Top 10 EXO Members with the Best Voice

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1 Chen

My favourite singer in EXO is undeniably D.O (he makes you fel y'know) but Chen definitely deserves the top spot. While his singing might not have as much of clear emotion as, say, Suho's or D.Os, he has improved a lot recently emotion-wise. I don't think that being able to hit high notes is why Chen should deserve the top spot on this list (although he would definitely be at the top if that was the case too). In fact he earned my vote because he has a clarity of voice that Baekhyun comes quite close to but hasn't quite gotten yet. Chen is just an amazing singer who can do unbelievable things with his voice-so props to him.

Though everyone praises Chen's high notes, it is not his forte. Chen's specialty is his Lower Register, arguably can be called the most developed Lower Register in all of K-POP. His Middle Register isn't bad, with a few flaws and strengths to balance it out. His Upper Register is the weakest. Among EXO, his sense of pitch is the best, as well as his technique. His Lower Register can support down to C3, and as of lately, A2. His soft palate is often lifted, and among EXO, he sings with the least tension.

His dancing is very good too, probably as good as Luhan's, but since he is mainly a vocalist he's not as good as kai or Lay. Given his dancing and singing ability, he has the most potential in other things because he is talented at dancing and singing, and not just one thing. However, he needs to work on emotion and probably is not as good as acting as others in EXO who can express emotion. He also cannot rap, but since he's not a rapper, no one will hold anything against him.

I don't understand why people say his voice doesn't have as much emotions as the other members, but I personally think his voice really suits sad songs because I can kind of hear the "sadness" when he sings and when he sings happy songs his tone changes too! I think he's so underrated and he definitely has the best voice and can hit high notes the most easily in exo

2 D.O.

D.O.'s voice was what attracted me to him and EXO. Hearing his *baby girl* verse in Call Me Baby made me realise how much I missed in the Kpop world... I had only listened to Girl Kpop groups in the past 1 year>.<! His smooth pronunciation of both foreign languages English & Spanish is also highly commendable. I bet he even did some research to understand what his verses meant, that's why when he sang For Life in english, I felt real emotion coming from his voice and even for Sabor A Mi, though I'm not spanish or learn the language, his rolling R's were rlly good! How he juggles his singing, dancing and acting career(which won him awards by the way) also remains a mystery HAHA hope he gets his well deserved solo album soon! Keep up the amaing work D.O.!

Kyungsoo has good control over his voice and is the most agile vocalist in Exo, being able to switch into falsetto and back into mixed voice very easily. Because of this, he is also the vocalist who does the most vocal runs in Exo, although he does not sing as many high notes because of a lack of support at times. Although Chen is arguably the best vocalist in Exo owing to good technique and stamina, Kyungsoo should be 2nd as his only major problem is his improper position or jaw placement that can make certain notes sound flattened or pitchy.

Kyungsoo's vocal is out of this world. like, his runs and adlibs are amazing. he can go high or low and his falsetto sound amazing. I prefer his high notes despite not being the highest. because his highnotes are pleasant to hear and not too pitchy. his tone are beautiful and he can bring the emotion out and making me cry. and when he sing in English, THE MAN IS SHAKING ME!

In my opinion, he's the most stable vocalist in EXO and his adlibs are god-like. Even though he can't hit high notes as well as Baekhyun & Chen, his vocal color suits every EXO song, especially R&B. I think he's the best vocalist of EXO

3 Baekhyun

My vocal bias was Chen because of the power and range but every time I hear Baekhyun, his voice is really resonating and I love his timbre. He can also sing soulfully yet can hit high notes at the same time.

Baekhyun is the best singer I have ever heard. why? Baekhyun has a passionate, male idols have the ability to transform his vocals to both soft and masculine styles. depending on the accents & emotions of each song

Baekhyuns voice makes me feel the purpose behind why he's singing, his voice is the voice I want to hear echoing through my head as I'm riding down the highway in the heat of the day. His voice is the voice I want to listen to while basking in sunlight...listen, I don't mean into deep about what this man's voice makes me feel- and don't get me wrong D.O. and Chen are two of my biases but...

While D.O.'s voice is absolutely beautiful, riffs and runs are undeniably common, and nonetheless his voice still does make me feel things. Also, while Chen's voice is very, very powerful and his amount of control cannot be contested, and although he is undeniably the best vocalist in EXO- Baekhyun is a better singer. His voice will unravel you, and cover you, and keep you warm.

Again, I'm sorry about this rant y'all...I just feel something, I guess.

He can sound warm when needed and sound a bit harsh when needed. His voice conveys emotion of the song which I don't find much in Chen's singing. He can pull off high notes but suffers in low notes. He can add kink to the song where needed and it hits your heart. And his voice is unique. You cannot call it rough voice or smooth voice, it's somewhere in the middle but very distinct unlike DO's voice because I find his voice very common even though he's incomparable when it comes to singing. I just think Baekhyun has more voice colour than others.

4 Suho Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

Although I think Baekhyun is the best singer overall, I really want to also praise my bias Suho! He has a very soft and calming voice that is just lovely to listen to and I think he just really doesn't get enough opportunities to showcase his abilities. He's an extremely underrated vocalist, in my opinion

I give 4th place to Suho, although many would say it's Luhan. I just really like the uniqueness and purity to Suho's voice; there's really nothing like it (at least in exo). He doesn't get as many chanced to show off his voice, but he stands out in Overdose and the rest of the Overdoes album. He does a really nice job!

