Top 10 Ways Adele is Better Than Nicki Minaj


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1 Adele can sing Adele can sing

Did you know that the sky is blue

What exactly is the point of this list? - Puga

Adele can sing really well and Nicki can't sing a note. - DCfnaf

We all know that

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2 "Hello" is better than "Stupid Hoe"

Well, duh! Adele's worst song is miles beyond Nicki's best.

Honestly, I do not like Adele because I listened to Hello, and I did not like it at all. - DarkenedBrutality

It isn't Nicki's best. I'd actually say that Nicki Minaj at her best, such as in I Lied or Monster, can potentialky be better than Hello, which is Adele's best song not on 19 or 21. - WonkeyDude98

Hello is overhated on TTT. - DCfnaf

3 Adele puts effort into her music

And nicki doesn't do that kind of thing. Singing isn't her talent. She's good at being ridiculously ugly like a dead rat that has been trashed for nearly 1000 times! Bet she can't even hear her own voice because it's irritating and disturbing

The amount of effort Adele has... and Nicki just says "you a stupid hoe" over and over. - DCfnaf

4 Adele writes good lyrics

Well Nicki wrote undeniably stupid lyrics so... yea she couldn't even write a good song

5 "Someone Like You" is better than "Anaconda"

Even Rebecca Black's song Friday is better than Anaconda.

Even MJ's Billie Jean, The Beatles's Hey Jude and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is better than Anaconda

6 Adele is nice to people

I met Nicki. She was really nice to me and she didn't mind my presence. - AlphaQ

Guys, Nicki Minaj is not a nice person. She proves this on Idol. - DCfnaf

Nicki Minaj is actually nice. See her as a judge in American Idol. - JaysTop10List

Nicki swears a lot, even to her haters... well duh...

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7 Adele doesn't rely on shock value to sell music
8 Adele doesn't twerk

She did in one of her tours once...

Lolz why would Adele twerk, Nicki is more better

9 Adele doesn't call people Stupid Hoes
10 Adele is appropriate

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11 Adele doesn't show her butt in public
12 Adele doesn't like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber
13 "Rolling In The Deep" is better than "Sex In The Lounge"
14 Adele is natural

Because Adele Doesn't Need To Prove How Good She Is - 12cc

Adele is Organic material while Nicki is Plastic

Nicki is Plastic

Adele is queen. She is much better than anyone in the music industry. Singers like JESSIE J AND ADELE are clearly the most talented people in the music business.

15 Adele is naturally beautiful
16 Adele isn't signed to YMCMB

Why does everyone call YMCMB the worst when a douche named Mike WiLL Made It exists? - AlphaQ

This Entire Record Label Is A Joke - 12cc

I thought it was Young Money Cash Money Entertainment (YMCME) - BeaM456

17 Adele doesn't rant about racism every time she loses an award
18 "When We Were Young" is better than "Super Bass"

No. Super Bass is better. - AlphaQ

19 Adele doesn't always show off her body
20 "Skyfall" is better than "Starships"
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1. Adele can sing
2. Adele doesn't call people Stupid Hoes
3. Adele doesn't like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber
1. Adele can sing
2. Adele is nice to people
3. Adele is appropriate
1. "Someone Like You" is better than "Anaconda"
2. Adele is naturally beautiful
3. Adele writes good lyrics

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