Top 10 Ways in Which Odd Squad is Superior to Shimmer and Shine

This list is targeted towards parents, and older siblings of kids who watch either of these shows. This list is made to help parents and older sibs decide which show is better for their children and siblings. This list is also made to praise Paula Kerger (the president of PBS) and Adam Peltzman and Tim McKeon (the creators of Odd Squad). This list is also made to make Cyma Zarghami (the president of Nickelodeon) and Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz (the creator of Shimmer and Shine) realize what they can do to fix Shimmer and Shine.

Keep in mind, I like both of these shows.

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1 Odd Squad teaches math, while Shimmer and Shine teaches the same old social skills

Shimmer and Shine is yet another Nick Jr. show that claims to teach social skills. Why are there so many shows about social skills on Nick Jr? We need more shows on Nick Jr that teach the visual arts, math, science, and literacy. Nick Jr USED to have shows like those, but now almost every show on the channel teaches social skills. Anyways, Shimmer and Shine DID teach social skills similar to how Arthur and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood teach social the first season. It taught perseverance and teamwork. Come the second season, however, Shimmer and Shine no longer teaches social skills in favor of more action and adventure. What?

Odd Squad, on the other hand, is more consistent with it's curriculum. Odd Squad is a show that teaches mathematics, and they teach math without it getting in the way of the amazing plot. The writers manage to incorporate math into the plot by having the characters use math and overall common sense to solve problems. It's just great. - Eraser

2 Odd Squad is for everyone, while Shimmer and Shine seems to be more for girls

Odd Squad is for both boys AND girls, and doesn't seem to skew towards either of them specifically. It's just for everyone. Even though both seasons of OS have a female lead, there is also a male lead. Both the male and female characters are strong role models in their own right. And it's not too girly, and not too boyish either. Plus, you can be either a boy or girl agent in the Odd Squad games on the PBS Kids website.

Meanwhile, Shimmer and Shine seems to skew towards girls too much. The first season was too bright and colorful, with a lot of pastel colors, sparkles, etc. However, the creator DID say that she wanted this show to appeal to both boys and girls. In the second season, they tried to add more boy characters like Kaz (Zac's genie), but they rarely show them for whatever reason, when in the first season, Zac was in every episode. - Eraser

3 Odd Squad has better characters

Shimmer and Shine characters are awesome in my opinion - AinezoChan

4 Shimmer and Shine is overrated, while Odd Squad is underrated

Shimmer and Shine is the second most overrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind the menace known as PAW Patrol. A lot of kids and their parents love it. I like it too, but it's not my most favorite Nick Jr. show. Like the other shows, it's overrated by Nickelodeon and they're constantly renewing it for more seasons, and also always citing it as one of their flagship preschool shows. Plus, merchandise is also spammed everywhere in the store, but at least not as much as PAW Patrol. And recently, a sports announcer randomly mentioned this show out of the blue and everyone was tweeting about it.

Odd Squad is the second most underrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind Ready Jet Go. Again, a lot of kids and their parents love it. But everyone else overhates on it for no reason! It's one of the most overhated shows of all time! In fact, now I'll debunk all the reasons to hate it. The acting isn't even that bad. They are actually impeccable actors ...more - Eraser

5 Odd Squad has better CGI than Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine switched to CGI animation in the second season. Why, though? The 2D animation was very beautiful to begin with, so they shouldn't have switched. They probably only switched to CGI animation to compete with other preschool shows on the market that use CGI animation. Anyways, Shimmer and Shine's CGI isn't that bad, but not that good either. The CGI looks way too much like plastic, especially their hair and accessories. It's almost like they made a show using toys instead of animating it.

Odd Squad is actually a live action show, but it sometimes uses CGI effects. I will admit that the CGI effects are nowhere near the best of all time, but at least the CGI is convincing and does not look like plastic. I mean, the Daves from the Odd Squad Movie don't look like plastic, they actually look realistic..somewhat. - Eraser

6 Odd Squad is less formulaic

And so is Shimmer and Shine - AinezoChan

7 Odd Squad has better songs

Shimmer and Shine isn't exactly a musical series, but that doesn't mean that they can't put effort into the songs that this show has. Shimmer and Shine's songs aren't that bad, but they're pretty cheesy. Some of the songs make me feel very uncomfortable whenever I hear them, and some of them, like the song that plays every time after Shimmer and Shine mess up the first wish, can get old pretty fast. And they all sound the same.

Odd Squad isn't a musical series either, but at least the composers put effort into the soundtrack. The series has a soundtrack that is available to download on iTunes. I have to say, it's very good. In the show, there is a boy band called Soundcheck. Their songs are actually really good, and the best song in the entire Odd Squad series was Stop the Music. It is just awesome. Odd Squad's soundtrack is almost as good as Ready Jet Go's soundtrack. The only songs on there that sound remotely the same are some of Soundcheck's songs, but other than that the ...more - Eraser

8 Odd Squad has been much more of a ratings success than Shimmer and Shine

Like PAW Patrol, Nickelodeon execs always cite Shimmer and Shine as one of their highest-rated preschool series. Well, the highest rated episode had a 1.76. That may seem like much to you, but in Odd Squad's case...

Before the show premiered on television, PBS Kids put some episodes on their free streaming app, as an experiment. As a result, Odd Squad has received a million streams online, and yes digital streaming also counts towards ratings so yeah. Eat on that, Nickelodeon! Your preschool pipeline may hold the distinction of being the top 4 out of 5 preschool shows on CABLE television, but PBS is a public member station, so haha. - Eraser

9 Odd Squad is on a better channel
10 Odd Squad is actually pretty funny, while Shimmer and Shine has cringy attempts at humor

Shimmer and Shine was a good show, but it didn't make me laugh a whole lot. None of the jokes were that funny. It didn't have any cool pop culture references or jokes for the parents or any meta/self-awareness jokes. Sure it had SOME puns but they were reused in every episode.

Odd Squad is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Odd Squad is very satirical and is very self-aware and also puts its own unique spins on several cliches and stereotypes by parodying them. It also has tons of pop culture references and some jokes for the parents here and there. I don't even watch Shimmer and Shine much anymore ever since season 2 came out. But if there's nothing else on and they're showing one of the season 1 eps, then I'll watch it. - Eraser

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