Top Ten Words to Describe Lil Wayne


The Top Ten

1 Terrible

His voice is garbage



2 Annoying
3 Rubbish
4 Legend

Listen to 6 foot 7 foot and a milli before you hate on him. You're the same people that like lil uzi and you think wayne is bad?

Lil Wayne is good

Are you stupid? he's the worst rapper alive.

What you guys writing about lil Wayne? He’s the illest dopest metaphorically rapper and best at what he does tf. His play on words and punchlines are awesome. He’s better than eminme way off. He’s always misunderstood because you don’t give chances to understand him. You fools just hates him cause he’s way too above you board. Who tf gave Eminem best rapper of all time?

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5 Overrated
6 Offensive
7 Junkie
8 Pathetic
9 Ugly
10 Sucks

The Contenders

11 Obnoxious

When his verse came up in Truffle Butter, he rapped like he just got shot in the leg and he's trying to spit lyrics. - Mcgillacuddy

When he raps, he sounds like he's chocking on something.

12 Rude
13 Horrible
14 Disgusting
15 Immature
16 Sexist
17 Garbage
18 Lame
19 Ridiculous
20 Hideous
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