Worst Cartoon Characters of All Time

This list contains the most annoying, hated, and most overrated cartoon characters of all
The Top Ten
1 Dora the Explorer Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer". Her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend, Boots.

Just because it's a kids show it doesn't mean the main character has to be STUPID. Stop underestimating kids' intelligence, no wonder this generstion is full of idiots.

Oh God, I have a lot of horrible things to say about this character. All she did is speak Spanish in some parts, but I already know Spanish. Her theme song is annoying and repetitive. Her adventure are not fun, they’re just boring. And everything else about her is just useless.

Dora is STUPID
Dora:where is the mountain?

Dora is literally stupid that is so blind and mentally retarded she can't see a mountain and she is so afraid that crocodiles and alligators will eat her alive I mean that's only if you aggravate them I would be happy if she gets scourged, crucified, decapitated, burned alive, and at her funeral this is what I would do:
Me:we remember the death of Dora and I would like to say a few last words except I would put it in a song
I go on top of the coffin
Me:Celebrate Good times Come on
Dora Haters: Yeah
This is what I would also do
Me:We remember the death of Dora so I would like to say a few last words
I go on the top of the coffin
Me: OH oh oh o oh oh Oh oh oh o oh oh oh oh oh o oh oh oh oh oh o oh oh and I do that dance from the Amazing World of Gumball

2 Eugene H. Krabs Eugene H. Krabs, or simply Mr. Krabs, is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

I just hate Krabs. He is disgusting because he wiped his butt with his millionth dollar bill in "Clams". He is also a pervert because he aired a show called "Live Nude Pranksters", and the performing is really bad. He will do anything to not only gain money, but also he doesn't want to pay for things either. He gave Pearl dead batteries for Christmas, sold Spongebob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents. He is also nosy because he wanted Spongebob to spy on Pearl on her sleepover. He also is aggressive and barked at his customers when they were going to pick up money. Krabs, we are sick of you.

Thank goodness this guy's on this list. It serves him for his excessive fanaticism over money and his extreme disregard for other characters. It sickens me that he has many fans who suck up to him like he's real. How blind they are.

Mr. Krabs is so greedy for wealth even King Midas, Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol, and the Grinch would sink as low as he did. Besides, those three guys gave up being villains for the rest of their lives. But not Eugene Krabs didn't. Instead, he went back to being his usually money-obsessed self, except that it's worse than before.

And those who think that Krabs' money fanaticism is funny are as mental as him. Hell, I can't think of anyone greedier than him.

Now I know that me and Squidward, who's like me in terms of personality, have our moments of selfishness. But unlike Mr. Krabs, he and I are anti-heroes. And we'd never sink as low as that crustacean did.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Eugene's like my dad (who's ...more

Mr. Krabs, nobody likes this guy. Neither do I! I love SpongeBob SquarePants so much and there are some characters I love and hate, but Mr. Krabs is the most evil, cowardly, cheap, futile and worst ever cartoon character in history! He drove Plankton to near suicide with the whale charade, kidnapped Gary and used him to steal money, scared the hell out of Squidward and Spongebob by using them as live bait. He forced SpongeBob to collect numerous amounts of jellyfish and even abused them to their deaths. Fires SpongeBob because he says he will save a whole 5 cents if he cuts his salary, completely. That is the cheapest moment ever!

Are we talking about old Mr. Krabs or post-movie Mr. Krabs? I'm guessing all the SpongeBob characters on this list are talking about after the movie. I have a theory about Mr. Krabs. What if in the SpongeBob movie king neptune killed Mr. Krabs then got rid of plankton and wiped everyone's memory. Then Mr. Krabs brother or son or something took over and nobody could tell the difference. Except he was much more greedy, sadistic and didn't know the meaning of morality. Or maybe everyone in bikini bottom died and got replaced by their mean stupid relatives who look exactly the same.

3 Peter Griffin Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

I hope he gets arrested. Foul man. I laughed my arms off when Homer Simpson beat him up. Hope that chicken wins one day. This fathead is no better than his father in law.

Allow me to explain the difference between, say Homer Simpson, and Peter Griffin. Both are stupid, both can be selfish, both can be needlessly cruel. HOWEVER where Homer, at least originally, lived for his family and actually does feel bad for the sadness caused by his stupidity, Peter simply doesn't give a hell.

He is a bastard, there is no other way to put it. He is neglectful, a child abuser, and an all around monster. He has NO redeeming qualities.

But you know the worst part? Seth McFarlene says that he is 'retarded'. Peter Griffin is not retarded, he is what McFarlene, the ignorant and arrogant piece of refuse that he is, THINKS is 'retarded'.

