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1 Mikaela Banes Mikaela Banes

Says the Megan Fox fanboy who loves to jack off to her and is always rude to others with different opinions he likes to have fun insulting.

She did at least help Bumblebee defeat one of the Decepticons during the final battle in the first movie. But, yeah, I know why she's on the list. It's that she either has no personality, a generic Mary-Sue, or both. Oh, and she received too much praise just because of her attractiveness! By the way, the previous comment I wrote was to one of those Megan Fox fantards who made a rude comment just to defend her.

She's a bitch, really I mean yeah she's pretty but her acting is of a porn star...WOW

2 Skids

He was so annoying, the general negative fan reaction towards him and Mudflap lead to his planned appearance being dropped entirely. And even when they did in the IDW version of the events, they were both killed off by Sentinel Prime. Thank God.

He's really annoying, worst transformers character ever.

Both Skids and Mudflap have just proven that everything in the entire Transformers trilogy are the main definition of "polarizing", "schism", and "broken base". Plus, you are not, I repeat, NOT stupid for liking the infamous Autobot twins at all (along with other things like this)!

Slips an Mudflop are annoying

3 Carly Spencer

She's more terrible than Banes, she doesn't fit well in one of these Transformers movies.

I liked her as a character she's optimistic an Mikaela all Mikaela did was look glamorous and begged a am to say he loved her thought out the entire 2nd film😒...not much character development here. Carly is better and better acting

She is just a bitch in the movie. There is no way around it. And she didn't get any dirt on her the whole time. You are in a flipping war zone wearing white, you will get dirty!

4 Mudflap Mudflap

Ha they can't fight

Those two twins Skids and Mudflap are so racist

Him and skids are just terrible characters.

All the other robots on this list (excluding skids) were absolutly great, but then there's the twins! What was Michael bay thinking! Mudflap is just blah, and I wish the Michael bay went with the G1 skids, because it would be ten times as better then these bucket heads!

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5 Devastator

A giant walking junkyard. Boo hoo! Talk about ugliness and terrible design of the character

Talk about disappointing.

6 Starscream Starscream Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers franchise. He is one of the most frequently occurring characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all versions of the story.

Such a coward

Guess how stupid & small Starscream is in comparison to other Transformers.

Your Favorite Martian will also have Amy Rose form Sonic having arch-rivalries with Starscream.

I barely knew that he was in the films. I didn't even know it was him

Imagine Amy Rose calling Starscream stupid.

7 Judy Witwicky

The Jar Jar Binks of this series.

Maybe not a clear winner in this category, but should be top 5, easy. Is there any point in the first three movies where she isn't awkward, high (and awkward), or being annoying to her son (who only helps save the world again and again)? Cut every scene she's in and you lose nothing from the plot (and as a bonus, the movie becomes slightly less agonizingly long! ). THAT is there very definition of a terrible character. For all my loathing of Sam's girlfriends, at least their characters contribute to the plot, Judy is just a character that was inserted for comic relief... unfortunately, she's not funny.

The character to bring some of the most terrible and cringe worthy moments in the Transformers franchise. If the awful romantic dialog between Sam and Mikaela and racist characters in the first two movies don't turn you off, Judy definitely will.


8 Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers franchise. Throughout his incarnations, he is usually distinguished by a laser cannon instead of one of his hands and his distinctive face, which is featureless save for a single robotic eye.

Shockwave is just plain lazy. He did absolutely nothing but to sick his giant pet worm on everybody, stood there and not fight Optimus himself, and he ended up getting killed off during the final battle.

Shockwave serves no purpose in Transformers Dark Of The Moon and does nothing other than die

At least he looked cool... He sucked at everything else though.

He's my favourite transformers character but Michael Bay came along and screwed him up
(at least in 4 he has 2 heads)

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9 Dylan Gould

That idiot thinks that he can getaway with things.

I'm glad that Sam killed him.

Dylan is in hell and he wonders why he lost.

He just a rich man who can't fight

He is an unoriginal human villain of the Transformers continuity who predictably has a plot twist by turning out to be secretly working for the Decepticons.

I wanted him to melt away just like Ironhide!

That will teach him not to mess with the Autobots!

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10 Leo Spitz

One of the most annoying and unnecessary characters in movie history. Even Sam is better than him.

He is a grade A idiot

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11 Harold Attinger

Glad Prime Killed him

This is what he gets for betraying the transformers

Getting killed by a prime means you really pissed him off

Michael Bay sure does hate the government. Doesn't he?

