Top Ten Words to Describe the United States

America is an excellent country, or a horrible country, depends on how you look at it. We are one of the top economies in the world, but we don't have free health care yet. We may have invented many things such as cars, but we're also one of the most obese countries in the world.

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1 Revolutionary

Who was the first country to break away and completely break down other nations and their political beliefs and use a mixture of those as the backbone of our nation so it could thrive and succeed and prove our enemies that we could make it from nothing? The United States of America did.

Honestly we have been through so much yet we still stand tall, and with Trump as president we need to be united as one revolutionary country, now is no the time to play the he said she said game. Now in the time to be Americans!

What? What country invented both apple and windows, which are the best electronics companies IN THE WORLD? ? !

Good word

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2 Idiots

From my many visits to the States, I've learned that the stereotypical American idiots are far outnumbered by welcoming, kind people. - PetSounds

The people that I met on my last visit to California were actually very polite, and did a lot to make my family welcome there. There are some parts of Britain which don't have this virtue. And forgive my smugness, but a few of them openly said they loved the accent! - PositronWildhawk

Just because you'll find an idiot in America doesn't mean we're all idiots! The idiots stand out and choose to look like that even after realizing how ignorant they look! So before people stereotype and say America is dumb, let's think that there are also smart people in America (which actually make up the majority in America because of our schooling) and there are idiots in other countries as well.

your mom

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3 Powerful

Number 1 military and the world's sole superpower.

Because chuck Norris and John Cena live in america - Nateawesomeness


We are powerful military,navy air force,marienes

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4 Obesity

A third isn't THAT much.

Okay we're fat, I accept it. - keycha1n

I have never met an obese person in America. If people are saying 1/3 is obese, than how come I don't see them? Like anywhere.

I don't think obese describes america but I do think it is becoming an issue. However I tjink it in much better than starving to death like people do in some other places.

Wait till you see where I live. I'm literally by fat the skinnier kid in my grade, and blackest. - AlphaQ

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5 Large

But Russia is still bigger... - Turkeyasylum

... As well as Canada. This word describes a lot of Americans, as well. - PetSounds

Yeah, the people are large...

Wait, you meant the size of the country itself!?


6 Democracy

Famous quote from America's staunch ally Churchill: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others."

You can propose a bill anytime you want to. You can vote on your representative and senators, and you can vote for the president. So everyone who passes the actual bill should be someone you're okay with. At least the greater of two evils. Why do you need to see the bills? You have representation. We barely pass any regardless, and that's because we can no longer agree on anything. - keycha1n

Actually, the United States system of government is a republic; some similar ideas but not a true democracy. - Billyv

Haha you just got proven wring by a seventh grader, ME

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7 Obama

Obama is great; yet, people seem to lack political enlightenment because how can Obama pass any law if it can't get to his desk?! Unlike the progressive America, our political parties in the House and Senate go head in head with each other, forgetting that COMPROMISE is key to success. However, everyone now seems to seek their own interest in America, even America itself. (I'll blame your government teachers and the media bias which induces ignorance)

Obama: the person Americans blame everything on - kaitlynrad11

God keep him and kill trump

He tore a Christian bible, this affends christians everywhere

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8 Unhealthy

This is a lie, not everyone is unhealthy in America.

Some people eat healthy foods.

This is especially true for our lack of free healthcare.

Same. your like my best friend lisneyyy!

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9 La-la Land

They live in a La-La-Land

Magical place full of idiots and unicorns



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10 Freedom

This one makes me laugh... we aren't as free as people say.. the government watches us, yes. Damn, I mean Obama isn't doing anything helpful, he's making everything worse... (sorry for the language.. :) ) - CloudofMercury

Do you have any idea how painful and sad we had to fought for our freedom for centuries. Freedom isn't easy to earn but we don't give up.

Great word to describe America!

Yas queen wait we don't have a queen SEE

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11 Racist

Donald Trump


Tronald Dump - AlphaQ

12 Violent

Not true. We just imprison more people than other countries because it's BIG BUSINESS! Any idiot knows that America is ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!

Funny that the OP, TA won't print the inconvenient truth that this is false.

Lol not all of us

Violence is always the answer

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13 Ghetto

Stfu please & thanks

The ghetto makes you strong and independent. - HawaiianPanda

If we ain't have no ghetto we wouldent be here

Yeah NO...

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14 Self-Absorbed

I think America helps a lot of other places out all the time. We are sending aid to other places all the time and the people in america donate to several good causes in and out of country. Also, is it wrong for a country to protect itself or try to fix its own problems first? There are stereotypes about people in america being self absorbed but it is not teue, the people who live in America are kind and caring and generous.

I am American, and I understand what other countries go through... Somewhat, I don't just think about us Americans. After all, we don't have any huge wars going on over here.. -sigh- Not everyone is like this in America... :( - CloudofMercury

Not remotely correct, the USA gives substantially more foreign aid than any other country, and also its citizens give more private donations to charities than any other country.

Got the blinkers on and can only see what is going on within their own country. don't know there are other Countries in this world and what is going on within them.

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15 Disneyland

What does Disneyland have to do with America.

16 Beautiful

Disgusting? I guess that is your valueless opinion. Please feel free to stay away, don't accept any money from the US, don't accept any assistance of any kind, don't use anything invented here, and especially please reverse any border defenses that we may have made for your grandparents over the past 100 years. We certainly won't miss you.

No.. why must you run us down that way.. ? We are not disgusting, sure we eat a lot, so what? I'm sure and I know people in other countries eat as much as we do. Yes, our president is horrible.. I dislike Obama, and I surely DO NOT want Hillary as our next president... but seriously? Disgusting? - CloudofMercury

Our United States has fallen so low towards the pit that China and Russia are better, same with Europe and even Great Britain, Thanks Obama and 9/11.

No, the people there are disgusting...

Wait, you meant the countryside. Oh, damn! I feel for it again. Yeah, the country can be quite buetiful, I admit, but so do other countries, so it doesn't mean much.

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17 Ambitious

I don't remember the us trying to force democracy on anyone?

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

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19 Diverse

You are Trolling up and down this poll, spewing hatred without a single specific, which could easily be refuted. Surprised the OP allows it.

America may call themselves a "melting pot" all they want, though the fact is that other countries are equally as diverse, if not more. Hell, other countries actually embrace and welcome it; their melting pot actually melts. This is obviously totally unlike those racist Americans.

Um Hello? Our country was made by different groups of people coming together and your saying we aren't diverse? Do you know what the word diverse means? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I think america is very diverse and getting more so. Also I have never met a racist person in the US and I live in america, and proud of it.

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20 Genocidal

Well if you include slavery and what we did to native americans yes we are genocidal

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