In short, he is an underdeveloped, underwritten, no-value character.

He sucks now. He’s such an awful father who was drunk and lazy. He neglected his children for no god-damn reason. He got flanderized during the modern era. He used to be funny, but then he and his life got worse. There’s one episode when he sees porn on the computer even though that was a crime. He even killed Quagmire’s cat, which is animal abuse. He also murdered innocent people. You made me throw up, Peter.

He started out as dumb, but he was still a likable character. Over time, he's gotten annoyingly and unlikably stupid, such as not listening to Brian when he warned him about consuming Kerosene (resulting him in having to have a Kidney Transplant), or thinking having a mustache makes him Italian. THAT'S RACIST! I'm also extremely sick of him constantly abusing Meg for no reason at all. Meg is like the most normal character on the show yet she's constantly rejected and bullied.

4 Johnny Test

I am so glad that Cartoon Network got rid of this show.. Let's just name some reasons why this show should NEVER be run on Cartoon Network again.

1. This show wasn't entertaining to watch. I eventually got bored and changed the channel after watching 5 seconds of the intro!

2. The voices and sound effects were really annoying. It seems like they just wanted your ears to crumble off..

3. It was a ripoff of Johnny Quest. All they really did was change the title by changing 2 letters and Johnny Test was born! (And yes it was a ripoff, Johnny Quest came first.)

4. There was no creativity what so ever! All the episodes were rip-offs of other shows, and even the characters were annoying and just seemed too basic.

Sometimes, I like shows because they're bad.. But I can't give this show a single chance!

I probably one of the few that grow up liking Johnny test, I don't get why people hate this show so much, the voice actors and actress are familiar because I love their work in several different shows, having a kid whose has a talking dog and two genies sisters, is a great idea for a show, now I admit the last season was a bit crappy. In fact it wasn't as good as the old ones, but other then that, I love it, I grew up liking johnny test and it will always be remembered as one of my childhood cartoons show that I watched.

Ok... Here is how a typical episode goes by...
Johnny sees something or someone being cool.
He blackmails his sisters to build him a gadget, which he exploits and makes something go horribly wrong with.
He and his sisters come up with a plan with the idiot dogg Dukey.
The sisters impliment the plan while Johnny creates a distraction.
Plan succeeds.
Johnny is praised and made into a hero. Sisters get no credit.
That's how it goes... Every. Single. Time.

To the genetic throwback who's "brain child" this is;

That someone would think that this lying, cheating, lazy, inept, socially retarded, maladjusted,
Whiney, friendless ego-maniacal brat is their definition of "the cool kid", is proof positive that even
Pissant-hack-virgins can get a job in the animation industry.
They can symbionic Titan in one season for lack of toy tie-ins, yet this visual diarrhea gets AirPlay!?
(am I upset? Do I sound upset? Ok maybe a little... )

5 Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo is the nephew of Scooby Doo. Unlike his uncle Scooby, Scrappy is brave enough to face the monsters.

This dog gave me bad memories when I was a boy. I hate his annoying one liners like "ta dada dada puppy power! " and "let me at them uncle scooby! ". When I look back, I'll call him crappy poo from now on. Whoever created this runt dog should regret it.

Scrappy was a cute puppy, I liked the live action films but it was also to cheer the haters. (He was out of character would never try to kill his uncle in the cartoon he loved him, the way he was just chucked out of the van *haters "yay! "*

How to ruin a classic, enjoyable show:
Step one: Add a totally annoying, pointless, unlikable character like Scrappy Doo.

Ugh. Every new season gets a bit crappier. They should just end the series now, before we remember it not for the first few good seasons, but for the crappy ones.

6 Peppa Pig

Peppa pig was most of my childhood, and I enjoyed her shows a lot, and don't laugh at me for this, but when I am at my dad's house with my little sister who's 2, I quite enjoy watching Peppa pig with her. The only thing I really dislike about this show is that Peppa is a selfish little brat who 1. bullies her little brother by telling him he does everything wrong! He's only 2! What do you expect?! 2. Things the world revolves around her, and puts herself before her friends 3. Fat shames her own father! I am not fat but I am not skinny either, but it's just unacceptable to tell your own father that he is fat! I just want to kidnap this girl when her family isn't looking and sell her to Gregg's (British sausage roll place)!

