Top Ten Worst Club Penguin Parties

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21 Merry Walrus Party 2014

I liked having the mascot but I missed the Christmas look that everything use to have :( darn now I am sad

Club penguin was lazy only like 4 rooms were decorated And normally the iceberg would have A tree its like a tradition but nooo club penguin sucked there minds differ

Christmas for all these years, and now we have the Merry Walrus. I love the Merry Walrus and the "movie," but this with the Christmas stuff on old CP just puts the party list out of whack.

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22 Operation Hot Sauce

Just a boring party with nothing to do. The plot was good, there just wasn't really a whole lot of stuff to do. Otherwise, It was good.

23 Puffle Party 2016
24 Operation: Triumph

There isn't nothing to do, boring storyline, lack of items and mostly they are for members. I also wanted to pointed out that the finale is just to plain easy and boring.

25 Frozen Fever Party 2016 V 1 Comment
26 Teen Beach Party

That party was so bad that there were people throwing snowballs at the people on stage. The only redeeming thing about this party was the funky 60's stuff and the motorcycle. All of which were ONLY for members. Haha. Thanks, Disney

27 Zootopia Party 2016

Just another crappy takeover with nothing to do.

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