Top Ten Worst Prisons

Thought Guantánamo Bay was bad? That's barely a pat on the chin compared to these monstrosities...
The Top Ten
1 Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda

This prison was meant to hold 400 inmates. Want to know how many inmates there actually was at one point? Over 7,000. The conditions were so bad that many inmates resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. The place was rampant with disease and gangrene because of the inhospitable conditions.

Well if a house meant for 5 people is stuffed with 600 people, what will happen?
And we are talking about a prison here and that in Rwanda!

2 Carandiru Penitentiary, Brazil

Initially opened up in 1920, it did not house its first criminals until 1956 and eventually closed down in 2002 (Thank god! ). 111 prisoners have met their fate in here. What is most horrifying about this prison is that at one point, a fifth of the population of prisoners had HIV. That can only tell you that there was a lot of rape in this prison

3 Camp 22, North Korea

That location can't be a good thing. This is one of those places that Koreans will go to if they speak up. Not just them though, so can their families be held in inhospitable conditions. Many of the detainees are deformed from beatings.

Knowing that it's in North Korea is bad enough.

4 Tadmor Prison, Syria

The good news is that it was shut down in 2001. The bad news is what has happened inside. Initially being a military detention centre, however in the '80's it has been opened up to many types of criminals. Prisoners were left in inhospitable conditions left to starve to death. Many have been ordered to be executed.

5 Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

One of the toughest prisons in the world as well as one where the inmates are treated like they were terrorists (many of them actually are), held in lockdown for 24 hours seven days a week behind 3 steel doors. All of the prisoners have life sentences and will never see the outside world. Better get used to that paedophile you have as a cellmate!

Prisoners are held in a stress position as they are escorted rendering them powerless; when moving between buildings they are blindfolded to keep them unaware of their surroundings and prevent escape attempts because of this.

6 La Sabaneta, Venezuela

Overflowing and understaffed spells chaos. Disease is rampant and hygiene non-existent.

7 Bang Kwang Central Prison, Thailand

The prison houses many foreign prisoners. It is a harsh prison which handles death row and long-sentence prisoners. All prisoners are required to wear leg irons for the first three months of their sentences. Death row inmates have their leg irons permanently welded on. Death row inmates are only given two hours notice before they are executed. As well as this, the prison is overcrowded but not to the extent of Gitarama or Carandiru.

8 Jilava, Romania
9 Rikers Island Prison, New York City, New York

Just Google it and you will see that Rikers is no joke. Numerous murders, famous face slashing, C.os beating inmates, c,os stashing weapons, etc. Or just go on YouTube and see the documentaries of Riker Island.

10 Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, Cuba
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11 Spandau Prison, Germany
12 Ovadan-Depe, Turkmenistan

WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST?!?! Turkmenistan is one of the most isolated countries in the world. It borders the Caspian Sea to the east and Iran to the north and is about 80% desert. Ovadan-Depe was constructed by Saparmurat Niyazov, the first dictator-president of Turkmenistan, and is kept operational by the current second dictator, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. It is about 23 miles northwest from Ashgabat (capital) in the Kara Kum desert. (The Kara Kum is one of the worst deserts ever). It houses a lot of criminals and political enemies of the evil, tyrannical Turkmen dictatorship. It has hunchback cells where the prisoner is bent over and not able to move a muscle for days due to the cell size. They also change the climate and temperature in the cells from freezing to boiling very unexpectedly. They are beat with batons and truncheons to the point of unconsciousness and inability to walk. They are exposed to malaria-infected mosquitoes and are tortured by hunger until they ...more

13 Alcatraz, Los Angeles
14 Halden Prison, Norway
15 San Quentin, California, United States

Very rough prison

16 ADX Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado
17 Gldani Prison, Georgia, United States
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