I know this is a 'worst' top ten list, but I feel I should just find the bat and smash the glass. Peppa Pig isn't all that bad. Everyone finds her as a wada wada 5-minute fest of whine that needs poo-poo parodies where she gets diarrhea. Peppa Pig is whiny but she's only whiny on some episodes. Most of them we don't even notice... And now George, and yes I know this is about PEPPA Pig, but let's move on to George. People say he only says 'dinosaur' and nothing else, One word: NO. He's said brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, yuck, no, Mummy, etc. So you DO NOT deserve to say that. And they say he's unteachable, well what do you expect from a 2 year old? And Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are kind of hateable, but not too hateable, as they're kind of fun. But sometimes full-blown ridiculous. And some people, the millisecond they flick onto her channel instantly think about bacon. -. -

There can't be anything more annoying that Peppa pig! She corrupted the mind of my younger sister! I don't know why young kids love that cartoon character, she should be the worst cartoon character of all time. Her face looks like a fat sausage and she talks like my grandma. She can't stop snoring, she talks WAY too much, she is the most annoying thing if earth is a cartoon world! I wish Peppa pig will get killed in a car crash in a future episode of the cartoon.

This is what I call this character “a waste of character development”. She is really annoying and very unlikable. My little sister likes it, but not me. Well, I respect her opinion. But still, she’s the worst character I’ve ever seen.

7 Ren Höek - Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

Why is Dora higher than a psychotic, murderous and sadistic dog that killed a bunch of animals for the sake of it? Dora is WAY better than Ren! I hate him!

They turned the best character of the original ren and stimpy into a extremely psychotic person who kills people and has the worst cartoon episode ever (Ren seeks help) We know ren is crazy but this is going too far

I love Ren in the original series, but in my opinion, the writers went WAY too far in Adult Party Cartoon. (It's TOTALLY okay if you disagree)

At least Dora taught kids Spanish! It shocks me how people consider a 5- YEAR OLD worse than a murderous dog because "Dora is STUPID". Really?

8 Spongebob Squarepants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

To the adult, I mean no disrespect but as an adult, you should know that this is a cartoon. All those crimes you speak of, serial stalking on Squidward, felony destruction of property, whatever you want to say needs to simmer down a bit. Don't jump into conclusions just because you don't like a cartoon. If you don't like SpongeBob, I'm perfectly fine with that, but really? Besides, there are cartoons way inappropriate than SpongeBob. I mean, yes SpongeBob is along the line of having inappropriate moments in a kid's show, I'm 15 years old to know that, but what do you expect from Nickelodeon/YTV? And I don't get how you think that all these characters are morally bankrupt. Every single one of these characters, except for maybe Plankton learns from their mistakes and certain episodes teach valuable lessons. Although I HATE HATE HATE All That Glitters with a fiery passion, it teaches people that not everything you get in life will make you happy. And Tea At The Treedome SpongeBob had to ...more

He used to be one of the funniest and coolest characters I’ve ever seen, but now I felt really bad for his flanderization. He was stupid and dumb during season 6 through 8.

Personally I like spongebob for entertainment purposes, but I'm an adult and can see all of the hypocrisy. Every character on the show except sandy are all morally bankrupt. Any parent who lets their children watch this cartoon, are to the problem if kids not knowing right from wrong. Spongebob is a serial criminal hypocrite. He's always saying he doesn't lie and that lowing is wrong. Spongebob lies in many, many episodes, it would be hard to count all his lies. As a police officer, I'm amazed at the amount of serious crimes spongebob has committed in the past 14 years. Serial stalking on squidward. Breaking and entering over and over, felony distruction of property (destroying squidward house and the the whole city of bikini bottom several times. The list goes on and on, including murdering someone. In the episode bubble buddy, spongebob bury someone in the sand and left him there to be killed by the tide. Lastly, what's nickelodeons problem with families and family structure. No ...more

I used to love this show... I used to. The old episodes are great even if most of them got banned or didn't get released in certain countries, I remember in the old episodes SpongeBob was annoying, but he wasn't so annoying that you will rip your ears and eyes out. No, SpongeBob is as annoying as *##* now. And Mr. Krabbs did still want money in the old episodes, but he didn't get obsessed like he does now. In fact, most of the new episodes are so bad that might be one of the reasons they stopped making new ones.

