Top Ten Worst Charities

If crap like this happens then I'm sorry if I sound like a heartless arse but why should I support charities if all they are is a scam? From killing innocent healthy animals to unethical investments, these are the charities which make us sick.

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I do agree with the fur motives, but their advertisement campaigns are ridiculous, and they even got mad at a young farmer boy for trying to sell a cow so he could get a school trip. Also, they attack Nintendo games for "animal cruelty", when none of it is even that bad. - Swellow

People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

I just despise that Pokemon Black and Blue game PETA made to antagonize the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon is about forming bonds and friendship between Trainer and Pokemon, not animal abuse. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They offended me because they said cow milk is linked with autism also they spend less than 1 percent of there budget helping animals - HugoS

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2 Kids Wish Network

Kids Wish Network give over 90% of their donations to solicitors and about 5% to the charity founders. That leaves a very minescule amount of funds to their cause. - Cazaam

This foundation sucks

3 Comic Relief

I can't believe I used to fund these turds. This charity claims to help impoverished countries in Africa and what does my money go to along with thousands of pounds worth of other donations? It goes to the military. "in 2009 the charity had £630,000 invested in shares in weapons firm BAE Systems." - BBC

I can't support an organisation which has lied to the country and put the money I donated into arms dealers and alcohol companies and not helping to end poverty like they say they are. - Cazaam

4 Benevolence International Foundation

A fake charity set up by Osama Bin Laden's brother-in-law to simply fund the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda allowing it to get more weapons and artillery. The "charity" has been banned by the UN Security Council.

The group stated that it was "helping those afflicted by wars. BIF first provides short-term relief such as emergency food distribution, and then moves on to long term projects providing education and self-sufficiency to the children, widowed, refugees, injured and staff of vital governmental institutions." Do you want lies with that? - Cazaam

5 Locks of Love

A charity which is for making wigs out of real hair people donate for cancer patients... Well I thought so, actually it's for people with alopecia. Sounds fine so far but you know what's not so fine? That only 3% of the hair they receive is made into wigs for the patients... So what happened to the other 97% ey? Well, I understand if it's grey but I doubt 97% is grey. - Cazaam

This IS a pointless Charity! - BacklegoplanesProductions

Just got a haircut today. Hope the hairdresser doesn't give my knotty old tresses to these people - GlassweighanCountess

Yeah, this charity is trash. - InfinateSuperstorm

6 British Heart Foundation

No the BHF is dedicated to helping people in the UK with heart disease

DONATIONS to one of Britain’s biggest health charities are being used to fund experiments on dogs in vivisection laboratories. I trusted you with my money BHF. Why are we experimenting on dogs here and then just leaving them to die? I guess they're cooperating with PETA. - Cazaam

7 Autism Speaks

My sister did some research on this charity once and apparently only ten percent of the money actually goes to the families with the person who has autism. Seriously are they that shallow?! - Anonymousxcxc

I just looked up why Autism Speaks is bad, and from what I've seen, they are nothing but a bunch of horrible inhumane douchebags. Some of their employees have actually antagonized autism on video. Um, hello? You're supposed to be helping people with autism! Not making them look like people who belong in an asylum! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You know, for a company that claims to help autism they sure do seem to know how to piss off the people that they're supposed to help

50% goes to curing Autism, but they hate us, and want to kill us. - JustaLittleProBenedictArnold10

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8 Cancer Fund of America

A shockingly low percentage of the money raised actually goes to the cause. Time to shock you, that number is less than 1%. - Cazaam

9 Clinton Foundation

They are crooks. Most evil people in today's world.

This is a totally corrupt organization.

The worst!

Everything the Clintons do is for their pocket book. They are the worlds most evil


A con which masquerades as a charity. Using the most demented advertisements on T.V. to pull the sympathy strings of people who see them, to get them to donate to this "cause" - Cazaam

Bs his is abrilliant charity they always are there for vulnerable children

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11 United Way

Not as bad as PETA but they still manage to kill half the animals that they "help" The good things they do are for all to see but they sure hide the bad things they do. Royal Society of Putting an end to Cute Animals... Well, that's the best I can do. - Cazaam

Much better than PETA, but they do euthanise animals - HugoS

You are poo!

13 Red Cross

They are ruthless, Harvey victims meals consist of 4 crackers, bolagna and fruit.

14 Planned Parenthood
15 Oxfam
16 Children in Need

I did not put this on here because I thought it was going to a bad cause, but because I absolutely hate Pudsey and the show that they make every year. - aldwych94

17 Sport Relief
18 Stonewall

I don’t like this charity

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