraft using command blocks. In fact, almost any game can be made in Minecraft, including Chess, Duck Hunt, Team Fortress 2, and Super Mario Bros.

The Vanilla game is an experience you will have a hard time finding reasons to ignore. Say you want to build a giant fort out of emeralds, iron, and gold. Or you can make a crappy hut made of dirt, wooden planks, and cobwebs but has a secret layer underneath. You can fit a scale model of the PLANET 7 times in Minecraft! Or, you can replicate your entire country, state, or province. You can make a fort and create booby traps for incoming zombies, skeletons, spiders, and of course, the dreaded creeper. That's why Minecraft is AMAZING: you can do ANYTHING you want. There are no rules, no limitations, and no restrictions. You ...more

Start out in single player creative for some true fun and to escape the fanbase until you know how to deal with them. Usually by playing on underrated servers.

The Sandbox genre is, to say the least, one of the best. However, throughout video game history, no Sandbox game has been ultra-popular.

This is until Minecraft came into existence.

Like all other sandboxes; it gave the player to ability to do anything. To think anything. To create anything. To believe anything.

Yet, Minecraft is the first of them all, to replicate the feeling of life itself. I, and I'm sure every-single other Minecraft player will know this. Minecraft is not just a video game: it is another life altogether.

It is beautiful. It is genius. It is powerful.

It is Minecraft; the greatest video game of all time.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Even though I'm only 12, I can still say that this game is indeed, the best video game ever! The game is very long, so you like never get bored of it. Plus, it's got many cleverly thought out puzzles that are fun to solve, ^^ lastly, the atmosphere is amazing! Very, very well made game!

The game is amazing, no denying that. However, remember the water temple? That increased the game from a few hours to a lifetime. Halo has an amazing atmosphere too. (It also has the Library which is the water temple of Halo).

This game is amazing. It requires you to think and is not afraid to not hold your hand and throw you into a game with no help. It is an accomplishment to beat this game. It is timeless and so uniquely difficult (yet rewarding) that to not have this rated as the best video game ever would be a lie. I love how it makes you think for yourself and figure things out because many games today do not do that. Most games walk you through step by step and fool you into thinking that you accomplished anything challenging. Dumb people like dumb games like that, but I believe that the challenge of this game scares a lot of dumb people away. Dumb people who couldn't really even apriciate this game for what it is in the first place. Have you ever played Call of Duty after playing Zelda? It makes you feel like an idiot. Seeing the easiness and mindlessness in such a widely popular game after playing a game so challenging is enlightening. Games like Call of Duty or Halo walk you through step by step, ...more

You know, Call Of Duty and Halo DO require skill. You don't simply run in and shoot, as you will be massacred (unless you are playing on the lowest difficulty/2nd lowest in some cases). Try a Call of Duty game on hardened or veteran difficulty or a halo game on legendary or heroic. Sure, there is no puzzle solving in it, but that's not for these 2 iconic first person shooters. 2 completely different genres. Not hating on this game, as I have never played it. Might try it out on an emulator sometime

One of the few games I still play and by far the best. Tomb Raider was good but nothing like this beast.

If You Think This Game is Bad Because It's Too Hard or Confusing, Then Go Back To Your iPhone Games! Because That's Exactly What "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is All About.

This Game is Practically The DEFINITION Of The Word "Videogame" It Has EVERYTHING a Good Game Needs and More, An Interesting Plot/Storyline, Balanced Gameplay Mechanics, Well-Designed Graphics, Timeless Music, Memorable Characters, Complex Development, Beautiful Scenery, and a Fair Arsenal of Defensives, It Has Something To Offer Everyone, It Has It's Suspenseful Scenes, Romantic Scenes, Depressing Scenes, Comedic Scenes, and All The Other Emotional Scenes You Can Think of.

The Game Also Forces You To Actually Think, It's Not Just a Mindless Button Mash That's All "Kill and Destroy" But There are Plenty of Difficult Puzzles and Quests To Complete, and Once Your Used To It The Game is Even Funner, And You'll Always Feel Pride When You Defeat That Final ...more

3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

One of the only games left in the world (excluding Mario Kart) where you can go around to your mates for some good, fun gaming.
One of the better looking games on the Wii, the single player is decent and the replayability is near endless...
But it's the multiplayer that gives it my vote. =D
People please vote this game higher to show that Nintendo still has the ability to contend with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty! ;D

Best... Game... Ever... There is no way anything can possibly change my opinion of this game. That is, until they come out with the next Smash Bros. Game.

SSBB is my stress reliever and my life. The multiplayer's awesome, and the Subspace Emissary lasts for an impressive 9 hours.

I wish that there was a Super Smash Bros game with only pokemon in it. Now that would be fun!

4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Laugh out loud its not even out yet but I know that this game will obliterate any other video game so that's why I'm casting my vote now because this game will be the best and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be amazing. No matter what anyone says.

This game is too epic to even be released to the general game public. Though it will be released (on an EPIC date: 11-11-11) soon, we already know that it is the best game ever made, and will be untill another new Elder Scrolls game will come out.

great player creation... yes I'm that kind of video game player and I predicted it would start with a dragon like... 8 1/2 years ago

Played it and found an epitome of lore, but the glitches pushed me away.

5 Grand Theft Auto V

Truly a masterpiece. I've loved the other Grand Theft Auto games but this takes it to a completely new level.

The graphics and setting are flat out astonishing. Everything in the game looks absolutely beautiful and I love just driving or flying around on free roam at night and just admiring how beautiful the game looks. It never gets old.

The story is on par with San Andreas for the best story in a Grand Theft Auto game. Franklin wants to find his parent's killer and obtain a successful life so he can escape the life of a gang member and live a normal life. Michael is a former criminal trying to enter retirement early to keep himself and his family out of harm. Trevor being an outlaw who used to take on scores with Michael found out that Michael faked his own death, escaped with all of their score money, and got his best friend Brad killed, so Trevor wants revenge on Michael by killing him. All 3 of their goals are able to blend in extremely well with the story-line to ...more

This game is awesome everything about it! I don't know where to start so I won't! I love this game.

It's got amazing graphics and you can play solo or multiplayer

What happened to San Andreas? Months ago it was listed no 4 in this list. Which idiot removed it?

6 Super Mario 64

Who the hell thinks tomb raider deserves such a high place on this list. Mario kicks tomb raider's ass.

This game is a classic! No one can forget this game. The stars, the levels, the Bowser bosses. This game is awesome! This is my favorite game and it always will be!

Why on earth is this game not higher on the list? Its way better than Call of Duty 4

The best game ever made. Watch the millions of videos praising this game. You just have to believe me.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Theories. Theories everywhere.

