Worst Doctor Who Episodes from 2005 Onwards


The Top Ten

1 The Rings of Akhaten (Series 7.2)

No,this episode was amaizing and moving and relatable.

Where can I start, this episode was extremely boring, unbelievable and to make it even worse, Singing, they sing to calm down some god... The only highlight of the episode is Matt's speech, the rest, BORING... - RickyReeves

I can't agree more, this made me question the entire franchise. - PositronWildhawk

I honestly feel asleep

2 In The Forest of The Night (Series 8)

I like this one if it's the one where the trees spawn everywhere - Harri666

Like most of Series 8 it was boring

3 Robot of Sherwood (Series 8)

Once again, boring, couldn't they find a better actor to play Robin Hood, absolutely wooden, but Jenna Coleman (Clara) saved this episode in my honest opinion. - RickyReeves

4 Love and Monsters (Series 2)

I get that everything here is opinion but come on, how can "42" be just below this?

5 The Long Game (Series 1)
6 42 (Series 3)

This episode is so unbelievably by the numbers. Definitely worth a skip.

7 The Lazarus Experiment (Series 3)
8 A Town Called Mercy (Series 7.1)
9 Fear Her (Series 2)

Fear her was actually a really good episode in my opinion

10 Deep Breath (Series 8)

The Contenders

11 Planet of the Ood (Series 4)
12 The Wedding of River Song (Series 6)
13 Nightmare in Silver (Series 7.2)
14 Dinosaurs On a Spaceship (Series 7)
15 Kill the Moon (Series 8)
16 The Vampires of Venice (Series 5)
17 The Lodger (Series 5)
18 A Good Man Goes to War (Series 6)

In my own personal opinion, this is where Doctor Who did an infamous "Jump the Shark". The plot was too cluttered, the ark wasn't well rounded up, the characters were forgettable and the god damn Paternoster Gang.

19 Let's Kill Hitler (Series 6)
20 Heaven Sent (Series 9)

Because he spent A BILLION YEARS, PUNCHING THROUGH A WALL. How many seconds in eternity? I don't know, start by counting the ones in this episode.

21 The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (Series 1)

Easily the worst story of all time. It's not scary, it's stupid, overlong, boring, anticlimatic, and just ridicolous. SPOILER: everything could've been solved in five minutes if Nancy were to just say yes. That's ALL it takes!

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