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1 Norm of the North

Everyone Please Vote For This One, Lets Get It To Number One - VideoGamefan5

Almost halfway there to number 1, people! Vote, vote, vote! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol, I didn't even know this used to not be number 1, this movie should've been direct to DVD. Complete with bad plot, 0 dimensional characters, some of the un funniest jokes since minions, and cheap animation. - Phillip873

Piece of junk.

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2 Ice Age: Collision Course

Screw this cash grab. I wouldn't even go as far as to even rent this at my local Redbox location, because I will never see this installment in the Ice Age franchise at all costs. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Surprise surprise its getting a sequel *yay* - Tyoshi

Here is a death wish: Take a shot every time they make an ass joke.

An incredibly lame cashgrab. - Cartoonfan202

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3 The Wild Life

Per Norm Of The North And Ice Age 5 - VideoGamefan5

Who even remembered this? I saw literally no commercials for this. - Cartoonfan202

This movie was the worst movie I've ever seen. I recommend never seeing this movie.

This was known as Robinson Crusoe here in the states. - bigg3469

4 Trolls

Ariana Grande should die from cancer because she likes how Miley Cyrus was during her years of getting seriously drugged up and a lot more unattractive than people think. She likes Miley Cyrus's babyish, argumentative behavior. She supports pedophilia. Ariana Grande snapped to anti-Smilers "She's an adult. She can do whatever the hell she wants. ):/". Please hate Ariana Grande for all that. Ariana Grande's singing voice shows me that Ariana Grande does not want to put any effort. She should be beat up by Nat Wolff.

Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, And Ariana Grande Made The Movie Even Worse - VideoGamefan5

This entry clearly tells us who wrote this list. - DCfnaf

Did anybody think trollsfan536 would be mad with whoever put this on this list? WELL NOW I'm AM! 😠-trollsfan536

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5 Ratchet & Clank

This film isn't so bad, you guys. At least fans of the Ratchet & Clank game series adore this movie.

I'm a fan of the games and thought this was rubbish. I had such high hopesfor it as well *sighs*

6 Sausage Party

It sounds really appealing to me by the message it's trying to tell. - DapperPickle

Make a cute little name so little kids will want to see it, but nope! You should never see Sausage Party even when your TWENTY!

Sausage Party isn't a cute name if you know what a Sausage Party is. - RalphBob

Still Better Than Norm Of The North And Ice Age: Collision Course - VideoGamefan5

Why did this gross more than the South Park movie?

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7 Zootopia

"It was too depressing" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I love how people complain about kid's films being too happy and kid-friendly, but when something like this, a beautiful, darker film withat a serious message behind it, is released everyone complains "it was too dark". what. If all the kid's films were made just for stupid comedy, cliches and happy-sappy stuff, we'd just get Norm of the North over and over again. I didn't even find Zootopia that depressing at all, it was sort of uplifting and now one of my favorite movies. Also, kids aren't as dumb as you think. Unfortunately, a lot of animation companies think so, that's why we're getting crap like the Emoji Movie trailer. Kids don't just fall for pop culture and potty humor, you know. - TheAlbinoWolf

Enough about the Message! The jokes weren't funny, the characters were cardboard, the plot was just every buddy cop movie ever but with less gunplay, Disney had already overused the surprise villain twist, "Try Everything" is an awful girly-pop song, there were far too many instances where Disney was just trying to scream how "in touch" with modern society they are... none of which the Message overrides.

Poor Judy, She gets bullied and tortured by every character in the movie that aren't her parents, Nick Wilde became my most hated character in the movie, And Nick ends up forgiving her although she did NOTHING wrong. Also the Breaking Bad scene, WHY?!

This is the definition of overrated

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8 The Angry Birds Movie

Nah, The Angry Birds Movie Is Much Better Than Norm Of The Awful North And Ice Age: Cancer Course! - VideoGamefan5

This film was ok, the only problem was it was released three years after the game lost its popularity.

Why the hell would somebody but angry birds, finding dory, zootopia, sausage party, Moana and trolls on the bad list. Those are good movies. Who's idea was it to put these movies on the list

It was just OK.

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9 Sing

It's not even out yet - 906389

This movie was actually good. - Trollsfan536

Overrated rushed crap!

This movie was so bad. Go watch the I Hate Everything or CinemaSins video on this film. They sum up everything wrong with this "film" better than I ever could.

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10 The Little Prince

W-what? This film is one of 2016's best, along with Kubo and the Two Strings and Moana! - Cartoonfan202

The Newcomers

? Top Cat Begins

The jokes were terrible and the CGI was weird and uncomfortable

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11 Izzie's Way Home

A stupid moronic ripoff on Finding Dory, Should be retitled " Dorky"! - bigg3469

Finding Dory rip-off - Cartoonfan202

12 Barbie: Star Light Adventure

I cringed so much at this movie it had bad romance,bad voice acting,terrible writing,annoying songs,hate able characters,bad animation I felt like sleeping in the movie

13 Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet Sunshine Adventures
14 Finding Dory

Guys, I Don't Hate Finding Dory Anymore - VideoGamefan5

There's a more stupider film called Izzee's Way Home which is a ripoff of Finding Dory. - bigg3469

I hate whoever put this here, I dispise whoever put this here

Take this of the list, this is my 3rd favorite movie of all time. - darthvadern

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15 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legend Of Everfree

This film is disappointing. I was excited for human Filthy Rich, but he's only in 3 scenes. This movie isn't very good, but the songs are good. - girlcool

I voted for this because in my opinion it was cringy. - NotYoursTruly

I just hated the MLP fandom. This is always bad. The fandom is so overrated! - asantalo

16 Barbie: Spy Squad

It is a Barbie movie, so it makes Norm of the North look like Kubo & the Two Strings.

17 Storks

Hey! This was pretty funny, and the Hunter guy is played by the person who plays Sideshow Bob!

18 Moana Moana

Are You Serious? , This Looks Amazing - VideoGamefan5

It did not come out yet


Are you kidding? It hasn't even came out yet. I think it will be really great. Brilliant songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and it will have the first Polynesian Disney Princess. Also have you heard Auli'i (voice of Moana) sing? I saw it on YouTube and I honestly feel this movie will be a big hit

Edit: I saw it finally and Moanas now in my top three favorite Disney movies - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Wait Lin's doing the music? Yup, it is definitely not going to be bad at all. - NotYoursTruly

19 Batman: The Killing Joke


20 The Secret Life of Pets

WOW WHO PUT THIS HERE! This is the best animated film of 2016

Don't let critics fool you! This movie is so bad! It's overrated, the cast wasn't great & it rips off all 3 toy story movies!

Someone From The Film's Massive Hatedom On YouTube Added This I Bet

Lol, people think this made more money than zootopia? This movie was behind zootopia! Take that, secret life of pets fanboys!

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