I love this game, Not my favorite game, but my favorite Zelda game. It has a hauntingly disturbing but glorious story, the characters feel much more easy to engage with, it brings everything we loved from Ocarina of time, and pampers that. Also, it's home to some of the best music I've heard in a video game. You have the well crafted Clock town theme, The frightening Final hour theme, and so many more. Somebody, elect this game for president and Oscar's award. Okay maybe not the first one... The game sets itself to dark, but also really enjoyable. As I said, it's not my favorite game, but definitely up there.


Hey, they announced today Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch. And guess what? They have Young Link in it.

Best game of all time, not to mention the best atmosphere in any video game. It has a mysterious vibe and shows Nintendo is willing to show for a more mature audience.

Best game ever. So creative, hard, fun, cool it's everything you want. Just look back and you will se why it deserves to be 1000/10

This was by far an easy pick. Some games try to be dark, like Twilight Princess. It was, but it tried too hard. It was a good game, but this game was almost perfect. It had graphics from ocarina, sure, but that is a good thing for me. The vibe of this game, death looking down at you. This game is not made to be dark, it IS dark. The mask mechanic is splendid, the execution is as well, the sidequests are good with awesome outcomes (most of them) and the four dungeons are amazing. And it is creepy to see all the villagers of the town being ever so cheery, while the moon is going to kill them. The good ending was worth it so bad, even though the time limit made me feel a little under pressure. This game is not my first zelda game, but it sure is the best and my favorite. I give this game a 9.5/10, because, let's be honest, every game has it's flaws.

Wow. You said everything I would think about this game. I just LOVE this game. The remake is good too.

8 Red Dead Redemption

By far the most fun I've had in a video game. Other than MW2 and Skyrim Nothing comes close.

It won Game of the Year but it is still underrated. The story is absolutely amazing and actually covers a lot of life morals like racism, family, freedom, etc. Multiplayer never gets old too. Still an active game years after its release.

11? Hell this should be in the top 5 at least. This game has a amazing story with characters that will stick to you till the end. The environment is beautiful and has so many things to do. Look I can go on forever about how great this game is and how no other game can touch its amazing story.

Great game with an amazing storyline. Much better than that overrated Last of Us. LOU is a great game but the storyline wasn't anything special and was just an apocalyptic story and was boring and stale when you replay it. This on the other hand had really an awesome story with a lot of memorable moments and characters. This deserves more credit and popularity when compared to LOU.

9 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME, I played it and boy was this was one of my favourite games of all time I played it with my friend and it was literally the best tournament game yet I highly recommend this game!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a delight to play. With a vast roster of characters and stages, with new side modes this game is a blast to play with friends or by yourself. Classic mode is revamped in this game with each character having a personalized route along with training mode having many updates for advanced players. However, there are some missing modes many smash fans will know including, stage builder and stadium modes. A new adventure mode, World of Light, is also in place including a variety of challenges and some amazing boss battles. Although it is great in many ways, it starts to get repetitive after some time. Overall, even though this game has some flaws, I still consider it the best in the series so far.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is better than all the other smash games in my opinion, why are all the other smash games ranked higher? Anyway, this game has the biggest and most ambitious crossover in all of film/book/video game history. Game has a vast amount of characters, stages, and modes to play on to keep players playing the game. Also the game looks like it was worked very hard on, with the way the stages move and their designs, the characters' looks and move sets, the adventure mode, etc. The games has online. adventure, added spirits, more fighters, regular smash, classic smash, a shop, a vault, DLC characters, and now virtual reality... what more could you ask for a video game? In my opinion, the greatest sequel to a video game franchise of all time.

Overrated if you ask me. Sure it's a good game like all of it's predecessors, but here's the thing: Aside from the very slightly improved graphics, the game is basically the same as the other Smash games. This is yet again a case of Nintendo doing the same thing over and over again, milking their franchises instead of innovating.

The game is good, but I can't understand how is it higher than so many legendary games like: Final Fantasy VII, portal 2, batman arkham city and Zelda: breath of the wild.

10 Halo 3

People always ask the question "what makes Halo so great? " I asked myself the same question for the longest time. It isn't the multiplayer, the gameplay, the campaign, or anything else that makes halo so great as how perfectly it combines all those things together. Halo's campaign; the gameplay and storyline blew my mind. It's a game that will give you goosebumps throughout it, but will chill you to the bone with it's unforgettable ending (includes after-credits). You sit there in awe and you can't say anything. I couldn't find the worss to describe that feeling. It arguably has one of the greatest gaming storylines in history, and in my opinion, the best storyline in a game series. Halo 3 is also known for having one of the best FPS online multiplayer's to date. With all around outstanding game modes and maps that keep you searching for more. What makes halo 3's multiplayer so great is the fact that everybody, even starters have an even chance of being the best in the match. Every ...more

I have a friend at school who asked me what makes the Halos different from one another. I looked at him with the face that says, "I could explain, but it take more time than the four minutes we have in between classes." There is something about being a super-soldier, the army's best, that gets your adrenaline pumping. When you come across Marines in the games they are happy to see you and their hopes get lifted. It is one of the reasons that so many love Halo. Halo 3's campaign is a masterful story about the Chief finishing the Human-Covenant War once and for all. With so many memorable characters biting the dust in and before this game, everything ends with this. The level design of the missions is beautiful and truly capture the awe and wonder you had when you played Halo for the first time. The multiplayer might be the best in the series, with so many guns and vehicles to use and explore the uses for. A small, but great starting map selection, each one is unique and crazy in their ...more

I have more great memories playing this game, with and without friends, single player or multiplayer, than any other game I've ever played. The only con I can think of was that fact that the story was a bit... Rushed, but that's only because Microsoft forced Halo 2 out of the gates before the campaign was done, so they had to cram it all into 3. Amazing game overall.

Arguably the best game from the Halo Franchise and also quite possibly the greatest FPS of all time. The online for this game is still being played all around the world, and it is still selling a lot of units. On the first day of its release Halo 3 reached $170 million dollars in the United States alone, and sold 3.3 million copies in the first 12 days and it sold 5.2 million copies WorldWide in the first two weeks and was dubbed the Best-selling Video Game of 2007.

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? PlayerUnknown's Battleground Lite
? Drawception

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11 Super Mario Bros.

This is worth of number one. It was the game that ended a video game crash and recreated the whole concept of video games. It also is the second best selling all time video game. It basically started the platform genre and should be recognized for it's absolute brilliance.

I don't care how advanced video games get, this one started it all. This game saved Nintendo from near bankruptcy and kicked off one of the greatest series of all time.

