Top 10 Ways Certain Splatooners are Awful

I bet you're just going to say My List is Biased, aren't You? Anyways, I was Pissed of from Splatoon Players, so I made this List, it's just to Show my Rage!

The Top Ten

1 Some are cheaters
2 Some could troll
3 They're the reason why splatoon is getting overrated

*clicks back button* - Entranced98

4 The ones that suck and ends up being in your team
5 They're tedious at ranked battles

It's Unbearable - ToadF1

6 The ones that comment for a selfie

It's Usually Irritating - ToadF1

7 Most of them are inkling girl fans, and are the most blind fans

Inkling Boy and Especially Inkling Girl are both Bland, think about it... - ToadF1

8 Some like to use cheap weapons

Lunar Blaster
Gold Dynamo Roller
Splat Charger

Yeah those kind of Weapons.. - ToadF1

9 They could make splatoon online infuriating

It Pissed me off - ToadF1

10 Some could give Mario kart 8 deluxe a 10/10 after the inklings were introduced

They're better than trash characters like Toad, Rosalina, and Daisy.

A Stupid Reason to give a Nintendo Game a 10/10, also the Return for Dry Bones, Bowser Jr. And King Boo is a Stupid Reason to give it a 10/10 - ToadF1

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1. Some are cheaters
2. Some could troll
3. They're the reason why splatoon is getting overrated



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