Half Life 2


Half Life 2 is one of the best video games I have ever played. From its ahead of its time graphics to its unique gameplay, this game is very close to perfect. From the first level I played in this game to the last, I enjoyed every second of it. There are several reasons why this game is so good. Firstly, it is no ordinary first person shooter, it redefines the whole meaning of the genre, it is a phenomenal single player experience that is incredibly fun to play and keeps you coming back for more, with its fantastic AI and gameplay. Half Life 2 is said to be one of the best games of all time, and rightly so, it has aged really well and if there was any possible chance of Half Life 3, then I would 100% definitely buy it. It is a simply flawless game that I will never get bored of.

Why this #8 I mean come on, realistic gameplay, Half-Life series own that, puzzles, Half-Life series own that, graphics, Best on its time, want better graphics? Play Cinematic Mod, good storyline (not best), Half-Life series own that, fantastic level design, Half-Life series own that, Great Characters, Half-Life series own that, realistic A.I, Half-Life Series own that (Not for the combine soldiers though), this like the best game ever, I agree LoZ: OOT is #1, but why the hell Minecraft is #5, Minecraft is creative, but you just destroy some blocks, collect it, fight monsters (Like Elder Scrolls? ), but no story at all? Should be lower in this list. About Grand Theft Auto SA? I agree it is one of the best, but it has sexual scenes, very bad languange, and graphics like playing games from 2001. Never play Smash Bros, so not gonna talk about it, Mario games? BORING!, you just saving princess and nothing more than that, although I agree how fantastic the level design is. Halo 3, never ...more

The best game of all time. It's not even my favourite, but it changed gaming forever. Back when it released, it was marvelled at for it's most realistic physics engine and fantastic story. Even now, while the graphics are dated, the story is still better than a vast majority of games out there, and it's still always really fun to play through. I think where Half-Life 2 really shines is in its atmosphere. I've found myself sometimes just sitting in random corners and just taking it all in, because this game really hits home with the dark vibes it gives off. This is true for all of valve's games, but this one in particular is excellent at providing a good sense of hopelessness.

Final Fantasy VII higher than this masterpiece, you gonna be joking, It is impossible that the game came out on 2004, because looking of its visual, graphics, sounds, physis and A.I designs. The game looks like came out from 2007 or 2009 itself, thanks to the powerful source engine, and looking at any other aspects almost made this game close to flawless and completely perfect for everyone and for any time

"The Best Game Ever Made". But I think the first Half-Life (1998) should be the number 1, & Half-Life 2 (2004) is no.2. Best in everything,...best in story, best in weapons, best in physics (thanks to Valve's Source Engine), best in A.I.s, & etc. NOTHING beats Valve's Half-Life. Other games especially the games that made by the other companies? ,...NO THANKS!.

While I liked the first Half-Life game a tad better, Half-Life 2 was also incredible. Putting Minecraft above this game is practically a sin. The story, the characters, the gameplay. If you like video games, you absolutely must play Half-Life 1 and 2 before you die. - Nebby_

The best story line of any first person shooter ever made. Gordon freeman is tied with Link for best protagonist. What an awesome game. It also had the best physics engine of any video game to date

Has already won awards for its amazing graphics, soundtrack and storyline, even the trailer was pretty badass. G-Man is one of the most mysterious characters I've ever seen, and Gordon Freeman is badass.

P. S: Alyx is hot...

A pioneer for fps, Half-Life 2 will always be remembered as shooter perfection unlike Tomb Raider which takes the cake for most voted for superficial reasons... And you call yourselves gamers.

greatest single-player FPS of all time by far. Although I would like to see 'Counter-Strike:Source' or 'Team Fortress 2' on here. And yes, I am a Valve fan.

You want an epic story? You got it. You want amazing graphics that have stood the test of time? Look no further. You want fast paced action? Boom, here you go. How about blow your mind fun, from start to finish? Well, most others on this list won't come near to the amount of fun this game is.

Seriously? Half life 2 in the last place? Is everyone out of their mind? I mean seriously?! This is the best game ever made in the history of gaming. Period.

I agree. BRAWL?! What! Half life 2 revolutionized games. All brawl did was mash together a bunch of Nintendo characters (and sonic) into one game. AND WHERES BIG RIGS!?!?!

Gordon Freeman won't, even if he can, say that Half Life 2 is the best game ever, because it's a truth that everybody knows about.

This is one of those games that you HAVE to play before you die, this should be a blueprint for future games, also half life 3 please come soon

Only Grand theft auto San Andreas, Portal 2 and Ocarina of time come even close to the sheer flawlessness that this game has to offer.

How is this not top 5. It is by far the greatest PC game of all time and revolutionized the way video games were developed and produced! It has an amazing re-playable story, amazing graphics considering when it was made and was created by the best game developers of all time, Valve!

The best game I've ever played. Most engaging storyline. Edge of the seat stuff. you just get drawn into the whole atmosphere and its one hell of a game.

I really don't understand why HL2 is at number 8, because not only Half-Life 2 is one of the games that revolutionized everything on gaming, Half-Life 2 is a perfect example of how perfect the game should be, giving us amazing physics and graphics, realistic combat A.I, great narratives, also perfect puzzles to show that the game not only focusing on shooting enemy, but also completing objectives and puzzles. It is perfect for number 3 or 4, because I already agree LoZ: OOT is #1

Should be at the top of this list as Half Life 2 has great storyline, and innovative gameplay

Revolutionary game to many a people's lives. The Half life franchise is by far my Favorite game series of all time.

Undoubtedly the, best, game, ever. It has good gameplay, it's graphics and physics are way ahead of it's time, it is the only game that has a character that I actually cared about, Once HL3 comes out it will most likely blow every single other game ever out of the water. It is also the highest scoring PC game. With a metascore of 96 and a user score of 9.2. All in all it is undoubtedly the best game, it should be first place, not 13th. - Flam3

This is the greatest game ever made. It's as close to perfection as a game can get.

A close second is FF VII. - Norwood

Half-Life 2 came in the middle of a video game crisis, but then saved the industry. People only like games like super smash brawl or The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time because of either nostalgia or it was just a good game in their childhood. Half-Life 2 is an amazing game as it is one of the only fps games that also make you think (There are more, but I'm my opinion Half-Life 2 does it the best.)

I'm not a "classic" gamer but this game is some sort of genius and at least deserves to be above Minecraft