This list has way too many modern games. This was back when violence was unliked. There was no playstation whose black color resembles darkness and xbox whose green resembles vomit or slime. Just Nintendo, who was just straightforward games. But bottomline why is some piece of crud I've never heard of called Vampire something or other above this? And please tell me the guy who put Metal Gear, a game which is literally nothing but walking, dying, repeat above this. This was back when you couldn't save. You weren't simply just trying to finish the game over time, you had to finish it in one playtime. Much more awesome!

There is nothing wrong with modern video games. Also, a console's color isn't a good argument in fact I'd say it's dumbest I've ever seen in my life. People like you have too much nostalgia and are too biased to appreciate the hard work put into these modern games and how amazing they are.

This game proved that video games weren't just a short-lived entertainment fad.

12 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy may well be the most, or one of the most memorable games in the whole of the Mario series. Arguably Super Mario Galaxy 2 may have been a major improvement, but without Super Mario Galaxy, there isn't a Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The game consists of eight terraces, scattered across the observatory and each can be unlocked throughout the game. In comparison to past Super Mario games, the world map is unique. Instead of accessing levels via a simple map, you must access the terraces to fly to galaxies.

The graphics are good, much better than most other Mario games released beforehand although not perfect.

Nintendo really upped their game with Super Mario Galaxy, but with their new console released (Wii U) there will be a lot of talk about Super Mario Galaxy 3.

Best Mario game in my opinion. Even though it was inspired by super Mario 64, it is an extremely unique game, with so many different kinds of game mechanics that were revolutionary at the time. The soundtrack for this game was also phenomenal, with much work put into composing the music tracks. Overall, this game set the standards for all Mario games proceeding it, and is currently one of my favorite games of all time!

This is one of the most incredible breakthroughs in gaming. It had insanely good graphics for the period it was introduced. Second, the game is exhilarating, and the emotions brought on range from anger to excitement to extreme sadness. It also had a story unmatchable by any other Mario game, with the tearjerker of the storybook to the ending, arguably one of the best endings in video game history. This game came out when I was four and watching my brother play it is one of my cherished memories.

It is just addicting. I spend 30 minutes trying to find a power star in one galaxy until I get lucky and move on to the next one. If you have a wii, you gotta get this game.

13 Half Life 2

Why is tomb raider in first place?
It only has a girl with huge boobs

you already paid 'half life' when you play Half-Life..

Absolute awesome gameplay, it is a must play game and very historical for all the futerer ego shooter games!

One of the greatest and most revolutionary games of all time.

14 The Last of Us

Amazing graphics, awesome music, fun gameplay, really nice combat, and a whole lot more. Oh, and a beautiful story that changed my perspective and the way I think about things, and basically changed my life and who I am, no exaggeration.
A while back my brother beat the game and said, you have GOT to play the game. Since I had no intention to, he showed me the ending. Then, I went and watched a two hour movie of all the cutscenes and was amazed. I wanted to play the game so bad then, but worried that it would be boring since I knew everything that happened. I was proved wrong, the gameplay was just awesome and made the story even more effective. The game should've been so much longer. It is literally my definition of game perfection. This game was art.

I'm surprised this game isn't higher on the list, the graphics are superb, the storyline is amazing and The characters are incredibly deep and believable. Should be on the top 5 at least.

A bit overrated, but It's a great game. The story is simply one of the best in gaming history, graphics are good, gameplay is interesting, not the best though, but for the kind of game that The Last of Us is, it fits perfectly.

This Game gets everything perfect.

15 Super Smash Bros. Melee

By far the most ingeniously developed multiplayer fighting game. With a blend of characters all across the Nintendo universe, and a nigh flawless fighting system, this game belongs on just about any top ten list.

This game really fun I remember playing this the most on my old gamecube

There are a lot of Nintendo characters to play as in this game

This game is my childhood. I remember when I finally beat the last event match I was stocked out of my mind. This game is the best in the series and is one of the best multiplayers of all time. Nothing can compare to the sheer beauty of beating the other players off the screen. It is safe to say friendships have been lost over this game :D.

16 Roblox

Please just stop. I don't even consider this a game, isn't it just a website and a mobile app game. Dear God I really don't get it. I played en it when I was like 7 or so, and it was good. For a 7 year old. Kids older than that should play real games. Also it's changed a lot over the years.
Not trying to hate though. People are into different things.

I love Minecraft don't get me wrong... but I can't play it cause it cost money... Roblox is still a great game a lot of people say it went downhill but to me I don't see the difference Roblox is still roblox to me I came to play not to go deep into the web to find things that are wrong with it.

Thx game is so awesome! There is so many games and options. So much fun playing this and I am so addicted! I recommend to everyone!

It it very fun with friends and lots of the games are good on there

17 Final Fantasy VII

I LOVE this game...
I could go on for hours...
The characters, the story, the art, its just perfect...
When I first played this I was speechless it is beautiful...
Absolute masterpiece, so much I could say and it makes me wanna cry how good it is its just...

While both Ocarina of Time and Tomb Raider (1) are exceptional, it has to be said that the depth, ingenuity and imagination that went into creating Final Fantasy VII puts it leagues beyond its' opposition.

Greatest PS1 game, greatest RPG, and just too much awesomeness to put into words. Best game ever, but Ocarina of Time is excellent as well.

This game is absolutely fantastic, and anyone who says otherwise probably hasn't even played it. It is amazing and is my third favorite game. Go to any list of 'best video games' and this one will not only be on it but high up. Get your trash out of here this game made literal history for the video game industry.

18 Kingdom Hearts II

One of the greatest and most complicated story lines ever made. A story of a boy who undergoes many hardships just to keep his world and his friends safe. Sora has a big heart and will do anything just for his friends even if it means giving up his own life. He confuses friendship and love with Kairi and is very dedicated to find his friend Riku. When he eventually does, he breaks down into tears. Truly and heart touching story. The perfect crossover video game one could play. A great role playing game suitable for all ages. This game should be ranked much higher.

Definitely one of the games ever it has one of the best storylines I've ever seen it combines the Disney and final fantasy characters so well and they also blend their own characters to.

I totally love this game. The story mode will leave you in tears. The whole kingdom hearts saga is great. I am so excited to get kingdom hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts is the best game I ever played. Whenever you play this game, you are filled with suspense and you are curious to know what will happen later on. This game is not that popular right now, but once Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, it's going to be the most popular game ever. It will overcome all the popular games, including Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5. Trust me, you won't be able to find a better game than Kingdom Hearts.

Easily the best game on the PlayStation 2 as well as the best game of the sixth generation of consoles. It holds up so well after all these years and it will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of many.

19 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

People, this might just be the best game ever created. In my opinion This and Ocarina of Time are at another level completely. The vast land you can discover is enormous, and when you think something works, it usually does.