Another unoriginal government douche!

12 Sam Witwicky Sam Witwicky

Please disregard my other complaints. Apparently though, I actually don't care about Sam Witwicky. Since he's portrayed by Shia Labeouf, he was extremely popular among the girls, boys who want to be like him, and wouldn't be popular among the haters as well. Since he's not starring in Transformers 4, do us all a favor and please let him go! He will come back if he feels like it.

THERE I SAID IT! GO AHEAD AND SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME! I MEAN IT! Sure he's the main iconic human character, but most of you fans just want more screentime of him and more of his "NONONONONONO" speech! I know it's supposed to add humor to the already ridiculous PG-13 movie, but the way he always makes a big deal over things is not that funny to me. OF COURSE HE IS A TEENAGER! GET OVER IT!

He's annoying, always overreacts, screams out, talks rapidly, and I bet only real simpletons think it's funny and cute!

Sorry, Sam Witwicky fans. He is not going to be in "Transformers: Age of Extinction". Get over it! Stop fighting over him! Yes he's the main character of all the films, but most of you guys went there to see Shia Labeouf! I bet you can diss on Optimus Prime and the Autobots and the Decepticons! Go ahead! SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME! I'M DONE!

13 Savoy

This is what he gets for messing with Cade Yeager

14 Seymour Simmons

I think that Simmons just got shoehorned into the movie continuity. "Seymour Simmons"? Come on, already. He should've been called "Chip Chase" or something like that! Apparently, since the first film, he's just there for slapstick such as intimidating Sam and Mikaela, only to be intimidated by the Autobots, having the rest of Sector 7 chase the Autobots, only to capture Bumblebee, forcing us to hate him, argue with Sam, calling Megatron "N.B.E. 1", get intimidated by Captain Lennox and his military crew, etc. In the sequel, he was blaming Sam for the termination of Sector 7, only to end up becoming an ally very quickly. I'm not sure if he really likes Sam Witwicky and in love with Mikaela, calling her a criminal and flirting her at the same time.

If you don't like Simmons, that's fine. But I consider him to be a favourite character in all 3 films from certain fans. Yeah, I know. Nobody cares about him. He's been hated on by fans who turn out to be Bumblebee fanboys! I'm not kidding. Since he was a secret government conspirator, what were you expecting him to do? Get killed off for good? I believe he is obviously an anti-hero who is not very iconic.

If they put Simmons as the main character in the sequels in the first place, fans are gonna have a HUGE fit just because he is a stereotypical government douche/conspiracy nut who captures Bumblebee as an alien an refuses to give him back!

Just a cliched, unfunny, unoriginal, stereotypical mama's boy who worked for the government and even the actor had trouble with the script!

15 Theodore Galloway

Michael Bay did one thing right with this character, he wanted you to hate him and I did... Unfortunately, I don't like to hate him, I'd like to see Hound shove a grenade down his throat.

I'm glad he got fired at the end.

Another stereotypical government douche who just hates the Autobots and wants them to leave Earth just because they're aliens causing trouble.

16 Charlotte Mearing

Great, yet another stereotypical government douche! First Simmons, then Galloway, and now THIS B*TCH! Why? Just why? Now she's helping out just because she had no choice?

17 Chromia
18 Lockdown Lockdown

Nah man he sucks

Lockdown was possibly the best character in the film franchise, being one of the only ones with some character development

19 Wheelie Wheelie

The most annoying robot in the transformers series since the gobots

Hey general it's me Wheelie! They wouldn't let me into the war room ta see ya! So I had to hack my way onto this frequency.

-This better be critical Wheelie

Sir come on. When is it not, please. Okay, so a couple o' things. I'm running low on the WD40 and the mattress in my barracks is a little squishy... Also I was thinking of taking a couple months sick leave maybe starting today. And oh... Oh yeah... I intercepted a transmission- from Megatron!

-Then send it thro-

Yes sir right away sir! And so I'll assume we're good on the other stuff?

Wattpad @transtron Quotes from Wheelie from the Transformers ride at Universal Orlando. Gives you a bit of knowledge that kid robot has.

