A beautiful world where you can do anything you want. Build a tower where you can stay the night. Kill some sheep to make a bed, in the morning go mining. Mine for iron and craft incredible armor then the next night go kill some monsters. Next morning you go mining and you find a diamond. Craft a diamond pick and enchant it from an abandoned dungeon. Mine for obsidian and go to the nether. Then you go from there. That's just Minecraft Survival. You can go on AMAZING servers with your friends and make beautiful machines that inspire you to be creative. Play hunger games and win, patting yourself on the back as fireworks rise in the air. Play fun minigames where you can be on a floating island and try to be the last one standing in the air. Or have a shovel and be on a floating cake where you mist choose who will fall. Make your own server and play with friends. Play on maps and try to survive through huge areas like Herobrine's Mansion or The Pumpkin King. There is no telling what will ...more - maddyparrot22

Don't be fooled by the blocky graphics. Minecraft is the perfect sandbox game. It has everything: fighting, mining, building, farming, potion making, crafting, enchanting, the list goes on. And the best part is the fact that it never ends. Sure, you technically win the game when you kill the Ender Dragon, but that's optional, and even if you do take him out, you can still keep playing! If the game is getting too easy, or you just want to have some fun, you can download many interesting mods. Some are practical, but others add in mobs and items and quests and even new dimensions. You can also play with your friends or on a server if you start to feel lonely.

You know, I don't really get why people hate on minecraft because they say "there is no point", when that is exactly what makes minecraft so amazing. There is no point! You can make minecraft whatever game you want it to be. It can be a survival game. It can be a building game. It can be an open world adventure game. You can already do virtually anything you want in the vanilla game, only limited by time and your imagination (and in survival mode, resources). But it doesn't end there. You can play with friends and share the experience with other people. You can join a server and meet new people, while also playing great community created games, weather it is something big like factions or skyblock, or a minigame like survival games or skywars. You can download an infinite number of community created maps and truly make the game whatever you want it to be. Minecraft also has one of the biggest modding communities in gaming, expanding more on the already endless possibilities. The ...more

How do you feel about playing a first-person shooter game where you struggle to survive, like Call of Duty? No? Okay, well how about playing a game where you have the freedom to do whatever you want? Sound more your style? Minecraft is the game for you! You can play in survival where your world has adventure written all over it, and you can craft the finest tools and weapons to survive the monsters of the night. Not to mention, you can craft the best armor. Let me go through the materials, ranked from noob to pro. Wood (meh), stone (okay), gold (it's something), iron (you're getting there), DIAMONDS (Now we're talking! ). Diamonds are the strongest material in Minecraft. They can be pretty hard to come across in survival. But how about creative mode, where you have never-ending resources? Basically, Minecraft is a game where you have the ability to do and build whatever you want. Wanna build a mansion? nothing' stopping you! Wanna build a castle or a roller-coaster? Go right ahead! ...more

Minecraft is the game for anyone and everyone. For people that's like to be creative and want to make their own castles and roller payers, you can play creative mode. For people that would rather get the sense of adventure and thrill you can play survival mode... With or without monsters. (But let's be real, who doesn't love monsters) They even have it as an app as well as console and PC so you can play it for a cheaper and more convenient size. And let's say you are some how not into building cool structures or *gasp fighting monsters. But you like to do more technical and brainy things then there is red stone. If you put your mind to it, honestly you can do ANYTHING with it. People have made games and traps and it just starts there. All in all Minecraft is the game for anyone and everyone.

This game is creative, interesting, and an overall good game, but it's really... Bland. I don't understand how kids can waste so much of their time playing this game. I mean, at its core, it's a simple survival game where you mine in a bland and blocky environment, (and yes, I know that it's intended to be blocky) kill some monsters, and you just keep going on and on and on and on... Playing with your friends is pretty fun, but when your playing solo, it gets boring. Oh yeah, you can build things too! Your resource library isn't too shabby, but if you really want to build something awesome, go play another game.

Minecraft should be at the top of this list, because you can build or do anything! What beats that! Sure games like Super Mario Bros were fun until you beat it, but Minecraft technically never ends so people can enjoy it forever. It's even available on way more devices than any game is above this in the list! You can even give your self a name and get your own skin! You can get dogs and cats! You can build anything. You can connect to your friends world. How could legend of Zelda Ocarina of time even make the list, let alone the top of it! So if you have a brain vote for Minecraft!

I no Minecraft is simple but it is so addictive and fun sometimes your bored but you can't stop playing Minecraft there are so many options things to keep you playing for years they are still adding more things into the game.

Robot, you have the right to hate, but you don't have the right to list your opinion as FACT. People hate on Minecraft for its Crappy graphics, but its intended to be like that? And then you list games for good quality, but 8-Bit games like Mario Bros or Anything else. Why don't you like games with Crystal Realistic graphics, like Anthem or Battlefield 1? You have the right to hate, but not to call someone Crazy for liking it. Also, if you need a solution to your problems, Mods. You can make your OWN MOBS with mods.