9 Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

No way should she be lower than Spongebob. Lisa is an annoying twit that has absolutely no likeable qualities. She is easily the worst thing about The Simpsons

In the first few seasons of The Simpsons, Lisa was a little more more believable and she would often misbehave just as frequently as Bart, this let viewers know that she was only a child. Then her portrayal went downhill when she lost her childlike innocence, gained arrogance and became an antagonistic plot device for the shows unorthodox plots. In other words she became the shows voice of reason when it wasn't really needed in the first place, you might hear a joke on The Simpsons and find the mindlessness funny, only for killjoy Lisa to explain the joke and pinpoint the negativity in the joke itself reducing the humour. So much for being subtle, Lisa has become increasingly more annoying as the show has progressed and is now a useless addition to the show. It's little wonder why fans have grown to despise the show over Lisa and her irritating mannerisms.

Lisa was an awesome character in the oldest seasons, especially during the choma of Homer, she was ok in the next few seasons, then, became jealous, annoying, aggressive and never satisfied about everything..

she will put a member of her family in danger because of that, Homer may be not perfect, but did his best with her.

this character was nice at the beginning, her change for a Tumblr-like person remain a mystery to me.

"Lisa goes gaga" confused me a lot, she may be vegetarian, but listening to a celebrity with a dress made of meat was... strange.

Lisa is annoying. She doesn't eat meat. She hates animal cruelty which I do too but I still eat meat. All she cares for is farm animals. The little b*tch should worry about tigers and gorillas. They need help. She thinks she is so clever and she cries if she makes one mistake in a test. She has no friends if she wasn't full of herself. She says no to cutting down trees. If she is so clever she should know long ago meat was the only thing people could eat. Lisa should leave Springfield and live in the forest. No Africa then she would get eatin by a lion. I hate her!

10 Finn - Adventure Time Finn 'the Human' Mertens is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.

Actually, I've watched the show for years and I honestly don't like Finn anymore. Season 5. That's all it took. One episode. That got me to hate Adventure Time and everything about it. I can't believe I used to be a fan.
Finn has an annoying voice, and I thought he was supposed to be friends with Jake. Why aren't Finn and Jake going on adventures together anymore? Literally every episode now: side character needs to do something introduce new character even if unneeded, call Finn and talk for about two seconds.
What kind of character is that? Finn is no longer a main character. Why don't they just get rid of him completely if they're not gonna put him in episodes?

I realize why Finn is so high on the list. It's the fact that haters of Adventure Time who don't even WATCH the show wage a war on Finn based on the single fact that he is the show's main character. That's it. Seriously. Pathetic, I know. If you took the time out of "busy" schedule to watch this cartoon, you'd learn that Finn is compassionate, relatable, enjoyable, cool, funny, and definitely NOT deserving a spot this high. Do not single a character out as terrible on a show that you are probably too much of a moron to understand. I'm done.

I think I realize why Finn is this high on the list. All of the Adventure Time haters who don't even take the time to WATCH the show wage a war on the main character for no reason. Seriously, that's why he's so high. The fact that people are too lazy to watch a show and pick on the main character solely on the fact that he is the main character. If you were to take the time to watch this cartoon, you'd notice that Finn is kind, funny, relatable, and NOT worthy to hold this spot on the list. That is all.

I have been a fan of adventure time since it 2010 debut, those episodes were the fire that
Kept a torch lit, however it declined in popularity during the past few years, pre 2013 ruined the show, finn is the largest reason why, he does not care about others and would hurt innocent people, one episode,
He and jake have creepy clown nurses over jake enjoys it but finn thinks it sucks, he goes to try and find and cut off a cyclops's eye which has healing tears (harry potter ripoff) but on the way, he find others in need, he either pisses them off or hurts them when they tell him there is only one way, he will scream my way and attack them, including killing some guys wife, yes he heals them with the tears but still, he hurts them, he cares for the well being of no one around him and he is a bad role model for the viewers

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11 Brian Griffin Brian H. Griffin, popularly known without his middle initial as Brian Griffin, is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.

The sad thing is, I used to love Brian. Road to Rhode Island is one of my favourite episodes of Family Guy, and his dry, sarcastic humour coupled with Stewie's antics had me laughing for hours. Now, unfortunately, he's been turned into a self-righteous hippy douche and has lost any depth he used to possess. He's just used as a soapbox for the creators to spout their own beliefs out of. I can't help but cringe whenever he starts another one of his hippy rants, because it makes me remember the fantastic character he used to be- the dry straightman to Peter's idiotic schemes, and the only one in the household that could match Stewie's intelligence and wit. Now, he's been reduced to a hypocritical moron. It honestly makes me sad.

Brian is without a doubt, the worst cartoon character ever. Which wasn't at all the case before 2005, before 05, Brian was a funny and deep character. Now he is such a liberal douchebag that it makes real liberals, or at least decent liberals, ashamed to be associated with him. I would know.