I like him in TF3 I mean he and brains replaced skids & mudflap (that people hated-heck my mom did😤 to ME they were ok-funny but lots of peole hated them) do yeah he seems to be very close with Bumblebee (besides brains) and always feels safe around him. Yeah wheelies an OK character

20 Bumblebee Bumblebee Bumblebee is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. In most incarnations, Bumblebee is a small, yellow Autobot with most of his alternative vehicle modes inspired by several generations of the Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird muscle cars.

Well he's very lovable & popular and a badass autobot solider & loyal guardian of sam but well...AFTER the 2nd movie of even after the 1ST movie his voice should have been repaired but Michael bay thought him talking through the radio was cute do they screwed up so now he's too lazy to find a voice actor for him I'd go for Will Friedle instead of Mark Ryan. Will did a better job but do yeh

I mean I love Bee he's an awesome character a solider a neuterer a caring man he is a protector and the essence of a guardian and'll do anything to protect sam but buy the 3rd movie he should have had his voice back

Awesome character! Please for god sake! Let Bee talk now! He's the most beloved charcter in the whole dang movie! Make him be voiced by Will Friedle NOT mark Ryan. (because Will Friedle is amazing) he's very talented and people Have confirmed him as Bee's official voice actor. I mean he's courageous, fiercely loyal, protective, a solider, a neuterer, and a great guardian/older brother type figure🐝LOVE HIM💖

21 Optimus Prime Optimus Prime Optimus Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. Optimus Prime is consistently depicted as having strong moral character, excellent leadership, and sound decision-making skills, and possesses brilliant military tactics, powerful martial arts, and advanced alien weaponry.

The only one I hate The Michael Bay one

Ok well I LIKE Optimus Prime he's a great leader he's loyal fearless noble and kjnd hearted but the only thing he talks about is protecting humans and making speeches THTS IT really I mean he fights off the bad guys but always gets his ass kicked-or at lest before he kicks there's anyways-

I like Optimus Prime-he's a another badass who's a fearless leader/father figure to sam and (most importantly) Bumblebee (because he loves Bee more than the other autobots) he has a GREAT voice no doubt Peter Cullen is great at that BUT-all he does in the film series is make speeches from intro to end, gets his ass kicked every time he fights,(Bee NEVER get hurt when he fights, sure he's thrown onto the ground here & there but NOT like that) talks about protecting humans-not that there's a problem with that-and...no thts it. He's a good leader, stoic, manly, fearless, loyal, loved, caring, a mentor, and he's GREAT in TF 1-3 4th he went downhill FAST-so did Bee I mean there's not a moment where these 2 amazing charcters mention what happened to their (well Bee's) charge, Sam Witwicky.😐😱I mean they've protected him throughout the TF series and now he's moved onto Cade Yeager and thinks he's better or somthin...REALLY PRIME? but yes he's wise (in some ways) but I mostly just liked ...more

22 Ron Witwicky
23 Glen Whitmann

The only thing I like about this dude is that he screams at his grandma to shut up and drink her prune juice.

24 Strongarm (RID)

I really hate her. She acts like a huge bitch to literally everyone she sees

25 Jerry Wang

The only scene about him I like is how he encountered Laserbeak.
"Oh, sh*t! Huh? Who wants chicken dinner now, b*tch? Because somebody messed with the wrong Wang today! "

26 Joshua
27 Alice

The scene of alice reveals herself to be a decepticon feels as if that scene was taken from a horror movie

28 Crosshairs

Uhh, not so much to say 'bout this guy

29 Sentinel Prime Sentinel Prime Sentinel Prime is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers series. First mention of Sentinel Prime was in issue #65 of the US Marvel Comics Transformers series, where he was mentioned to hold the Autobot Matrix of Leadership before Optimus Prime.

Traitor of autobots now turned into a decepticon. Glad Optimus killed him. - SelfDestruct

30 June Darby
31 Professor Colan
32 Megaton Megaton Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by Hasbro in 1984, based on a toy design by Takara.
33 Que/Wheeljack

Oh god I hate this character first appeared in DOTM and his design makes me regret I watched the movie

34 Mixmaster

The most USELESS character in the whole movie. Appeared for barely few seconds before Ironhide killed him

35 Roadbuster
36 Quintessa

She is a great deceiver to any transformers, along side Dylan Gould, Harold Attinger, Savoy And Lockdown, she is definitely the most hated of them all. she tried to manipulate/brainwash or corrupt optimus prime to find merlin's staff and almost killed bumblebee to get it. I'm happy bumblebee killed her. why does every villain in the transformers universe want not just cybertron but earth too.

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