You can do anything in this game. From the moment you break your first tree. You mine for valuable ores, kill strong mobs (bosses like Wither and Ender Dragon, or just strong ones like Blazes and Endermen) and build great things. There are different dimensions you can make portals to, so you don't get bored of the Overworld. Make different swords, tools and weapons. Find a mineshaft. That isn't even the start. You can download mods to enhance your gaming experience and have even MORE monsters, MORE swords, MORE places to explore. It also enhances the difficulty. In fact, mod packs MULTIPLY the mob amount and item amount by at least 20 (usually on average, 35). The graphics are bad because they are intended to be bad, so you can download stuff without Minecraft taking up all your space, and you can enhance the graphics with texture/resource packs, shaders and mods. And the limits of Minecraft don't even stop there-MULTIPLAYER. That's right. Online, local, any type. Play a map with your ...more

A brilliant game letting people express their creativity. People can play it however they want, whether they plan on setting off to kill the Ender Dragon and the Wither or just want to build and mine and explore. It is a brilliant game with so much too it, the possibilities are endless. It has also presented everyone with a brilliant fan base/community, of making excellent let's plays. Many people have done very well on websites such as YouTube because of this amazing game - HollyRolo

Minecraft Is a Cool little game ruined by a terrible fanbase it's a Sanbox game where you can chill and build anything you want. You can mess around with mods and the Killing the Ender dragon etc are optional. Even if you do that you can still continue playing. The graphics are blocky but There's nothing wrong with that. Graphics aren't everything. With mods you can expand your own And Minecraft has NO POINT That's the beauty of it. Nobody tells you to what to do YOU put the rules. The idea behind the Multiplayer servers are Good (minigames etc.) But It's full of chaos most of the part due to Hackers and the Cancerous community not accepting defeat. But if you really want to have fun in Multiplayer Try multiplayer survival It's just You and your buddy/ Buddies It's so fun to play like that. - Aguythatpeopleignores

It has no quests missions unlike other games. But people that is the point! You are there to make them. And you can choose survival and creative which both makes your style instead of getting limited on other games. You can even play with other people, either friends or strangers, on multiplayer. This game, if you are quite a peaceful person, then maybe you would want to try out this. (Leave the annoying fanbase alone don't listen to these kids) - MChkflaguard_Yt

People hate this game because of the graphics, This game was allowed in Sweden where they called this game "Educational" which is true. You could do anything and go anywhere, they say this game has no missions but there are achievements and the only mission is to survive. I highly agree that this game should be top 1 not top 100,000,000

Overrated as Hell, fun, but not nearly as good as any other game in the top tens of this list. This is a game that screwed up YouTube, 90% of the videos are damn block challenges, what! This is the Justin Bieber of video games, overrated and corrupting media! It's fun to a degree, but that degree is below freezing! Honestly if you think this and you are older that 7 years old, you must play really crappy games! - EliHbk

Minecraft is great. I have played it for around 4 years and I just keep on liking it more and more! It's multiplayer part is the best part about Minecraft! Lots of people have created lota of amazing creations and have even made the game of Pokemon Red inside the game with command blocks! People work very hard on them and create amazing things! I will continue to play it throughout my life!

The greatest game of all time by far. The possibilities are endless and you never get bored. Minecraft was my entire childhood and is my favourite ever. It's a game that anybody can play and get really good at and play with all your friends. It also lets your express your creative by being able to build and do whatever you want to do. Hands down the best video game and the best invention!

I disagree with Minecraft being one of the best games of all time. I'm not a fan myself, but I was. It is an enjoyable game, but I think it has a huge flaw. The Fanbase. The Fanbase for this game shove their opinions down other people's throats and make a bunch of 6-Year olds make a video why they are wrong. If people would respect opinions nowadays, I would still like this game. The Fanbase gives this game a bad name.

A very fun and "keep your eye out", game! Building tree houses to mansions the inspiration hits every single block. Survival of the mobs, needing to eat, and building to protect, all show hard work. The game it's self is so creative! All the details put in to a world! Every single world is different, and all the stuff you can craft! This blocky world is sure amazing!

Some people hate it because there are no quests and no storyline. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! In minecraft you can do what you want to do, whether it be slaying the enderdragon, building a castle, finding a million diamonds, without being forced to complete a storyline or quest.

The point of Minecraft is that there are no missions or quests (unless you go on some servers). But the possibilities are nearly endless (unless you're in Pocket Edition). You can't criticize a Sandbox game for not having missions, it's a Sandbox game!

And I Don't See Anyone Saying Call of Duty Is Overrated Now Do We? And Why Do People Say It's Overrated? The Reason We Like Minecraft Is Because It Allows Us To Build And Be Creative, While Also Allowing Us To Survive And Give Moderate Challange. Every Day I Hear "Minecraft Sucks" But Do I Hear Any Reasoning? No. They Just Say It Sucks Probably Because It Has Bad Graphics, NEWS FLASH, Some LIKE Simplicity. These People Probably Haven't Even Played The Game. Sure, Lots Like Minecraft, But IsIt The Same As Other Games? No. Do You See Any Creativity Put Into Games Like Call of Duty? Hardly If Any.

Minecraft is one of my most favorite games, EVER. You can use your imagination to build whatever you want. I am good at building stuff. You can even try to survive from zombies, creepers, skeletons, etc. Lots of people enjoy this game, which makes me happy. This game is all about your imagination. Have fun.

Surely this should be in the top 5 because most of the games up there are violent and not for kids. Minecraft is for all ages and I've even seen adults play it. SkyDoesMinecraft has 9 million subscribers, and, yes, I know, no where around PewDiePie though he is like in the top 15 now as he is one of the fastest growing channel on YouTube. Minecraft is Awesome!

Alright, no. Although I like mine craft, it is completely sub par to all Nintendo games like Pokemon, legend of Zelda, Mario, metroid, u name it. U do practically nothing in this game, it has little to no plot and gets old real fast in my opinion. U just run around and dig till u get bored or your computer crashes. It's like giving a bouncy ball to a clas of high school PE students and saying" here go nuts" instead of giving them something reasonable to do. I love this game but it is absolutely overstated and should not be top ten, eleven, or even fifty.