Breath of the Wild is by far the best video game I have ever played. I know it definitely won't get 1st place considering how much longer Ocarina of Time has been around, but it definitely deserves to be in the top ten. Most open-world games hold your hand, tell you what to do, and give you a false sense of progression by giving you new items or tools to get to certain areas that you couldn't get to before. Breath of the Wild gives you all the tools you need at the beginning of the game. You can literally beat the game right after you finish the tutorial. Every divine beast, shrine, and Korok seed is completely optional. The only shrines you need to do are the first four on the Great Plateau. Other games don't give you that sense of discovery. Other games treat you like a child and tell you what to do, but in Breath of the Wild, you don't have to have that special weapon or power to get somewhere or defeat something. Every thing you need to do that is handed to you in the first hour ...more

As much as I would like to pick one of the kirby games, I know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild (botw) is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. Even though I am not that much of a fan of the actual franchise, I still enjoy this games extremely great physics and the variety of weapons and just exploring everything. It is actually quite addicting and I played over 460 hours on it in the first half year getting it. I know that it's the actual game I like rather than the franchise but that's fine. There are lots of different enemies and terrain, There is so much cool armour that you can upgrade, There are the annoying 900 korok seeds which take forever and you get a big yellow poop for your efforts, The list of all the awesome things in this game are almost endless and even though I am already 53 % through the game, I still feel like there is so much to do because there is so much to do with the variety and yeah I guess I'll shut up now I don't know what I'm ...more

Number 15?!
I have play this game for 113 hours in total on my switch this game rules.

20 Mass Effect 2

There are some Great Games above me here, some of the Greatest I've ever played! Fallout 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto IV AND San Andreas AND MANY MORE... But these are more or less the ones I have more experience playing, and I'm not saying that anything above, mentioned or not, is crap or anything pertaining to such thoughts, but once you've played Mass Effect, YOU KNOW Gaming doesn't get any better.

I love some of the games on here. Ocarina of Time is incredible, Red Dead Redemption is one of the most immersive and complete story-driven experiences out there, The Last of Us is a masterpiece, and Bioshock: Infinite is probably the best evidence out there that triple-A games can be as artistically valid as any form of media. Nothing has ever drawn me in like the Mass Effect series, though. The gameplay is decent enough and the story is awesome, but what really seals the deal are the universe itself and the characters. Playing the game, you feel like you're actually a part of a larger galactic civilization, and that these characters are real people that react to your decisions and personality. It's weird to say, but you find yourself developing a legitimate connection to fictional aliens.

In this game I am so beautiful and it makes a mass effect on every one so I become a gamer girl model queen

BEST story, great graphics, great gameplay... What else do you need. For me this will always be the best game ever made.

21 Super Mario World

I'm sorry, but WHAT! 237? Why is this. This should be #2 or something. Super Mario World is my favorite game of all time and there's good reason to. This is the best selling game on the SNES at over 20 million units. That's more than Grand Theft Auto: SA, the pest selling game on the PS2. Mario World is long, fun, and filled to the brim with secrets, and is one of the most notable games of all time.

If it's your favorite game, why are you ranking it at #2? That makes no sense at all.

Yoshi is great to ride on in Mario gamers but a crap character as a stand alone.

Not only is this a classic, it's a classic that has better quality than every modern video game out there. Platforming greatness with fun level design and secrets ahoy, I've played this one at least 20 times.

When I was a kid Me and My Dad Spent HOURS on this game finding every secret entrance and completing star world.

22 Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo Wii U

After almost 30 years, this game lets us do what we have always wanted to do: Give the Duck Hunt Dog a long deserved falcon punch.

Captain Falcon Punch is Very Powerful But Captain Falcon is Not faster than sonic Mario Final smash Mario Finale Day of Light is Powerful Bowser Ganondorf Donkey Kong And Wario has strong mood day android and iOS They Weakest Frontier island has Not was super time for IOS users of google Game And Galaxy

This game is a masterpiece. Super Smash Bros. is a masterpiece of a franchise from beginning to end (not the end. Maybe one on Nintendo Switch). This is by far my favorite video game of anything (right along with Sailor Moon Drops on Mobile.) Outstanding roster of characters (My main is Mario! ), amazing graphics, great combat system which improved over Brawl, and even Amiibo! My best friend and I have sucked the life out of this game, playing for hundreds of hours. This game is way too fun and too good. It needs a spot in the top 20, or even better, top 10. Amazing game, and definitely one you would trade your money for.

I don't know why this isn't above brawl. It is so much better than brawl for so many reasons, and I think that most people would agree. The reason it's all the way down here is because it's newer, so way less people have voted for it. To say brawl is better than this is weird. Everyone has their own opinion but still... How? You could argue that mele is the best, because there is a large following of that game, but this one has more stuff and more fun and more fighting than any other smash game before it so it should be #2 instead of brawl.

23 Batman: Arkham City

Even to this day Arkham City is my favorite video game of all time. The combat and the game to this day is amazing and made everything incredible of the Asylum 10 times better. I even got it on the remastered on the Xbox one for how good it is.

This is the game that started my love of games that weren't FIFA or Burnout. This spawned my addiction to video games so much that it made me a proper gamer- all because of this masterpiece.

I don't know how to describe this game and to persuade you to play it other than "If you don't, you'll regret it". The story is like a comic book movie on the level of Dark Knight and the gameplay makes you feel like you are wearing the cowl. And not to mention the boss fights which are imaginative and ingenious. Especially a certain one which has become one of the greatest boss fights in video game history (I won't spoil which one)

This is my all time favourite game and I have endless praise for it. Itself,and the other two Arkham games, are games you have to play before you die.

It's the best game ever I have pass the story like 20 times because I am a huge batman fan also who don't want to be in arkham city kicking asses end being untouchable because of martial arts

Great beginning, great ending, nice memorial for his parents, good villains, cat-women is hot

24 Chrono Trigger

Widely regarded as (and in my open is without a doubt) the best RPG of all time. It came out in 1995 with unprecedentedly good graphics, which even today are nothing to laugh at. The story is... Well, AWESOME. Though, typically, it is slightly cheesy, it is obviously well thought out. It has many different time periods that you can go into and countless side-stories.
Another interesting feature is that the main character, Chrono (or whatever you choose to name him) never speaks without your prompting and decision on what he DOES say. He is, in effect, YOU. You choose how the adventure progresses across time; your actions determine what outcome will occur. There are THIRTEEN possible endings; that is not only unprecedented, but has not been rivaled to this day.
The action is great; it was one of the first RPGs to have battle on the main map; also, battle is not random, an annoying feature of most RPGs. Through a variety of special attacks, even combinations combining Chrono and ...more

I had to pick this one because it's my favorite game of all time, right now, even though Fallout 3, Final Fantasy VI and Skryim were pretty close, this one just spells epic and classic all the way from beginning to end. With amazing chatacters, colorful graphics and an easy story to follow this one is just one of those games that you just want to keep playing and repeating. The multiple endings gives it a great replay value and I have yet to see a game that just makes me cry with its soundtrack alone and I haven't even started with all the emotional scenes in it. For me Chrono Trigger is timeless and it deserves the praise its got has one of the greatest RPGs of all time and one of the best video games of all time.

