10 Worst Celebrity Couples

This list is about the worst celebrity couples that are or ever were.

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21 Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles

Put it at #1 that's horrible!

He can do better - azfiri

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22 Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Just dump him already.

They broke up!

23 Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande
24 Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards

This is the worst couple ever, I hated seeing them together it made me want to slap them. Just because they are both in a band doesn't mean you have to date.

This couple is so bad, Zayn didn't even bother getting the engagement ring back.

This couple is so bad, he ended the engagement through a text message.

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25 Ashton Irwin & Bryana Holly
26 Ashley Cole & Cheryl Cole

Trying to think of what didn't go wrong in that relationship...

27 Jai Brooks & Ariana Grande

It just didn't work out. He wasn't supportive to her AT ALL when her grandpa died.

28 Gerard Way & Lyn-Z

Although they seem to look like a loving couple, Lindsey has done some pretty vile things to Gerard. Such as practically forcing him to cut off all ties with his own family (especially his mother), called him fat, sold his clothing online, is one of the reasons why My Chemical Romance (Gerard's band) broke up, and many other things. Not to mention, she's not a great mother either. - Catacorn

Why would Gerard marry an ugly witch? She wants to be the next Kurt & Courtney. Not going to happen. The reason she is famous because of Gerard.

His witch is the main reason who broke up My Chemical Romance.

29 Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris
30 Ike & Tina Turner

This relationship was horrible it was a story of abuse and not being able to escape for years...she even told her story (albeit not fully true) on that move what's love got to do with it

31 Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
32 Paul McCartney & Heather Mills
33 Flava Flav & Brigitte Nielsen
34 Glen Campbell & Tanya Tucker
35 Taylor Lautner & Selena Gomez
36 Richie Sambora & Cher
37 Ross Lynch & Laura Marano
38 Pauly D & Angelina Pivarnick
39 Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna
40 Michael Clifford & Camila Cabello

This is just a hell no

AAAH! I didn't know he dated her
Disgusting.. - Musicislife

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