Unique soft voice that I find soothing and under rated

Suho is good in singing I love if he sings its very cute

5 Chanyeol

Chanyeol's voice surprised me so much when I first listened to it. I had assumed that he was another talentless rapper, and though his vocals cannot compare to Chen, Baekhyun, D.O., or even many K-POP Main Vocals in general, as a rapper, his vocals are definitely above average. He can sing well, and I think the most important part of his vocal talent is his musicianship, being able to play so many instruments.

Yes, Chanyeol is a rapper. No, best voice doesn't necessarily mean a strong singing voice. However, Chanyeol can sing too! Chanyeol is the best rapper of exo and really knows how to keep to the rhthym while showing off his versitile and deep voice. He also is a good, pretty strong singer.

Chanyeol, despite being labeled as a rapper, has a very stable and strong singing voice. His transitions from chest voice to falsetto are very smooth. He might not be the best rapper in the industry, but his singing is really good.

I like Chanyeol voice. It so good. When I hear his music I feel good
Chanyeol oppa is the best rapper

6 Xiumin

I like Xiumin most in EXO ?Becz his voice is so pleasant to hear and make me strong when my feeling was down.
I don't really know why I like him most😍
He is the best of best for me in Kpop industry...Be ever young forever my lovely boi...I can give you a promise I'll $ you forever

I can't believe Minseok is so low. His voice is very underrated he's probably the best singer in the group after the 3 mains (Chen,D.O and Baekhyun) and I'm glad he has been getting more solos lately cause it used to get me so frustrated he was ignored.

Xiumin isn't given nearly as much lines as he deserves nor credit for his singing ability. He has a strong voice, but it isn't as unique or charasmatic as his fellow memebers, which is probably why he is a sub-vocalist/rapper.

Xiumin has such a rich, honey-like voice which sounds so nice, I cannot imagine why he doesn't get to sing as much.

7 Luhan Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

LuHan have a really good voice, he is highly praised for his voice full of color, perhaps EXO had no opportunity to show how high could come in a matter of notes, but in his movie "Back to 20" sings "Love Moving Forward" which reaches so far, would be his highest note. His voice often sounds very soft, sweet and angelic, but easily can show how strong you can be his voice. LuHan, fighting!

Luhan has a really unique voice in my opinion. In songs like History and What is love, his voice sounds quite strong and powerful. But he also sings in a very pure and soft way in ballads like Miracles in December and Moonlight. In terms of vocal skills, I think the cover he did for Lost Stars by Adam Levine really showcased his voice range and stability.

I'm just voting to post this comment...We miss you LuHan, but will always support you! Loved you in the new Running Man Show! (Season 3 Episodes 1-5 so far). Luhan does sing great, though I believe there are other members below him in the list who's vocals are more capable than his.

His voice is so sweet and peaceful. Whenever I hear his voice, I feel peaceful. His vocal is also really good.

8 Lay Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He easily carries melody and emotion, and can express it to some extent, though as not as well as Baekhyun can. His voice range is smaller than the vocalists, but since he is the main dancer of EXO-M, and second best dancer in EXO, he is not as good at singing.

Lay is a pretty strong singer who has a very sweet voice. His voice fits with most songs and he does well with every line he's given. While he's not a main or lead vocalist, he's still a very talented singer.

What the hell? Yixing needs to be up there with Suho and Luhan. Have you heard his mini album? His vocals are so strong and beautiful. He is seriously underrated even by fans smh.

Lay is seriously underrated! Kai is my bias but, really, how is Lay below him?

9 Sehun Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

Even though Sehun doesn't get as much lines it doesn't mean he's a bad singer there are just others better than him that they give more lines to. I do find Sehun to be a great singer and is underrated and in their song "sing for you" he only had one note but it was soft and beautiful and made a small impact on the song and to me sings very well. I'm sorry if I came of rude at all but I just cherish each exo member and feel Sehun is left behind in singing categories just cause there are better singers and I feel only four of them outshine him. I do actually agree with you but this is a commit for anyone who thinks he can't sing at all

Sehun to me is underrated for his talent as being an amazing dancer, cute and sexy, and and being a great singer and rapper!

Sehun may be quiet and not have much singing lines but his dancing is great!

His voice was husky and that's what I love to him

10 Kai

Kai has a unique voice that is quite decently strong. Although he is a rapper, he showcases his voice well in raps and also with his singing lines. When he sings, it sounds deep yet also a bit airy. I don't quite know how to explain it but if you listen to him sing you would know.

His voice always make me happy it's so beautiful!

He is my favourite singer and mostly dancer

He is amazing, has a wonderful voice

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11 Kris Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

I think Kris was the best rapper. In songs like Overdose, his voice, being harsh, but clear, best suits the song. That's why the rapper part (in the chinese version) of Overdose is my favorite part

Poor one voted...I did now your welcome WuYiFan Oppa!

His voice was damn good

Well, he's a rapper...

12 Tao

Tao is very good singer, he puts emotions in songs really good and his rap is best I ever heard. You can love all his song bc they are all so good and he has very special voice

I believe Tao is the best rapper in exo-m. He has a unique, tough voice that is perfect for his raps. He can also soften up his voice a bit to fit with the mood of the song.

I think Tao is the BEST RAPPER in the whole EXO..And besides,h is a very good martial artist too.. :) I think he is such a great singer too..His voice is soft and mellow when we let him sing..I think he must be in rank 6

He is most handsome, funny and childish 8n EXO. His rap is best and voice is too good . His way of singing is too nice

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