Not my number one of all time but had to vote for it very slept on

Chrono Trigger is the greatest JRPG ever. Pretty much every aspect of this game was way ahead of it's time. The graphics hold up very well nowadays, and the art style is spot on. The character designs were made by the illustrator of Dragon Ball. The music is... just the best. It's the best video game soundtrack. It really makes you feel what the story is trying to tell you. One track is just a high pitched note on a violin. It is used for most of the sad and when the characters are scared, and it is awesome. The characters are perfect. They aren't exactly that deep, but the more complex of them (Robo, Magus) are almost real. The story is amazing. It really makes you feel the emotions that the characters are. It is never too complicated, but never really predictable. And there's 13 endings. Just saying.
And finally, the gameplay is phenomenal. There are no random encounters (thank god) and the battles are really easy to understand. Early on on the game you get the chance to fight ...more

25 Star Wars Battlefront II

This game is really fun! I'm into star wars, so it's very enjoyable.

I've played the same game modes on the same maps over and over again, and I still loving playing it to this day.

I played this game way too much, so I might be little bias, but this game is amazing.

My childhood,despite EA's less than stellar release of its remake, it has not stained the absolute glory of this game. Even while the game is frustrating at some points it carries on to be better and better every time it is played.

26 Fallout: New Vegas

BIG IRON ON HIS HIP best RPG I've ever played (over and over) it should be higher up on this list

My personal favorite in the series simply because it has most of the lore I liked from fallout 1 and 2 while being far superior gameplay wise to fallout 3. I get pissed off at how much people overate fallout 3 to New Vegas because New Vegas in my opinion is the best fallout game ever released besides fallout 2 and fallout 1 (I think New Vegas is even better than fallout 4 because of the wide variety of choices). Fallout 3 is not better than fallout New Vegas so (pleased don't get pissed this is my opinion)!

Best game in the series it's so much better than 3 in game play and story

Best Fallout game in the series. I haven't played a bad Fallout game (yes, I even enjoyed Tactics and the others) yet, but this game tops the cake. Characters, gameplay, story, intriguing DLC, and more! Only problem with this game was the voice acting, wasn't the best. Much love to the BEST FALLOUT OF ALL TIME!

27 Undertale

When I first played undertale, I didn't have the benefit of a blind playthrough. I already knew every plotpoint, and how it would happen. And I was still floored. The execution was amazing, the combat surprisingly detailed, and the drama and comedy were perfectly balanced. When I played, I would not have believed it was made by mostly one guy.
Undertale can serve as a lesson. A lesson that if you work hard enough, your dreams can come true. Anyone can tell you that you can do anything, but Toby Fox showed. Because of this game, I got inspired to work on my own game, and based on all the undertale fangames, I'm not the only one. So thank you Toby! Thank you for inspiring so many people! Thank you for making Undertale!

Also funny skeleton man make puns that good

Undertale is a truly beautiful game that I would consider a masterpiece and it definitely deserves a higher place place on this list.

Undertale may not have incredible graphics like some other games on this list, but it definitely makes up for it with an incredible, original, beautiful and deep plot. One of my favourite things about Undertale (Papyrus has the top spot) is the morality. Fight or Mercy? This is the big question that will decide everything within the game, from the music to the characters, and OH BOY DO I LOVE IT! Undertale's morality system is amazing! And there's no way I can explain why I love it so you'll just have to play the game to understand ;)

You may be a bit cynical of its soundtrack due to the intense positive raving that surrounds it but consider that almost every song in the soundtrack has its own unique style and that these songs are capable of conveying very complex and beautiful emotions, not even mentioning the fact that every song is ...more

How in the name of Sans is this not higher up? This should be, like, #2. The game is so in-depth and the choices are so complex.
Also, Megalovania has been my favorite song for a long, long time. I cried almost as hard as I did when Silverstream died-warrior cat fandom will live forever

It was a really good game that made me feel many different emotions throughout. It has a very good storyline.

28 Call of Duty: Black Ops

In this game I get a call from my friend duty and wear a beautiful black dress with ops

This game is the best video game of all time The campaign was so perfect and multiplayer was the best of all time and zombies were SO AWESOME THIS GAME NEED TO BE AT LEAST IN TOP 20

One of the first games I ever played a lot with my mates, and even though the multiplayer was tons of fun, the best part of the game is still zombies. (which they managed to mess up with BO2) another reason I love this game is because; some of my best friends today, are people I met on Black Ops, this game doesn't deserve the hate it is getting to be honest.

Modern Warfare 2 was definitely good. but nothing compares to Black Ops.

29 Grand Theft Auto IV

I really hated the dull, trashy and boring outlook of Grand Theft Auto 4's Liberty city. The sky looks too grey and too dark that we can almost see nothing what is going on. It also had one of the most overrated storyline ever and Niko was so boring. Grand Theft Auto 4 fanboys are even worse. They call this is best because it so realistic and bashes games like Grand Theft Auto 5! lol! Realism is boring. We play video games for entertainment not to get bored by it. To escape the from the pressures of real life we play video games for fun. So what is the point of a realistic game? In my opinion it was one of the downgrades of Grand Theft Auto 4. I even enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 3 more than this. And Vice City was the best and kicks Grand Theft Auto 4's ass any day. Tommy Vercetti was way better and more memorable than Niko Bellic. For me, Grand Theft Auto 4 sucks and is my least favourite n the series. Again I am just expressing my opinion.

Playing Grand Theft Auto 4 feels like if we are watching a day of the foreign country. Video game city has never been that alive before

I love that this game Rockstar Games focused on the story before the world I like San Andreas in San Andreas they made the map and then they made the story that's why the story is so dull in that game even though I admit Grand Theft Auto V is definitely the best game ever made Grand Theft Auto IV is my favorite game of all time

The darkest and most serious game, and probably my second favorite too.

