Top 10 Ways My Chemical Romance is Better Than Linkin Park

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My Chemical Romance has superior lyricism

Too bad Linkin Parks is better - EmilyFire009

Oh god, battle of the two emo but not emo bands! Who do I support? Well, I gave The Black Parade a 12, something only 4 albums have achieved, and 1 has topped. And I gave The Hunting Party a -3. Take that for what you will... - ProPanda

Okay, I really like My Chemical Romance but you can't compare the two bands. They're too different. - AnonymousChick

I like Linkin Park better but still. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

My Chemical Romance has better instrumentals

Since when - EmilyFire009

Is this is the best reason you had?

My Chemical Romance is more creative

This list is full of lies - EmilyFire009

No not really.

Gerard Way is a far better front man than Chesterfield Bennington

Really? Chesterfield? And in which way is he a better frontman? - EmilyFire009

More charisma and crowd control

Opinion and reason are two different things...

true. - AnonymousChick

The Black Parade is better than Hybrid Theory

That’s a bad opinion - EmilyFire009

That seems more of a opinion than a reason.

I used to kinda disagree with this point, but I decided to relisten to The Black Parade and honestly I find it better than Hybrid Theory.

keep in mind I love both of these albums - wrests

My Chemical Romance successfully takes on much greater risks

Pffft successfully? LP has done way more experimental albums which are more known then My Chemical Romance which is a bad name - EmilyFire009

What greater risks? People claim Linkin Park are sellouts when My Chemical Romance is kind of sell out like all of their albums sound nearly identical.

Really I've listened to The Black Parade all of their sounds sound emo.

My Chemical Romance has left a greater legacy

Why don’t you go look up LinkinPark and see the better legacy they left. - EmilyFire009

By legacy do you mean them being just like another emo band and splitting up in like 10 years?

My Chemical Romance pays more attention to band members

Um so not true - EmilyFire009

Linkin Park pays just as much attention to their other band members it's not just Chester and Mike, Mr. Hahn has a few instrumentals, Brad does guitar solo's, Rob has his drum solo's so invalid argument is invalid.

My Chemical Romance is more critically acclaimed

How is this a valid reason?

My Chemical Romance had better concerts

At least LPs are more epic - EmilyFire009

Not a legitimate reason.

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Gerald is hotter than Chester

Uhhh... not a valid reason. - Misfire

I don't care which one is hotter. If Chester is dead then I wonder what happens when Gerald is dead? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I understand this isn't a "real" reason, but it had to be said... - ProPanda

Looks=/=Talent - XxembermasterxX

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