Best Weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite has a Lot of Weapons. Some Good, Some bad and Some Great. Add your Own and Vote what you Consider the Best.

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1 The Legendary Scar

Easy for however you play close of mid but pretty good on for even though its not a sniper

Just get so excited when I find this

Best gun in game, only the RPG and bolt and compare lol


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2 The Legendary Rocket Launcher

Very easy to win if you have a Rocket Launcher. In late game, when everyone is building bases, just destroy them with your Rocket Launcher and then snipe them or shoot them with a rifle. - MaxPap

Fun fact: you may not believe this, but the purple RPG is more rare then the gold RPG because you can't find the purple one in supply drops or on the ground.

Can easily win a game, if you have good enough aim - NairnC1704

This should be 1st it is way to op6cuv5kbjvhc6 5yj4

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3 The Legendary Bolt Action Sniper

If you know how to aim you can 1shot people easily with it. - MaxPap

Op if your good at using it

Fanny licker


4 The Legendary Heavy Shotgun

I prefer the blue pump shotgun, it does 2x damage than this - MaxPap

Most powerful gun in the game.

Cheese is good

A beast

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5 Bolt Sniper

Best sniper to one shot Got 5 kilos in a minute!

6 Scar

Purple scar - WorldPuncher47592834


The blue m16 above this? Lmao

7 The Epic Tactical SMG



Its good

It’s gone now

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8 The Rare M16

It's actually an M4 Carbine, not an M16

Simple to find and easy to use

M16is 3 round burst ya dinguses

Thank u M4s are fully auto M16s are 3 round bursts

9 The Epic Tactical Shotgun

They removed it because it's so OP... - MaxPap

I think I shouldn't make my pizza

It's better then the pump in my opinion, slower reload time and higher dps

It's literally the number 1 item removed from the game it's to OPness - Popularmmos

10 Homing Rocket Launcher

Awesomest is not a word. - mattstat716

The Newcomers

? Shockwave Grenade

Good to get a boost in high ground, but not very good in combat, you can use it to get away from enemies, but if you use it against them, it's a bit useless - B1ueNew

? Grappler

It's alright - B1ueNew


The Contenders

11 Rare Pump Shotgun

Lil pump does one shot and better than tactical

Most other guns are just the same as other - B1ueNew

Best weapon for a 1v1. - MaxPap

YOUr doo doo

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12 The Rare Semi Auto Pistol

Why is this on the list? I think you should swap it out for a suppressed pistol or hunting rifle instead - P-Bro-N-J

Why the h*** is this number six what do you mean I think the legendary bolt is the best gun

13 Minigun

Boom house gone

Very good for destroying other people's bases in late game - MaxPap

It should be dam higher

Should be called baseripper

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14 Uncommon Hunting Rifle
15 Hand Cannon

It's like a god revolver

16 The Legendary Silenced Pistol

Love the gun so much and it works as a sniper for me.

This is the best gun.8 shots to kill someone with full shield and health.

17 Infinity Gauntlet

Scar, rpg, bolt sniper are legendary but this is MYTHICAL

This Weapon Means Game Over

Bro this is the most overpowered thin Fortnite has ever added in history. It goes above any gun ever added like the scar, bolt action sniper rifle, and even the blue suppressed smg. If you are confused why the blue smg, it’s because epic games did a massive buff on it around July 2018 making it more overpowered than the scar. One more thing, this weapon is NOT Mythic it is legendary just like any other weapon in Fortnite, although in save the world there is a Mythic rank for your heroes but not for guns. Good day.

Lazers equal swear word

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18 Scoped AR

Probably the worst long range gun in the game

Had to be better then regular AR

The best gun and don't deny it

19 Legendary Guided Missile

OP #1 without question if they don’t need I.T very soon I.T will destroy the entire game

20 Blue Pump Shotgun
21 Grenade Launchers
22 Port-A-fort

Extremely useful to have late game if you don't know how to build quickly or if you don't have materials. - MaxPap

I agree with the low on materials part but I think you still need to learn building.. - Qryzx

23 Legendary Burst Assault Rifle
24 Compact SMG

Really f-in good

25 Epic Scar

What the flick

26 Clingers

If you hear someone coming in the house you're in, hide in a room and when he's there just put a clinger on him. And there you go, you 'sploded someone. - MaxPap

27 Grenades
28 Legendary Semi-Auto Sniper
29 Impulse Grenades
30 Green Pump Shotgun

Pumps are amazing. Should replace Tacs

R u serious?!? This should be top 3. If you are a god at fortnite like me the green pump can get u like 10 kills in 2 mins or less

31 Blue Burst Assault Rifle

This thing shreds better than any ar if have good aim

This does like 75 a hit it should be in the top 5.

32 The Legendary Grenade Launcher
33 Legendary Compact Suppressed Submachine Gun

Compact suppressed is not even gun

LOVE IT - Diamondhunter123YT

34 Thermal Ar

yea boi

35 Launch Pad
36 Rare Tactical Shotgun
37 Famas

The second best gun after bolt

It is to op

38 Pickaxe
39 Common Pistol

It's almost as good as a scar

This weapon is the best in the game. it's been used by every pro at least once, meaning it's a pro weapon. even if you are outgunned by someone else, fortnite statistics have proven that the player that eliminated you will have the curse of ligma, thus preventing them from winning the game. what's better than a weapon that prevents others from winning?

40 Blue Assault Rifle
41 Legendary Famas
42 Revolver

Worst gun in the game

Amazing gun

43 Double Pump
44 Burst Rifle
45 Ninja

Ninja gay and dumb and not even a gun I HATE fortnite

All you need is NINJA

Ali a

46 Jetpack
47 Drum Gun


48 Uncommon Tactical Shotgun
49 Purple Tactical Shotgun

Just a quick green pump

50 Boogie Bomb

It’s good! I don't know y it’s so low! - DijaUnicorn

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