30 Portal 2

This game is fantastic. Although I agree that orcarina deserves its place, this should be much higher. Valve once again made a masterpiece. The voice acting is amazing, as it usually is in valve games. The graphics are also amazing, and there is a lot of small little details put in, like the vines growing from walls, cracks in the flooring, and even parts going down conveyer belts. The puzzles are also hard to solve, but not so hard that your gonna want to punch a hole through the screen. And the ending was fantastic, and quite a sad ending, with 2 amazing songs bringing closure (? ) to the series. And that last clip at the end nearly had me in tears, but laughing at the same time. The co-op mode is also fantastic, having to make you actually rely on your companion to get through the puzzles. The game also has an amazing fanbase, creating new levels every day. All in all, it is a fantastic game. I'd give it a 97%, and a spot at 3 on this list.

As one of greatest games of all time, Portal 2 should be ranked way higher than it is. This game just screams brilliance. The characters, the plot, the writing, the physics, the puzzles, all crafted to perfection. And when you put the sales numbers up against other games from the same year,

The results are astounding. Modern Warfare 3 sold over 25 million copies, while portal 2 sold a mere 4 million. I'm not saying that the Call of Duty series is terrible. It has amazing multiplayer and you could spend hours of your day having fun with your friends. However, some people fail to recognize what is a true masterpiece in gaming. It has humor, wit, innovation, and will age EXTREMELY well. There are very few games that are amazing from start to finish, and this is certainly one of those games.

Both games are a masterpiece of video game engineering. The perfect blend of comedy, storytelling and gameplay.

This sir, is a true masterpiece. This game has story, Easter eggs, humor, and even a scare factor! There are only 5 characters in this game and 3 of them do not even talk! This game has brought me SO MUCH LOVE! It has a beautiful story, amazing songs (even if there are only 4), and best of all, the best character in gaming EVER: GLaDOS!

31 Super Mario Odyssey

One of the best games and one of the best Mario games I have ever played!

I liked the galaxies a lot, but this is better. The games are really linear, and the purple comets kind of suck. In odyssey you can basically collect the moons in any order. I thought the purple coins would be a pain to collect like in the galaxies, but somehow they even managed to perfect that as they are placed in clever hiding spots and always feel rewarding to find...unlike a certain vacation themed mario game with hundreds of blue coins, and more importantly, the pachinko level...

The Super Mario 64 successor 21 years in the making. This is the perfect game, and soon enough this will be considered an all-time great. Breath of the Wild, eat your heart out

Are you kidding me? Why is this game so low on the list?

32 Bioshock

Something as diverse as Gaming is bound to forever divide, more so then perhaps Film, Television, and MAYBE even Music! But to see a Game as Beautifully Written as this one, not necessarily LOW, but without doubt LOWER then it should... Just hurts.

There are some Great Games above me here, some of the Greatest I've ever played! Fallout 3, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Grand Theft Auto IV AND San Andreas AND MANY MORE... But these are more or less the ones I have more experience playing, and I'm not saying that anything above, mentioned or not, is crap or anything pertaining to such thoughts, but once you've played Bioshock, YOU KNOW Gaming doesn't get any better. And this goes beyond 'Controls' and menial stuff like that! As far as I'M concerned, so long as I can control my Character WELL, then I'm sweet. I don't care much for Graphics and all that either, just so long as I can discern my Character and he flows smoothly, everything is ...more

Once you've played games like bioshock and fallout nv you know gaming. They are extremely fun, innovative, and practically limitless and challenge you like never before. The best games are not the easiest but the ones that leave you with the best satisfaction at the end of the day while leaving you hungry for more. I though call of duty was the greatest thing ever but now I see it as a joke. These games are for intense gamers and it will pull you in, putting you at the edge of your seat and questioning if this game could be actuality or if it's all just in your head.

But I'll let you decide that for yourself...

I don't understand why this game is not in the top 5, I do not understand why this game is not in the top 10 I do not understand why this game is in number 28... This is by far the greatest game I have ever played. It has a great story, it's immersive and you never get bored of listening to audio-tape after audiotape, reading messages from the walls and listening to phsycotic people dialog, the gameplay is fun and sometimes very challenging... The game is creative in so many ways, when you first get to Rapture you're mind is just blown away, I had goosebumps for the first 30 minutes of the game because I was so amazed. This is a game I can play over and over again and not get bored. That I can't say about most of the games above Bioshock on this list, please just please vote this up.

This is was like the worst video game ever made I prefer Gears of War is a lot better!

33 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

An amazing game. It's sad that it was deleted from the list a few years ago, this game deserves to have a spot in the top 10. Don't know why Nintendo fans feel the need to upvote their favorite games like that, it's unfair to other games. Can't you guys accept that there are other games out there that people like more than Mario games?

Should be reported. This game was no. 4 in the list with more than 300 comments. And for some unknown reason they have removed it. This is cheating. If they can do this, then they should do the same for other games as well. This is truly misleading. Top ten should fix it and should bring it back to the old position along with the old comments.

Even though Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out 14 years ago, I still don't think Rockstar Games has released anything that tops it. This game is a lot better than Grand Theft Auto V in so many ways. Even though Grand Theft Auto V has three playable characters, they're all pretty dull and one-dimensional: Trevor's a psychopath, Michael's going through a mid-life crisis, and Franklin's just a typical gangsta. On the other hand, CJ's character goes through many changes throughout the story as he meets different kinds of people and, unlike most other Grand Theft Auto protagonists, he's not some psychopath who kills people for fun. Also, in Grand Theft Auto V, the only way you can customize any of the protagonists is by giving them tattoos or different hairstyles. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you can literally change anything about CJ besides his race or gender. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas also has many more crazier and diverse missions and this keeps the game from getting boring ...more

Best game of all time. Nothing will ever come close to this masterpiece.

34 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Awesome story.real cool gameplay.this is the best Call of Duty game ever.Ask any gamer any real gamer like me who has played every single game and he will tell you what a game means.

Deserves a spot in the top ten for sure. CoD4 was a revolution in gaming. Nothing will ever do what it did.

how is this not in the top ten? It is the highest selling game of all time, plus a very great shooter, and back in its prime would destroy any game, except maybe San Andreas, plus the graphics of this game were so realistic it wasn't funny!

It's not the highest sleeping game of all time, wii sports is. Also sales don't mean anything, compare okami to wii sports. We all know which is better but one sold more than they other.

A great video game, and it definitely deserves to be in the top ten, for what it did to the Gaming Industry. Its graphics changed peoples ways and it revolutionised minds

35 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty is one of the most overrated game franchises out there. I've seen a ton of them. There are half a million of them and most of them are just about killing communists and terrorists and most recently Latin Americans (? ). The plots are recycled. The gameplay is mediocre. It seems all the game designers need to do to make another Call of Duty game is to improve the graphics, occasionally get a new engine, add more gory and violent special effects and more interesting ways to kill people and re create the old plot accept by adding a new one dimensional villein to fight and maybe some more sexy chicks. Some redeeming qualities include the graphics and the combat, but this game defiantly shouldn't be on here.