Now other terrible cartoon characters on this list are bad because they are really annoying, complete jerks (sometimes intentional sometimes unintentional), or just poorly written.

Brian however is all of the above, and the worst part is that Seth MacFarlane actually wants us to agree and feel for him. Instead I just end up hating him even more.

Luckily however he wasn't such a douchebag in the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover which was the one Family Guy episode I decided to watch in five years.

At first I somewhat liked his character but as I older I just can't help but hate him. These are some of the reasons why he has tried on multiple occasions taking advantage of Lois and a blind girl who says she trust him, says he's looking for love and all does is use woman and acts likes he's above all that while he has learned a lesson. Acts sophisticated and acts like an accomplished writer when the only reason he got published was because he sold out to Carter, trashes on his only successful book blames Stewie when he was only helping him.
Only dated Megs friend to try to sleep with her when he saw in her underwear.
He is a selfish shallow individual oblivious to the fact he only lies to himself
This has been called ou

I'm not saying that Old Brian is bad, old Brian was great, the highlight of episodes when Stewie wasn't there, funny, and the common sense of the household. But, like family guy itself, he went downhill. Now he is just a jerk that will do anything to get laid or that benefits him only. (Remember that episode when he put his public image on the line to get gay marriage legal for his cousin and wouldn't benefit him at all? Pepperidge Farm remembers)

12 Vicky - The Fairly Oddparents

To Stephen2:I put it it there, but if I were you, it wouldn't matter to me. Because, SpongeBob
Is a very annoying cartoon character to me but not to you. Just like Eric Cartman is very entertaining cartoon character to me. So, don't call me a stupid idiot. Vicky all the way for me. I hate her guts so much!

Vicky is a very mean-spirited person. She abuses poor Timmy a lot, that's called CHILD ABUSE! She lies to Timmy's parents, saying she'll take good care of him, but in reality, she tortures him! Timmy is nice, but unfortunately, has to put up with this "demon of a babysitter".

She's so mean to poor ole Timmy Turner. Timmy is so nice and yet has to put up with this demon of a baby-sitter known as Vicky. No wonder Timmy got Fairy God Parents.

She is so mean to Timmy. She tells Timmy's parents that she will take care of Timmy butt when Timmy's parents are gone she abuses Timmy and makes his life hard.

13 Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig

Dreadful vile character, who seems partly retarded & will hardly be remembered with any sort of fondness, this waste of time should be consigned to the trash for all eternity.

He actually is even older because he is 12 not 10 but he probably is in first grade since he got held back for his horrible annoyance and stupidity

Ugly cartoon character. Annoying. Stupid to extremes. It is likely that he is 10 and still in the second-grade.

Annoying & slightly retarded character, at least Craig the snake is a bit more interesting.

14 Robin - Teen Titans Go! Robin, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

My least favorite Teen Titans Go character. Reasons:

-1: He's obsessive over things like leadership, popularity, and Starfire.
-2: He's a creep to Starfire.
-3: He'll hurt or even kill anyone to get his way (Even if it's his own team)!
-4: He's insane, as he mass bombs Santa's Workshop in one episode and tries to posses Cyborg in another.
-5: Almost every Robin centered episode ends with him winning. Keep in mind he's normally the ANTAGONIST of the episode and the episodes are just about some annoying part of him.
-6: His ego is off the charts.
-7: One episode about him is beating the crap out of the other Titans at a high school, only to get them expeled.
-8: He'll betray his own team.
-9: He nearly got his team killed in one episode to get them to use their powers.
-10: In the episode "Driver's Ed", Robin acknowledges his driving instructor is criminal and does nothing about it.

That's every problem I have with Robin.

I hate robin so much he shout to his own friends very angry and always serious Raven is technicially worst at least she is sometime good but robin is angry and shoutful he plan to destroy the world he control his friends to win a trophy and really bossy I hate raven as well she is being a jerk to his own friends she make her own friends young she terrified her own friends that is why Raven is technically worst the robin

An idiot who wants to marry Starfire who is a idiot masochist, punches Robin for no reason and tried to marry a scratching post and a pot of vegetarian chilli plus her English is crap, I hope Raven banishes the two to another dimension and Starfire becomes Blackfire's slave.

