Top Ten Words to Describe Your Friends


The Top Ten

1 Kind

I miss my first best friend Kristina, she says I'm funny and she always complimented my drawings. - PrincessKiana

2 Funny
3 Loving
4 Loyal
5 Annoying

Yup I hate my friend so so much. She's always trying to grab my things. One time Lindsay snuck up behind me while I was going to class and she was holding on to my backpack and I tried so hard to get her off. She put her jacket on the floor and started to pretend to be doing that thing when you are skating. I called her annoying and I think that's when she stopped holding on. I hate her and hope she just goes away. - LittleLovelies

In 2013, Kristina was getting on my nerves and she stole my sister's backpack on the bus and I slapped her first and then we fought on the bus but I still loved Kristina in the friendly way. Plus her laugh was annoying and she laughed like a hyena! LOL! - PrincessKiana

Yes they are annoying

6 Trustworthy
7 Caring
8 Helpful
9 Generous
10 Honest

The Contenders

11 Mean
12 Inconsistent
13 Schizophrenic
14 Deadly

This is a bit extreme lol - drdevil

15 Bad*sses

Me and my friends are those - Nateawesomeness

16 Fake
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