Top Ten Words to Describe Lil Wayne


The Top Ten

1 Terrible


His voice is garbage

2 Rubbish
3 Legend

Wayne is truly a legend and deserves respect

Listen to 6 foot 7 foot and a milli before you hate on him. You're the same people that like lil uzi and you think wayne is bad?

Best at everything with no fear to experience

Are you stupid? he's the worst rapper alive.

4 Annoying
5 Offensive
6 Overrated
7 Druggie
8 Junkie
9 Ugly
10 Pathetic

The Contenders

11 Misogynistic
12 Immature
13 Sucks
14 Obnoxious


When his verse came up in Truffle Butter, he rapped like he just got shot in the leg and he's trying to spit lyrics. - Mcgillacuddy

When he raps, he sounds like he's chocking on something.

15 Degrading
16 Rude
17 Disturbing
18 Horrible
19 Retarded
20 Disgusting
21 Alive

I mean yeah, he's... technically alive... - TheInsomniac

22 Auto-Tuned

He is is an auto tune singer

23 Sexist
24 Garbage
25 Hideous
26 Lame
27 Best

Dispite the fact that people call Lil Wayne underrated it doesn't mean that the artist is not loved by many. In the U.S, the artist might be underrated because of the area but in other parts of the world Lil Wayne is the best alive

28 Ridiculous
29 Worthless

He is wasting my oxygen, get his worthless ass out of the spotlight.

30 Talentless

He has to use autotune when he sings and he pretends to play the guitar. His beats suck , and he can't flow to save his life. His voice is annoying. All his raps are one liners with no meaning.

31 Lazy
32 Trash

Anyone complimenting Lil Wayne is an idiot.

33 Irritating
34 Useless
35 Rasta
36 Amazing

Amazing? No way, you're out of your mind. You're tasteless. - ThePwoperMuser101

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive even regarding the fact that he is hated by many but he is just Not A Human Being

37 Evil
38 Horrid
39 Overhated
40 Horrendous
41 Racist
42 Stupid
43 Dumb
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1. Druggie
2. Misogynistic
3. Degrading
1. Overrated
2. Annoying
3. Ugly
1. Terrible
2. Rubbish
3. Offensive


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