This should be first. Robin is the worst character in Teen Titans Go. He is so whiny, crappy, bossy, selfish, greedy, and he acts like a dictator. If I were in the Titans, I would revolt against him unlike the other Titans who is as dumb as heck

15 Flapjack - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Flapjack was one of those shows that doesn't teach lessons to kids, instead, it's just a show made for fun. The only problem with that is that this show isn't fun. Its terrifying. There's one episode when Flapjack meets this white cat that he finds on the street, he pats it and says that it's so pretty, while it shows the cat's face. If you zoom in real close on the cat's face at this exact moment, you will get an unbelievable jumpscare from this terrifying thing. Its not a good show for kids. its scary. That's that

I would've enjoyed this cartoon so much more if the main character Flapjack didn't exist. Flapjack is one of the most annoying protagonists of any cartoon I've ever seen. His voiced is so high pitched and annoying it makes me cringe so hard. I don't hate the actual cartoon, I love k'nuckles and some of the side characters, but Flapjack is such a pointless one-dimensional character who comes off as rather annoying than likable.

I honestly really like this show. The characters were great together and it all just suited my type of humor. Like, the art and concept was pretty cool and stuff, and the show was different from the crappy shows on Cartoon Network today. Instead of helping others all day every day, they actually had a life (kinda).

First off, I'm going to say something about the show. What the frick Cartoon Network? This is practically the stupider, denomic and crappy version of Chowder! (Not that I hate Chowder, It was practically all I ever watched when it was still around. )
Now back to the character. Flapjack is a gay, prissy giggly boy who was adopted by a whale and named after pancakes. His role model is a stupid elderly Pirate who gets drunk of of sweets, and his adopted mother lets them live in her mouth. He's gross, stupid, needs to learn a sense in friends, and needs to be put in a mental hospital. Flapjack is the worst character in cartoon history!

16 Chloe Carmichael - The Fairly OddParents

Why is timmy 3 numbers above her? chloe is twice as worse as him! she is the mary sue of all cartoon characters! ever sense she came on the show, she always has more to do with the plot than timmy does in every episode, her voice is annoying, her very appearance disgusts me, and I still don't know if butch hartman or something else made her, but I wan't at least one to blame for her rotten impact on fairly oddparents, cause she was never men't to exist in the first place.

At least you're suppose to hate Vicky, so I don't know why she is higher than Chloe. Even though the dog wasn't that great of a character, the show was still watchable until Chloe came.

Coming in Season 15, it's our new character, Charlie Contraceptive! We're out of ideas! Kill us! Oh wait, you did? Okay then, nevermind.

I just despise her. This loathesome idiot can fall off a well for all I care. I apologise if my comments about her across several lists are a bit to edgy/harsh/offensive, I’m too angry at her to think properly.

17 D.W. Read - Arthur

D.W is actually a great character. Here are my top reasons D.W is a good cartoon character:
1. She is a lovable, smart and funny kid at times
2. She was brave enough to get an operation. Even Arthur admired that. That's literally something most kids fear of.
3. She learned to accept her Christmas present.
4. She actually cared and was worried when James was abusing his power over everyone with his Lamb.
5. Sometimes, she learns her lessons and cares very deeply about her brother.
6. She admitted that she was mean to Kate and asked for forgiveness
7. Her role in hosting the episode, In My Africa
8. She was jealous of Arthur having chicken pox and admitted it at the end of the episode.
And honestly, so what if she throws tantrums? She's a 5-year old, what did you expect? 5-year olds throw tantrums. Besides, we all must've thrown tantrums in one point of our lives not just D.W's age but sometimes way older than that. I know people who throw tantrums at ages ...more

Honestly, as much as I should not be taking cartoons so seriously, the one episode where she really pisses me off was Arthur's Perfect Christmas. She threw a tantrum over not getting what she wanted, which makes me cringe till this day. To be honest, I really don't have a problem with her.

She is a spoiled rotton brat that throws temper tantrums each episode. To make things worse she is more of a picky eater than I was as a kid. I was very picky. Lastly she annoys most everyone she's around. No one wants to play Confuse the Goose with you or watch Mary Moo Cow. I understand Arthur Crazy Bus is annoying. No one besides her wants to go to Ponyland. She listens to whatever the T.V. says to her.

DW Read.
queen of drama.
empress of temper tantrums.
khanum of brats.
Goddess of fussiness.
Titaness of narcissism.
baroness of communism.
duchess of bossiness; duchess of stubbornness.

