Worst Animated Films in 2016


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1 Norm of the North


They actually made a sequel to this. One question: WHY?!

This movie is boldly bad, and yes, it’s also boldly boring.

This movie sucks the animation is crap the story is terrible the characters are annoying especially those lemmings and the writing is terrible and the message is consulted and obnoxious so yeah this movie sucks.

2 Ice Age: Collision Course

It's boring, unfunny, and just not a good movie. 1/10

By far, this is the worst Ice Age movie and it’s a complete shame to the franchise.

I loved the first three movies! The third film was a perfect conclusion to the series! But no, FOX had to turn it into a contest of milking the cash! The fourth was definitely the one where it should've ended. Now with this, this is the worst Ice Age film! The story was forgettable and repetitive, the humor never got a laugh or chuckle out of me, the writing is atrocious, the villains were pointless, and they completely ruined Buck in this! I really loved him in the third film! But in this one, he is so annoying! I can't believe how they ruined him here! I pray to God that this is the last film!

Guilty pleasure - PageEmperor

3 Sausage Party

Super inappropriate for kids some might say it's too inappropriate for adults

Its bangers literally banging. The most intelligent character is a piece of gum. Its for people with an immature sense of humour.

Make a burger party movie, without the sausage party characters.

Keep on voting it's a stupid movie. Frank and Gene from the Emoji movie should have a movie. Give them a crossover.

4 The Wild Life

Per Norm Of The North And Ice Age 5 - VideoGamefan5

Who even remembered this? I saw literally no commercials for this.

This movie was the worst movie I've ever seen. I recommend never seeing this movie.

This was known as Robinson Crusoe here in the states. - bigg3469

5 Trolls

Ariana Grande should die from cancer because she likes how Miley Cyrus was during her years of getting seriously drugged up and a lot more unattractive than people think. She likes Miley Cyrus's babyish, argumentative behavior. She supports pedophilia. Ariana Grande snapped to anti-Smilers "She's an adult. She can do whatever the hell she wants. ):/". Please hate Ariana Grande for all that. Ariana Grande's singing voice shows me that Ariana Grande does not want to put any effort. She should be beat up by Nat Wolff.

Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, And Ariana Grande Made The Movie Even Worse - VideoGamefan5

This entry clearly tells us who wrote this list. - DCfnaf

The is a ripoff of spogebob and branch ripoffs squidward

6 Ratchet & Clank

This film isn't so bad, you guys. At least fans of the Ratchet & Clank game series adore this movie.

I'm a fan of the games and thought this was rubbish. I had such high hopesfor it as well *sighs*

7 Zootopia

"It was too depressing" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I love how people complain about kid's films being too happy and kid-friendly, but when something like this, a beautiful, darker film withat a serious message behind it, is released everyone complains "it was too dark". what. If all the kid's films were made just for stupid comedy, cliches and happy-sappy stuff, we'd just get Norm of the North over and over again. I didn't even find Zootopia that depressing at all, it was sort of uplifting and now one of my favorite movies. Also, kids aren't as dumb as you think. Unfortunately, a lot of animation companies think so, that's why we're getting crap like the Emoji Movie trailer. Kids don't just fall for pop culture and potty humor, you know. - TheAlbinoWolf

Enough about the Message! The jokes weren't funny, the characters were cardboard, the plot was just every buddy cop movie ever but with less gunplay, Disney had already overused the surprise villain twist, "Try Everything" is an awful girly-pop song, there were far too many instances where Disney was just trying to scream how "in touch" with modern society they are... none of which the Message overrides.

Poor Judy, She gets bullied and tortured by every character in the movie that aren't her parents, Nick Wilde became my most hated character in the movie, And Nick ends up forgiving her although she did NOTHING wrong. Also the Breaking Bad scene, WHY?!

I just never understood the hype/popularity of this movie.

8 Sing

Kids don't need to see bunnies twerking singing "Oh My God Look at her butt" or a farting bull sing about cunninglingus (yes, that's what that song he's singing, "Butterfly", is about), the former especially is a plague spreading to kids' films that needs to be vaccinated now. Not to mention the plot was unoriginal and sprinkled with cliches, and the characters were just cardboard cutout stereotypes.

