Top Ten Ways to Have Swag

Follow these steps and you will have swag really quickly

The Top Ten Ways to Have Swag

1 Be Spodermen

You do realize that swag means secretly we are gay right?

He's Spodermen! - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

Spodermen has all the swag! There is no better way to have swag!

"hillo. am spodermen." - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

2 Wear a YOLO shirt/hat.


3 Wear a snep beck (snap back)

I have tons of caps, especially snap backs. - AlphaQ

Having one of these hats will really make you a yolo swagger. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

4 Wear shades

Plus you can pull them down revealing your eyes for dramatic effect at any time. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

I usually don’t wear shade because I wear a pumpkin mask. - AlphaQ

5 Shout "YOLO!" randomly whenever you're about to do something that may or may not have consequences

Trust me, it works all the time, you will have all the swagger. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

YOLO MOTHERFU-*swag level 1000000* - AlphaQ

6 Be a douche

Trust me, it works. Maybe not on it's own, however. But if you combine it with the rest of these items, it will work. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

7 Say you're about to pull a "crazy prank"... and then bash someones kneecaps in or pretend to kidnap them or something.

It'll also add effect if before you do it you start recording everything and say "YOLO! " to the camera. When people ask what the hell you're doing, start chasing you, trying to kick your ass, etc. run and start yelling "YO CHILL YO CHILL YO CHILL! IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO! IT'S JUST A PRANK! LOOK, THERE'S A CAMERA THERE'S A CAMERA, THERE'S A CAMERA! CHILL! " - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

8 Ask people why they don't have teh swag like you.

Where’s you swag, bro? - AlphaQ

If you question other peoples swag, your swag superiority will start to show. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

9 Have sex with a lot of girls

I get laid errydeh - AlphaQ

If you don't, other swaggers will question your swag. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

10 Call people "faggots" or just gay. Example: "You gay bro?"

Lol this comment is gay - AlphaQ

It always works to establish that you not only have swag, but you are also a douche, which even more feeds to your swag, which even more feeds to your douchiness. It's like a never ending cycle. - XxX_SN3PB3CK_XxX

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