18 Naruto Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Such a horrible main character for a T.V. show. He was extremely annoying like SpongeBob. His voice is irritating. Unlike SpongeBob, he matured but when he did mature the show got extremely boring due to endless filler episodes and being way too serious. SpongeBob did the opposite of maturing. SpongeBob became immature, obnoxious, and gay adult with the intelligence of a brick. Naruto is a immature, obnoxious, and a perverted little kid. Naruto hangs out with this man who is a sage who is perverted. Naruto invented this jutsu known has super sexy jutsu and it turns him into a girl. That is not funny. It is just immature and pain wrong. When he is not doing those stupid things I mentioned above, he is fighting. The action of the show is decent but there are so many things that are better written, have more action, and do not have an annoying protagonist. The fights on Naruto are decent but they drag on forever. They spent an entire season fighting Zabuza. The plot doesn't lead to ...more

Unoriginal, annoying, and stupid. Goku - Super Saiyam + Harry Potter (Only the character's backstory matches) + SpongeBob + Ninjas + Crap = Naruto

The very concept of this main character was just terrible. He is annoying, selfish, and just plain irritating. In fact, It is not even believable that he can become hokage. If you say that ponies are a cancer then you are wrong. That cancer was nowhere near as bad as this one. Old SpongeBob and MLP: FIM are far better than Naruto but Old SpongeBob and MLP:FIM are not legends and should never be compared to Looney Tunes or Cowboy Bebop. SpongeBob is average but in the newer episodes he is the definition of crap. MLP:FIM is getting better unlike SpongeBob but is still average and hopefully does not become crap like SpongeBob did. Looney Tunes was a real cartoon. Want a good anime? Try Cowboy Bebop, Macross, Ghost in the Shell, Lupin the Third, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro. All of these are better than Naruto. Believe it!

I didn't vote for Naruto, but I actually think he's a great character. He's the epitome of character development- a selfish, slightly bratty prankster matures into someone who cares deeply about his best friends. The voice acting (in Japanese) is also done extremely well, and I think all of the voices suit the characters to a T- including Naruto. Don't even get me started on the soundtrack (AMAZING). I'm not really a Narutard, but I've retained fond memories of it from my childhood, and watching it now, I can see why. It's probably the only show that can make me laugh hysterically for minutes straight. It's also the only show that can reduce me to tears. I highly recommend watching it.

Naruto was pretty much as good / interesting / whatever, as dragonball when it started.
But the whole "Ninja" concept collapsed pretty fast, and by the end of the series, this is actually
Becoming a harry potter clone. Nothing you have learned makes any sense anymore, nothing that was established in the past needs to be true in the future.

Evil guystry to gather the worlds 9 only Pokemon.
They manage to catch 7.
Pokemon 8 and 9 are hiding, so the bad guy can't combine them into one big god Pokemon.
All of the sudden, the bad guys DO have the the eight Pokemon, while he ALSO is STILL hiding, and ALSO, they SUDDENLY don't need the 9th Pokemon anymore. The ninth Pokemon once bit someone in the foot, and they just use the foot for the summoning...

Just... REALLY? 500 episodes ago you needed like TEN people, 24 hours, AND the WHOLE Pokemon, to transfer it into the "Pokemon combiner statue", and all of a sudden, you just need something... That the Pokemon once ...more

19 Caillou

Caillou is more like a toddler version of Jar Jar Binks. His whiny voice is more annoying than Jar Jar Banks, and that's saying something cause Jar Jar Binks is a perfect definition of annoying. But Caillou takes annoyance, brattiness, whining, tantrum throwing and crying to a whole new level. He refuses to share with his friends, never listens to his parents, and always wants things to go his way. In one episode, he smashes a toy car and throws a tantrum and starts crying all because his parents won't take him to the circus. He also steals from cookie jars and gets upset whenever he is forced to share with his sister Rosie. Caillou is by far the most selfish and spoiled cartoon character of all time, worse than Johnny Test as a matter of fact. Parents should ban their kids from watching Caillou, because it's only going to turn them into tantrum throwing whiny spoiled brats rather than lovable caring kids.

Only at #25? For a show that is supposed to be "educational" it really fails at it. I mean for all of Mr. Krabs' faults, I doubt he's inspiring mass suicide like Caillou inspires mass bratiness and Dora inspires mass stupidity. You know why? Because SpongeBob SquarePants is meant to be educational like the other two shows, thus you're not supposed to see Mr. Krabs in the same light as Dora and Caillou. Also, Caillou can pretty much get away with murder and still be considered "good" in the context of the T.V. Show he is that much of a Karma Houdini. Meanwhile, Krabs has a Karma Houdini Warranty (meaning he does get caught and punished for his bad deeds at times).

