Worst CGI in 2019 Movies

Wow... we definitely had some really weird CGI moments in 2019. Let’s take a look at the worst CGI moments in 2019.

The Top Ten Worst CGI in 2019 Movies

1 The Cats - Cats

You saw this coming. Literally the number one spot for CGI moments in 2019 movies goes to basically everything in Cats. This movie is downright uncanny and terrifying. The reason? The awful CGI. The Cats look so nightmarish. They look like sleep demons. Human faces mixed with Cats don’t mix. Plus, this movie also had CGI Cockroaches in it too. Yeah, it’s all bad. This movie is terrifying and unbearable. I literally feel bad for the actors, director, and the CGI designers that made this movie. This movie is an absolute epic disaster. - RadioHead03

Humans with cat butts and fur? CREEPY! - BurnAux

This film is garbage.

I heard even furries rejected these furry things. - Cyri

2 Sonic’s Original Design - Sonic The Hedgehog

The original sonic design looks like a human child and blue hedgehog that came straight out of a nightmare from the devil. - BurnAux

Just remember, we had horrifying looking Goombas and Koopa Troopers in the 1993 Mario Movie.

To be real here... the Sonic movie did release in 2020, but it was suppose to release in 2019. It got delayed because of this thing right here. I know this CGI moment was from a movie trailer in 2019, but Sonic’s original design was so hideous, I couldn’t help myself adding it on here. I mean look at it. It looks terrifying. It looks like a sleep demon. Look at his teeth. Gross. And his hands. Oh god. Thankfully, Paramount listened to the backlash, and decided to change Sonic’s design. His new design looks so much better. - RadioHead03

3 The Genie - Aladdin

So we had freaky Cats, a sleep demon Sonic, and now we have a Blue Smurf on the list. Now thankfully, The Genie’s CGI didn’t take up the entire movie, but with the scenes involving him, it was all bad. This thing is so terrifying. Will Smith looks like a Smurf. Man, the Aladdin Remake was absolutely garbage. But, The Genie was probably one of the best parts of the movie. Will Smith did a pretty great job playing as him. But his Blue CGI was terrible. Just downright terrifying. - RadioHead03

4 The Fight Scenes - Midway

Midway was a pretty bad movie. The worst thing about the movie was definitely the messy CGI fight scenes. The explosions looked absolutely cheap, and the planes flying looked like rendered models for a PS2 game. But to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything since mr Roland Emmerich is known for really cheesy movies. - RadioHead03

5 Boots - Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

Seriously, what was up with the sleep demon CGI characters in 2019? There were so many. Boots in the Dora And The Lost City Of Gold movie was pretty terrifying. His eyes look absolutely soulless. Although the movie wasn’t that bad, the CGI on Boots was definitely rough around the edges. - RadioHead03

This should be at #1.

6 The Giant Battle Scene - Hellboy

Ugh, this movie was truly awful. And the CGI was absolutely awful too. This scene in particular was the worst. Why? Well every time the camera moves, the giants are just a gigantic blob of blur. And it’s terrible. But to be real, the film had a $50 million budget, so no wonder why it looks cheap. - RadioHead03

The gore kind of looks like that it came from a modern PC game. - BurnAux

7 The Moving Mouths On The Animals - The Lion King

I honestly loved the remake but I will admit this was the worst thing about it. The CGI when it came to mouths moving was pretty bad. - AwesomeJawson

Despite The Lion King Remake being the worst remake ever created in cinematic history, the CGI on the animals was so realistic. I have to admit, the CGI actually looked pretty impressive. However, every time the mouths moved on the animals, it did look pretty rough around the edges. Especially when they start to sing. It looks really awful. One scene where Adult Simba is single Hakuna Matata, he looks like he’s got something stuck in his tooth, and he can’t get it out. It looks really bad. Just like this film. - RadioHead03

8 Captain Marvel Crashing Into Earth - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is definitely a movie that doesn’t deserve to be in the top ten of the worst movies of 2019 list. Just like how Dora And The Lost City Of Gold is number 1 on that list. There are worser movies out there. Anyways, Captain Marvel did have some pretty good CGI. However, not all of the CGI moments in the movie couldn’t be spectacular. One scene, where CM falls from space or whatever, and falls back to Earth. And the CGI looked really rough during this scene. When Captain Marvel is falling, the ground looks like mud rather than dirt and gravel when she falls. Not all of the movie’s CGI was bad though. However, this scene in particular wasn’t the greatest CGI moment in Marvel movies. - RadioHead03

9 The Coyote Fight Scene - A Dog’s Way Home

I actually forgot this movie existed until I was doing research for this list. Not to shabby of a movie. It’s pretty cute. However, this film did have some hilariously awful CGI. One scene in particular has to be the coyote fight scene. In this scene, Bella has to fight off coyotes. And Bella is all CGI’d up. You can tell every time she does something in this scene, Bella transforms into a CGI creature. And this movie also has a CGI Bobcat, who also looks really fake. But, the film did have a $18 million budget, so I’m not to surprised that the CGI looked really awful. - RadioHead03

10 The Truck Chase Scene - Terminator: Dark Fate

This film was pretty... overwhelming. One scene in particular was the truck chase scene. It was so awful honestly. Rev-9’s face looks like an action figure in this scene every time he did something. And it looked really awful. He looked like a CGI Action Figure. I honestly found this movie to be very overwhelming. And wasn’t really a fan of it. And this scene is just awful. - RadioHead03

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