So, that's your mind about games. Sexy chicks. You didn't like the mind-blowing story. Play the guy game.

Although not the first Call of Duty game I've played. Mw2 was the first multiplayer Call of Duty game I could really get into and sadly the last. The multiplayer blew me away at the time. The killstreaks were much more improved upon and the maps were very well designed, diverse, and the best part, suitable for all types of Call of Duty players, rushers, campers, snipers, quick scopers, knifers, tactical types, etc. Its just a shame the community was so toxic towards each other which is one thing that remains the same in the series. In short this game had some killer multiplayer, and dare I say? The best in the series, cough cough. As for the best game ever? Haha! I wouldn't put it that high.

Anyone who says this game is overrated clearly has never played this game.

They seriously need to make a remastered version of this game! I would love it if they would make this game backward compatible on the Xbox One, but if not, I would gladly buy the game again for the remastered version. This is the only one in the entire Call of Duty franchise that I actually loved playing. This game has a fantastic story mode and the multiplayer part of this game is phenomenal. Anyone can play for hundreds of hours just on the multiplayer mode. Hopefully Call of Duty: WWII will be more like this one. The other games kind of suck.

36 Mario Kart Wii

Fortnite is above this dudes vote this and stop voting for fortnite

All of these customisation options in Mario kart (7-8D) Just bring the cool cars and the bike wheelies back!

Mario Kart 8 sucks compared to this, it's just overwhelming and with Mario Kart Wii it's easier to make custom tracks

This game is bad. It only gives the good things to the people in the back and I was playing with someone who fell off the edge 2 times and I fell off 0 times, and was in first almost the entire game and finished second

This game was my childhood. Mario kart 8 will never be better than this

37 Team Fortress 2

I still hate how Call of Duty is above tf2, people who play tf2 has SKILL, people who play Call of Duty has NO SKILL, they think its fun because killing is so easy. Welcome to the world of team fortress 2, where only the skilled can kill and the non skilled gets killed

The characters in it are memes like
Spy,scout,medic and heavy

One of the best games ever, and best FPS multiplayer ever. And it's free. Again, why is Roblox (one of the WORST "games" ever) over this?

With the exception of half-life 2 this is the best fps I've ever played. Not to mention crazy fun multilayer, hilarious characters and dialogue and even a collecting element. The innovative class features and game play make this a awesome game.

38 Fortnite: Battle Royale

It does not deserve to be in the top 100. Hell even the top 150. Its Battle Royale the most lazy idea ever. I tried to play it for as long as I could but I couldn't stand it. I kept becoming bored I even played with friends we were all bored. About everyone says "Do you play and or like fortnite." so quit the game.

If this is your favorite video game, you live a sad life

If you judge people by what video game they enjoy, you also live a sad life.

I actually found it funny when I saw fOrTnItE on the list. All it is now is full of screechy 9 year olds and the cartoons are so babyish

Some people may hate it but I like it a lot it has made massive careers for some people and is a fun game.

39 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The best video game ever, that I have played. It has a beautiful layout, cool-looking characters, and a great story behind it. I believe it is the first Zelda game I ever played, and I am feeling slightly depressed that it's broken, and no longer works. Also, quoting Chuggaaconroy, cuteness never looked so badass. Too bad it's sequels weren't on the Wii, rather than the DS. Also, I can draw the style of the game!

The graphics are amazing cel-shaded and one of the best for any game

The Wind Waker is a masterful game. An epic and enthralling adventure that never ceases to amaze. The world of Wind Waker is absolutely beautiful, exploring it and discovering the secrets is really intriguing. The story is told wonderfully and the journey is captivating. The gameplay and combat mechanics are so good! The music is simply amazing. The characters are great and Link is so expressive and badass here. The climax of the final battle is one of the greatest moments in gaming. An all round fantastic game.

To me, it's the best game of all time. The gameplay was similar to Ocarina of Time, but better. The story was amazing, the graphics were charming and fitting to the emotions displayed in the game, and the soundtrack was the definition of masterpiece. The world is huge, and it gives you a lot to explore and discover. I play the game and I still discover new things with every gameplay. This deserves to be higher. I think the only reason it isn't is because there are still a few people disappointed with the graphics.

40 Fallout 3

This is the best game I have ever played. You can easily spend 200 hours in this game and still not. Done everything there is to do. I love the VATS gameplay, the story is very good. The graphics almost look real! I know this game came out like I don't know like five years ago I think? But it's still very good. In fact, at the time that It came out, it was the biggest video game world ever. I also love the amount of outcomes and paths you can go with in this game, there are so many possible endings, and also, if you have the broken steel add on, then the game never ends. It's like usually you die but if you have the broken steel add on then it's like the explosion made you go into a coma and you wake up 2 weeks later. I mean there are so many different paths, you can choose to go with the enclave, the brotherhood of steel, Reilly's rangers, the outcasts, and so many over groups you can choose to work with, or you can play the game solo. It is also free roam, so aside from the main ...more

Best game I've played in a while. Rather than being a boring shooter this game has choice you can be good or evil. Or both. I usually do good things like deactivating a bomb and killing a terrorist and saved megaton. Except I killed the clinic and hid him under a patients bed.

Put more than 500 hours at least on this game. It's my favorite video game no doubt. I also like Oblivion and Morrowind and New Vegas and Skyrim... Man Bethesda wins!

This is an awesome game the first game I ever played on ps3 and still the best well tied with NV but this game is awesome you can do so much! It also gives me nostalgia playing it again lol

41 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

*cough cough* TranZit but besides that there was Mob of the Dead, Buried, Die Rise, and Origins and the campaign was alright.

Best Call Of Duty ever anyone who hated it were just bad at it and can't play it

The fact that this is below Fortnite proves that the world we live in is screwed.

Campaign is excellent, the multiplayer and the zombies is sensational( apart from tranzit and die rise of course) and I still play it a lot to this day

42 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game has everything you could want in a video game, and vastly improves over the original. The first game wasn't bad, but it usually felt either underwhelmingly easy at times or extremely frustrating due to bad level design (especially in the stage "Purple Coins on the Summit"). Super Mario Galaxy 2's bosses are much more interesting, and its levels are breathtaking but simultaneously can be a real challenge if you don't know what you're doing. Heck, its final level, The Perfect Run, is considered by many to be the hardest Mario level ever, and one of the hardest video game levels in history. The game's motion controls are much better than the first game and yet they still retain a charming difficulty. And the music... This music doesn't belong in a Mario game. It belongs in a five-star, world-class orchestra, for crying out loud. Some people might say its music style is too loud and climactic, but to me, that's what makes it special. While Super Mario Odyssey is technically more ...more

I have honestly not enough words for this game, it is probably hands down the BEST game I think I've ever played, and it still holds its own against the best of the best

This is the most imaginative, polished, and fun 3D platformer I have ever played, and I can happily say it is my favorite game of all time.