It's not even out yet - 906389

This movie was so bad. Go watch the I Hate Everything or CinemaSins video on this film. They sum up everything wrong with this "film" better than I ever could.

Overrated rushed crap!

9 The Angry Birds Movie

This was fine - PageEmperor

No, mister, Sausage Party was a bad movie.

Nah, The Angry Birds Movie Is Much Better Than Norm Of The Awful North And Ice Age: Cancer Course! - VideoGamefan5

This film was ok, the only problem was it was released three years after the game lost its popularity.

10 Izzie's Way Home

A stupid moronic ripoff on Finding Dory, Should be retitled " Dorky"! - bigg3469

Finding Dory rip-off

The Contenders

11 The Little Prince

W-what? This film is one of 2016's best, along with Kubo and the Two Strings and Moana!

12 Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Barbie is getting a live action movie, I wish they would've had Aqua in the cast :(

I hate this film so much it's just a terrible rip off of guardians of the galaxy (my favorite marvel movie) this film so boring lazy writing,bad animation,horrible voice acting,dull characters,the worst songs I've ever heard

I cringed so much at this movie it had bad romance,bad voice acting,terrible writing,annoying songs,hate able characters,bad animation I felt like sleeping in the movie

13 Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet Sunshine Adventures
14 Finding Dory

Guys, I Don't Hate Finding Dory Anymore - VideoGamefan5

There's a more stupider film called Izzee's Way Home which is a ripoff of Finding Dory. - bigg3469

I hate whoever put this here, I dispise whoever put this here

Take this of the list, this is my 3rd favorite movie of all time. - darthvadern

15 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legend Of Everfree

This film is disappointing. I was excited for human Filthy Rich, but he's only in 3 scenes. This movie isn't very good, but the songs are good. - girlcool

I voted for this because in my opinion it was cringy. - NotYoursTruly

I just hated the MLP fandom. This is always bad. The fandom is so overrated! - asantalo

16 Barbie: Spy Squad

It is a Barbie movie, so it makes Norm of the North look like Kubo & the Two Strings.

17 Moana Moana is the protagonist of Disney's 2016 animated feature film of the same name. Born on the island village of Motunui, Moana is the daughter of Chief Tui and Sina, with an inherited love for the seas and voyaging. When her island becomes endangered, Moana is chosen by the ocean to journey across the ...read more.

I don't hate this movie, I just dislike it because it has very weird songs (except How Far I'll go) and weird characters. there's even a few things that don't make sense.

Are You Serious? , This Looks Amazing - VideoGamefan5

It did not come out yet


18 The Secret Life of Pets

Even as a kid, this left a bad taste in my mouth.

Pretty much underrated.

Don't let critics fool you! This movie is so bad! It's overrated, the cast wasn't great & it rips off all 3 toy story movies!

WOW WHO PUT THIS HERE! This is the best animated film of 2016

19 Monster Trucks
20 Nerdland
21 Batman: The Killing Joke


22 Storks

Hey! This was pretty funny, and the Hunter guy is played by the person who plays Sideshow Bob!

23 A.C.O.R.N.S: Operation Crack Down
24 El Americano: The Movie
25 Spark: A Space Tail
26 Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs

Absolute garbage, one of my cousins watches this all the time when he visits. It drives me nuts

Crap, should be above Zootopia

27 Pete's Dragon
28 My Life as a Courgette
29 Kubo and The Two Strings

I loved this movie! - LarkwingFlight

Really? , This Is A Masterpiece, - VideoGamefan5

I didn't saw that yet

30 31

I don't think 31 is a animated film. I didn't add it. - girlcool

31 Doctor Strange

This film isn't animated. I didn't add it. It shouldn't be on here. - girlcool

32 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition
33 Rock Dog
35 The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave
36 Top Cat Begins

The jokes were terrible and the CGI was weird and uncomfortable

37 Trolland

This was “Focus on the Family” approved... H O W? ? ?

38 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
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