Halo 3


My favorite thing about this game is that other games are just now starting to figure out the features this game originally made, Call of Duty and battlefield 3 eat your heart out, a lot of your ideas were figured out years ago by this game, which is so great to hear. I want to wait until Call of Duty of battlefield comes out with a character or map creator, than this game will have been 6 years ahead of its time

I was born in 1996. I did play halo 3 a little bit when I was young and didn't get into it that much. Then, as more and more games came into the series, and the general Halo population moved on, I began to realize what a great game it was. The story, the gameplay, the multiplayer, the custom games (Oh my god, the custom games! ), and just the goofing with friends were all so amazing. Nowadays, all I can think was that I really missed out on the active days of Halo 3, which, however pathetic it sounds, is kind of depressing to me. I really think it was the best game ever, and I missed out. But for the bit I did get to play, I loved it.

Why people constantly put a Zelda-game over this is beyond my comprehension. Playing this with my friends is one of the best times I've had. Finishing the game on legendary difficulty is awesome. I love the Easter eggs! Multiplayer is great. What makes this game better than other shooters? Well, it's on a console so no one can hack. You can make your own maps! WHy am I writing? I gotta go play Halo 3!

Halo 3 used to be No. 11 on the list, now it finally got a place it deserved! Halo 3 has an almost perfect multiplayer, with a story that impacted me emotionally so much beyond any other game or movie, aside for the Last of Us. You're hooked to the multiplayer instantly, and you become so attached to the characters that when it ends, you feel as if you've lost a great friend!

It perfected multiplayer shooters. The ranking system was beautifully done, regardless of the boosters. You could easily tell who was good, and who was bad. The campaign ended with a bang, and certainly would've ended it all were it not for 343. That being said, let's see how that goes.

Aliens! Superhuman badasses in awesome armour! Tanks! Battleships! Multiplayer! Flying gunships! Virus that can kill everything! A computer that has existed since the beginning of time! Create stuff in your own maps! You can drive a tank the size of a house in a multiplayer map for god's sake! And add stuff onto it on forge mode! Anything else? I could go on for hours!

Ah the memories! I normally feel guilty about pouring precious hours into video games, but not in this case. Halo 3 took thousands of hours away from me, I don't regret a second. Would I do it all again? HELL YEAH LETS FINISH THIS FIGHT!

I always enjoyed playing halo 3 with a friend the missions in that game where cool, getting lost was fun. Driving those convertibles was enjoying to do while shooting at bad guys. The only annoying thing was that girl she always gets in your way when your doing something important

Halo just rocks. Everything about it is amazing, and the story just sucks you in. I couldn't stop playing
All the games on this list are amazing, but for me it will always be Halo

As previously stated, this is my favorite game I've ever played. I had so much fun playing this game with my friends/siblings that I will ALWAYS remember how ridiculously amazing it is.. Heck even my sister played it!

This should be in the top 5 on this list! What happened. I love that skyrim is 4 and ocarina of time is 1, but I would give halo 3 no. 8 on the list! And Minecraft should NOT be no. 7! That should be no 3 at best!

Greatest gaming and multiplayer experience ever. Bungie did something really special with this game. It does not compare to anything before it or anything after it.

The best of the best in terms of multiplayer shooters of its time. And for everybody, that was in 2007 so if you compare it to games that were made in 2008, then you are being an idiot, this game actually introduces gameplay ideas that are just now being introduced in new games, talk about super innovative.

This is the best game of all-time. The single best multiplayer matchmaking system in the history of games. An amazing, unrivaled campaign, if you like that sort of thing. It's sad to think no game will ever be as good as Halo 3. RIP Halo 3.

The covenant is the best mission Ever created in a Video Game. The gameplay is always exciting and never repetitive. This game is absolutely amazing!

Just one of the best... Most hype livin... Games out there let alone the epic conclusion to master chiefs story... Which continues on

Very entertaining end to the trilogy and arguably one of the best multiplayer experiences EVER. The best game of current generation consoles.

Halo 3 is by far the best game. The multiplayer, the campaign, the music. Nothing beats Halo 3 (Not even other Halo's).

I love this game! Too bad I don't have an Xbox, that's why I like going to my cousin's house! I like to run people over.

Remember, this is a first party franchise, so it is only sold on one console. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty only sell well because they are 3rd party (sell on multiple consoles). This means sales-wise, they have an unfair advantage. Yet Halo can still compete with the likes of Call of Duty. Not including 3rd party franchises, Halo is the 5th best selling franchise after Mario, Pokemon, Wii, and Zelda. Think about that for a moment. Speaks for how good the series is.

it is like the best halo game evar, multiplayer and everything is just way more balanced than Any other game - theTwister

This game, along with all of the Halo series games are the games that made the Xbox the console that it is today.

Halo 3 is the greatest game of all time. It has sold the most copies out of all games and still after around 2 years since its release it is still selling hugely. - jakeismellow

This game is a masterpiece. Pure and simple. Many people always talk about how this game is too slow paced as they go back to playing Call of Duty. This game's story is like one out of an oscar winning movie. The cutscenes and missions are so well done it blows my mind. Not to mention a multiplayer that requires some skill level.

This should be in top the three, It's original and best one out whole halo series. Nothing else like it.