Mario's best moment yet! Several galaxies, 240 stars to get, AMAZING graphics and soundtrack, the spin attack is really useful, and so much more! There is yet to be a better Mario game. No, I have not gotten a 3ds yet.

43 Doom

Well this game was probably the first game to make Christians die of lung cancer this game is really fun and even it having 0 graphics back then and only pixels it was great.

Best game ever I played it in 2018 also dlc plus u can easily find it in doom 3 bfg edition

This game also helped to popularize multiplayer deathmatches

Biggest revolution that sparked everything today - there may be better games now I feel you have to put this one when looking at "all time"

44 Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the greatest NES games created. It build on everything that made Super Mario Bros. 1 great and multiplied it by a whole lot. The feather, hammer head suit, frog suit, etc. Are some new editions to the game that make the replay value high. It also has all the power-ups from the first Super Mario Bros. You can also skip levels you don't want to play in Mario 3 and you can equip yourself with a power-up before entering a level. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a masterpiece and it should respectfully be higher on this list.

When I saw this list, I was simply ashamed to see this game wasn't on it. It's the greatest NES game of all time. It's the greatest Mario game of all time. Practically every retro gamer who ever lived know and worship this game! It combines all the aspects of 2D Mario platformers and multiplies them by ten! This game is perfect!

In this game I have 3 gamer boy prince brothers all named mario

This is historically my favourite game of all time. Galaxy and Super Paper are arguably better games, but I wouldn't have even wanted to play them if this game had not been such an important part of my childhood.

45 Luigi's Mansion

It was a launch title for the gamecube and sported some of the best graphics and gameplay that the console has ever seen. It's not much for length, and the story is kind of weak, but the charm and the secrets will keep you coming back for more after the credits roll. At least, that is what it did to me.

No. It's just Nintendo's generic attempt to make a horror game and make money.

Pretty much the only Nintendo game I play anymore. It's funny and deviates from the never-ending loop of copy-and-pasted-plot Mario games with something that's truly special. Luigi's Mansion doesn't get anywhere near enough love that it should have and was probably the best launch title in the history of video games.

Luigi's Mansion was my second video game and I still play and replay it to this day. It does not get the love it deserves, and though it has an okay sequel, nothing beats the original.

46 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Incredibly creative, highly innovative, and greatly passionate game. From the storyline to the gameplay, it is almost flawless.

not as good as botw, butit was a good game, intrduced the horse in zelda and the bow and arrow. I'm pretty sure it has the most gameplay of any zelada game by the way

This was my first Zelda game and it was insanely fun, challenging, and mind-blowing. And I hadn't even been to the second temple yet!

One of the most beautiful games of all time. From the story to the gameplay.

47 Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved is a masterpiece. The must-have for the Xbox, the perfect start, this game defied all expectations. It dances on modern games with their on-rail shooter type of games. The levels are breathtaking, the story magnificent, and the gameplay and control is absolutely perfect. The music is some of the best in gaming, right up there with Mario and Zelda. The only reason Microsoft got a foothold in the console market and what defined many people's childhood. Being placed all the way at number 47 really does not do it justice. Me explaining it doesn't do it justice. Try it out when it hits PC. You'll be amazed, guaranteed.

This is probably my favourite Halo game. It has awesome graphics, storyline and was just generally a fun game to play!

This was literally the best game of all time, and still is. The Graphics, sound, plot, action and gameplay are all things which are completely outstanding both for its time period and for all time. This was my favorite game I ever played, and most people didn't even play it in this generation, which is sad. When there was no online multiplayer, no one knew how to do that except to link up an Xbox through some online bs... This game is by far the best of all time, the best there ever will be, far superior than even its sequels.

Best game because it started the best franchise ever known to man. It doesn't get any better than halo

48 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

My favorite childhood game. All the different places to explore, all the different characters, the storyline, the music... Everything about this game just brings back so many good memories. I wish I could go back to the past to relive all those memories again.

This is my favorite game of all time. Just wow. I knew not that many people love it this much (although the majority of people who have ACTUALLY PLAYED IT love it) so I wasn't as upset as I could've been as I scrolled down past many other great games (and maybe not-so-great games) looking for it. Anyway, I found it, and here I am! I don't know where to start with this game. It combines the amazing aspects of Mario with the complexity, atmosphere, intensity, and immersiveness (is that a word? ) of an RPG. Frankly, the main RPG games I play are the Mario ones, since they really are that fantastic and Mario is my favorite franchise. This game is as close to perfect as you can get. The gameplay is amazing, improving on the great battle system of the original Paper Mario. The characters are original and great, the dialogue is funny and can also be serious, the story is so deep and thought out (especially when compared to most Mario games), the bosses are fun, the levels are unique, and the ...more

The first Paper Mario warmed up our gamer hearts, opened our mind and prepared us to one of the greatest Mario adventures of all-time. When the second installment was announced, people expected VERY much of this game. We weren't disappointed. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems threw us this game that marked a "before" and an "after". One of the best installment of the series.

Wait Call of Duty is over this master piece...THIS IS WHY WE can't HAVE NICE THINGS!

49 Halo 2

Halo 2 and I have a deep history, I mean I've played the game for years and years now and I just had to give it a vote. Overall it's my favorite game; great story, great gameplay, great characters and most of all; great game.

Best halo game in my opinion. Best levels, best story fun multiplayer. It did everything good about combat evolved, but this one had dual wield weapons, energy swords and the arbiter. While halo 3 and reach are still great, halo 2 is where its at!

Should be in the top ten! Definitely had the best multiplayer of all the Halo games. This should at least be higher than Reach.

I kinda like Halo 2 better than Halo 3

50 Resident Evil 4

What a HORRIBLE game... MINECRAFT is the greatest game ever (Fortnite too).

I could give a Million reasons why this should be #1/#2 behind ocarina of time. This game is absolutely immersive. The level design is brilliant, the controls are very fluid. The story and characters are awesome. The diversity of bosses is crazy. Each level, chapter and stage in the game is different. You never really feel like you're doing the same thing again. I could go on and on, and in much greater detail but I don't fell like typing that much as the game speaks for it's self.

One of the best games ever, but somehow Roblox and Fortnite are over it even though they're one of the WORST games ever.

What is this doing on number 49?! How is it behind games like roblox and fortnite?!

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