Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Time When Bored at Home

So here's all my opinions and things i do when i am bored. I am back guys and i am going to create another TopTenners Account with the username " Allixar " since that username was my main one of all. I missed you all TopTenners! Feel free to add your opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Go on YouTube

I am on YouTube pretty much all day long

Just go on to watch your favorite videos or movies or whatever you like to watch - InfernoTopTenners

2 Play Video Games

It's very fun to play Mario or a app store game.

3 Clean Your Room

NEVER - Wobblygaming7

4 Watch Anime
5 Do Homework

My Asian parents would make me review it

What if I'm already done my homework

6 Skype Your Friend or Families
7 Go on Social Media
8 Play Minecraft
9 Grab a Snack and Eat
10 Go Outside to Exercise

The Contenders

11 Text
12 Listen to Music

The best way! - Misfire

13 Draw

I'm too lazy... - Misfire

14 Watch Movies

I did just yesterday. I loved the movie! - Misfire

15 Masturbate
16 Use TheTopTens
17 Read Comic Books
18 Flash custom ROMs
19 Thrash Some Guitar Riffs
20 Read a Book

I honestly should do this more

21 Learn a New Language

I'm learning Russian right now because my family and I are going on a vacation to Russia in the summer.

22 Sing
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1. Watch Anime
2. Go on YouTube
3. Play Minecraft
1. Do Homework
2. Play Video Games
3. Grab a Snack and Eat


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