Sorry if this seems harsh, but Caillou deserves to be number one on this list, to be honest. Theodd1sout literally made a video about T.V. shows, and a section was dedicated to him talking about how crappy this kid is. Like everyone else said, this kid is a whiny, tantrum-throwing, selfish, spoiled brat. His parents spoil him silly, even after he throws tantrums and mistreats his kids. I don't even know why this bratty 4-year-old still deserves a T.V. show. Oh wait, he doesn't. (It was cancelled in 2010)

Caillou should just die from cancer and also should get a fist shoved down his throat. He doesn't even grow up and has multiple-personality disorder where he acts like everybody. He also overreacts sometimes when he can't get himself right and when he cries. Not only that, but he sometimes treats people like crap and doesn't learn his lesson.

20 Allen Gregory - Allen Gregory

He’s such an awful rip-off of Caillou, but more worse due to his personality. He’s sexually obsessed with his school principal, even though he’s only 7.

A 7 year old brat who is sexually attracted to his 70 year old is nothing but an insult to crude humor.I am happy this horrible kid is now wiped out of the face of the earth.

Just WHY are so many of the best cartoon characters of all time higher than this little twerp?!

People please make me a favor, vote by this twerp!

21 Courtney - Total Drama Island

She sucks. She is a sore loser who SUES when she doesn't get her way. She shouldn't have come back in TDA. She is also a TERRIBLE girlfriend. Duncan deserved so much than her and I was kind of happy when he got with Gwen because Gwen treated him right. Long Story Short is that Courtney is the worst character,

She is the worst cartoon character of all time in my opinion. Why did she have to be in just about every season

Courtney, Courtney... Lose the lawyers

Should be way way higher than 310.

22 Chum Chum

A grotesque kid that is unlikable and has no redeeming qualities. Often a source for gross-out and fart humor. Very annoying like Fanboy, but not quite as annoying.

I hate this fat stupid meatball. I just want to knock him out like rocky Marciano did jersey joe walcott

All fanboy and chum chum characters including chum chum suck! All of the faces and his too look extremely uncanny and strange!

He's a midget justin bieber with minion goggles, gloves, boots, and looks like a cheeseball with underwear, I need not say more.

23 Glenn Quagmire - Family Guy Glenn Quagmire, often referred to as just Quagmire, is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

How in the heck is he below Brian (who I actually still like)? Nowadays he's completely irredeemable! Watch episodes like "Quagmire's Mom", "Quagmire's Dad", "Jerome is the New Black", among others to see what I mean! - Goatworlds

He used to be funny in the first few seasons but then in the newer seasons he has just became an @$$ to Brian!

He used to be good until he started bullying Brian. Thank god that feud is over.

I hope he rots in the lowest levels of hell. He was such a hypocrite for judging on Brian for hitting on Louis, since all he wants to do is pop her and leave her just like every other woman, while Brian actually wants something more with Louis. Granted, Brian is pretty pompous and Louis is starting to become such a manipulative bitch that I wish Stewie would just kill her already. But Quagmire lies, cheats, tricks women in having unprotected sex with him and for all we know, he might have already convicted several accounts of rape. His existence is enough to drive any woman go Feminazi.

24 Sarah - Ed, Edd n Eddy


I hope she dies. Hears what she basically is, she is such a brat and bosses ed around every episode. Don't vote for Patrick

Worst cartoon character of all time out of all the other character's I hated the reason U hate this deranged lunatic is that Sarah gives bad advice to Jimmy who don't care she is a influential not to mention she get the Ed's beaten for her amusement called "Comedy of pain" involving jokes to the Ed's for no reason since the episode "Sir-Ed-A-lot" where Ed throws Eddy a cactus and Sarah is laughing all the way then she & Jimmy spent the rest the of the day breaking everything in the house getting Ed into trouble and constantly giving them pain & misery for the wrong reason's. I'd like to see her be beaten by Mandy from Billy & Mandy this character could've triggered more Teen Titans GO on Cartoon Network - Jonathan Lafferty facebook don't vote for Peter Griffin Patrick Star or Mr. Krabs

Basically an exaggeration of my little sister laugh out loud.
Seriously though, Kevin is the only ed edd n eddy character worse than sarah

25 Winslow T. Oddfellow

I loved the episode when CatDog sells him as "Mean Mouse". I got mad when he came back, but he was trapped in a box and Dog wanted to put him in the bottom of the toy chest. I don't like Winslow at all. He's just a jerk.

Well one thing is this whole entire list is more of a least favorite list than an ugliest list because the only one that IS ugly is Vicky.

The meanest mouse ever. I hope the cat half of CatDog gets to throw him off a cliff.

This is the type of smug, elitist, OBNOXIOUS bastard you'd want to slug in the face.

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