Top Ten "What the Hell" Movie Scenes

The top weirdest, shocking and most questionable movie scenes.

The Top Ten "What the Hell" Movie Scenes

The Hotel Fight Scene - Borat

Both Borat and Azmat fighting naked in the hotel and it involves a lot of awkward positions that I'd rather not say. - egnomac


Janet Leigh's Character is Killed Off - Psycho

This sequence always gave me nightmares.

Hitchcock took everyone by surprise by killing off the main character so early into the movie. - egnomac

Henry & Otis Watch The Video of Their Murder - Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer

As if killing people wasn't enough for them they actually watch a video tape of their murder as entertainment, at first the scene looks like its happening in real life and then panes out to both Henry and Otis watching the tape of their own murder and Otis rewinds it and Henry asks "What are you doing" and Otis responds "I want see it again". - egnomac

Samuel L Jackson's Character Gets Unexpectedly Eaten - Deep Blue Sea

He gives this big dramatic speech and out of nowhere gets eaten by this really big shark totally did not expect that. - egnomac

Beverly and Howard in Bed - Howard the Duck

Yet this movie was marketed as a kids movie. - egnomac

The Bath House Fight Scene - Eastern Promises

Viggo Mortenson character not only fights off two hit man in a Turkish bath house but he's doing it all in the nude. - egnomac

The Dead Body Wakes up Revealing to be Jigsaw - Saw

This movie was great! The twist was great too! It was kind of what when it happened but it was interesting to watch.

Judge Doom is Really a Toon - Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

This scene freaked me out as a kid Judge Doom gets rundown by the machine and suddenly stands up and then inflates himself Eddy realizes he's a Toon and not just any toon but the very toon who killed his brother and in his creepy high pitched voice he adds "Remember me Eddy when I killed your brother and talked just like this" really creepy. - egnomac

We didn't even get to see his entire toon form. He still had a rubber mask over his face.

Gordy swinging a baby infant with its cord - Freddy Got Fingered
Michael Myers' Body Vanishes - Halloween

The Contenders

Food Orgy Scene - Sausage Party
The Puppet Sex Scene - Team America World Police
Large Marge - Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure
Micha Gets Thrown into the Camera - Paranormal Activity
Sexy Woman Turns Out To Be A Psychotic Decepticon Robot - Transformers 2
The Refrigerator Scene - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Buffalo Bills First Dance - Silence of the Lambs
The Birthday Scene - Signs

This scene freaked me out as they're showing the footage out of nowhere the alien appears. - egnomac

The Pie Scene - American Pie
The Soldiers Marching While Singing the Mickey Mouse Club Song - Full Metal Jacket
Piranha Decapitates Kid - Piranha 3DD
Spider Walk - The Exorcist
Surfin' Bird - Full Metal Jacket
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