Best Warner Bros. Lego Movies

In less than a month, the sequel to The Lego Movie is released in theaters, titled The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, and is the fourth installment in Warner Bros. stop-motion Lego movie series. I personally do not have hope for it, simply because their Lego movies never really impressed me, as a matter of fact their best movie isn't even a great one in my opinion, so here's the ranking of these movies. I won't be including animated shorts or movies without a proper title yet, so that you know, without further ado, let's start

The Top Ten

1 The Lego Movie

Let's rate all the lego movies so far:

The Lego Movie 8/10
The Lego Batman Movie 5/10 (Way too fast-paced! )
The Lego Ninjago Movie 7.4/10
The Lego Movie 2 6.5/10 - myusernameisthis

I think the first Lego movie, as well as the first Warner Animation Group animated movie of all time was the best lego movie and the most enjoyable, even though I still find it very overrated. I remember when I saw this the first time, and I gotta say I found it very awesome. As a huge fan of lego, I really liked it, the references the jokes, it was very memorable. However as I rewatched it a couple of times, I started to notice the many flaws, like how cliché it is. Main character is just very flat and then thinks he's special, villian has not motivations other than greed, etc. It's quite generic when you think about it. However I really like the stop-motion and some of the characters are alright, although a majority of them are bland anyway. I think it's the best Warner Bros. lego movie, but even then I don't find it to be all that great - darthvadern

2 The Lego Ninjago Movie

This one, is enjoyable in a few ways I think. Although this one has tons of flaws, even more than the lego movie, something I liked about the movie is that is was overall a bit more exciting than the snorefest known as The Lego Batman movie and the characters do at least have some form of development, especially Lloyd and Garmadon. But then agian, this is the lego movie that tries to be the most hip and cool for kids. Nya mentions dab in the movie and the whole cat thing twist just felt like internet jokes, and cat memes are popular on the internet (or at least used to be). Overall an alright movie but certainly has flaws - darthvadern

3 The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Movie: 10/10.
The Lego Batman Movie: 10/10.
The Lego Ninjago Movie: Haven't seen it.
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Not out yet.
The Billion Brick Race: Don't know what this is.

One of the most boring animated movies ever in my opinion, and yet while it was for a long time labelled as the only good animated movie of 2017, I have a rather mediocre opinion on it. It's overall just so boring, and it contradicts the whole point of Batman, as he is a edgy superhero and not someone who is all about teamwork and stuff, I also found it a bit clichéd towards the end, so overall I do not like it - darthvadern

4 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Sequel to The Lego Movie from 2014 released in theaters on February 8th in 2019 - darthvadern

5 The Billion Brick Race

Unknown release date currently, and there's not much info about this movie that can be found yet - darthvadern

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