Worst Doctor Who Stories

Even though Doctor Who has some amazing episodes, there are many that are absolutely terrible. What is your worst story ever? This covers classic and modern stories.

The Top Ten Worst Doctor Who Stories

1 Love and Monsters

I used to love this episode when I first watched it, but when I recently re-watched, I realised how unfunny, badly written and odd this episode was. Considering this was such a good era for Who, this episode could definitely have been better.

I never understood all that hate. Maybe the bit where Ursula is revived is bad, but the rest is entertaining, emotional and fun. Victor Kennedy's a great villain; clever, manipulative and cunning. The opening scene is great, and I think we need more of the unnamed monster at the beginning. It includes a lot more good stuff. So that's my opinion and please don't start hating on me.

This episode is just: no. No episode has had a face sucking overweight mcdonalds mascot as a monster. This episode dissapointed me. Come on. No one cares about Jackie Tyler anyways, and they make a big fit about how (whatever the guys name is, I don't want to remember) is actually spying on her. Doctor who has failed at a love story, but angels take manhattan comes back for the saddest episode ever.

Whoever written this episode must have been high, drunk or plain stupid. I watched this episode and felt like this was the worst 45 minutes of my life... What a joke...

2 The Twin Dilemma

This episode is criminally underrated, why do people hate this episode? - RickyReeves

I have nothing against Colin Baker or the Sixth Doctor, but the episodes were just too atrocious to watch. And the beginning, The Twin Dilemma, was a perfect sign to show how bad Doctor Who was gonna get.

Colin Baker is not really good at all as the doctor

A perfect example of getting everything wrong and why you should NEVER PORTRAY THE DOCTOR AS A ARSEHOLE!

3 In the Forest of the Night

I think this one is underrated. Not great, but I'd give it a 3/5.

Boring, stupid plot and very annoying characters. 3/10

The doctor is unneeded in this episode. The matter resolves itself.

Anyone else think Doctor Who is now under Steven Moffat's control and he doesn't care about continuity post Revived Series or making the show scientifically accurate? Still not agreeing, watch this episode and try denying those facts.

4 Fear Her

Once this girl was identified as dangerous, the notion that she'd ever be left alone at any time was ludicrous. Still not sure how the monster dad in the closet helped the story.

This is the absolute worst episode of the new series since 2005 that I have seen. However, I have not seen series 9 yet and I hear the episode Sleep No More is really bad too.

The ANNOYING girl pulled this episode down like a 1000 tonne weight. And just imagine what we could have gotten from Stephen Fry instead.

The idea looked good on paper, but on the small screen, it didn't do it. - DapperPickle

5 Time Flight

The plot makes no sense! Why was the master tacked on to the story and why were the planes even stolen!

Oh my gosh. This episode is so BORING! One of the most boring Doctor Who episodes I've ever seen.

I'm so sorry Peter Davison, but this story was quite obviously an absolute flop

I do recall this one being a drag and a run about for nothing. Forgettable

6 Kill the Moon

Oh how I hate this episode. To be fair, it wasn't TERRIBLE for the first bit of the episode, but Courtney is obnoxious the whole time, and that plot twist... is just so bad. I absolutely despise this episode, and 20 is not a good place for it. It's worse than Love and Monsters, and honestly, I think Fear Her is an excellent episode, at least when compared to this one. - LarkwingFlight

I loved most of this episode, but the Moon being an egg was stupid. Everything else is 10/10 material for me.

I just cannot take the whole concept of the Moon being a bloody egg, I hate the cast and I hate the new Doctor Who. This has got to be the most terrible episode of the new Doctor

The Moon being not a moon but an egg? Really?

7 The Rings of Akhaten

Not quite as bad as "Closing Time", but it's pretty damn close. Conveniently placed space scooter vender, who just happens to accept Clara's mother's wedding ring as payment? New, never-before-seen (or after) forcefield function from the sonic screwdriver, keeping enemies at bay? A big, long-winded speech about being really old, but just once more saving everyone? An equally long-winded speech about the infinite potential energy of a leaf? That part honestly reminded me of Krusty the Clown making up guests like 'Professor Gas Can'. Over-sentimental rubbish, trying to pull a few heartstrings to cover up a severe lack of any substance.

This is absolute rubbish. The Rings Of Akhaten is a beautiful masterpiece.
The visuals are amazing, the script is brilliant, the characters are unforgettable
And the emotions it carries are beautiful. Not only is it the most underrated
Doctor Who episode, but it is one of the best pieces of television I've seen in
My life.

Actually visually a step forward for the show, dumb script but everything else about it (Visuals, music and doctors speech) were amazing. Underrated to be honest.

To be honest though, I may be the only one to say this but, I kind of like this episode. EVEN IF it may have LOADS of plot holes, I still like it

8 Sleep No More

Whilst it does try a new perspective on the found footage genre, it was really generic and too scary to show to children. I know Doctor Who has been too "silly" in the past, but you can't go into slasher-horror mode and perform that feat before the watershed hour.

Extremely boring piece of DW. I didn't care about the supporting cast. Monster of the week was an eye dust something. Moments which should have been scary or thrilling were just boring. Only the ending saves th

I found it to be average

I vowed to never watch this episode after the first time. Enough said.

9 Let's Kill Hitler
10 Terminus

Bye bye Nyssa. Shame. This story from Davison could have actually been very good, if the acting wasn't like carrot juice!

The Contenders

11 Hell Bent

Positives: Peter is always good even if what he is given is wrong he acts brilliantly, and the first 20 minutes was tolerable even if a little bit boring. Negatives: They brought back Clara which I really disagreed with as she had an amazing death in Face The Raven, the doctor shoots the general which totally goes against the doctors character and everything he stands for. Gallifrey is wasted as they just leave the place at the halfway mark in the story, the doctor loses all his memories of Clara which I wouldn't mind if she hadn't died already and to top this awful mess off the hybrid story arc is just brushed away as apparently the doctor didn't know if it was real or not it was just theories. In conclusion: Hell Bent is a mess of a story with it bringing Clara back which undermines Face The Raven and Heaven Sent which are some of the better episodes in series 9, Gallifrey is just used to bring Clara back and then the doctor just leaves and the hybrid story arc is completely ruined ...more - TheGamingLad

I much preferred the version where the Doctor returned to Gallifrey to find the Capitol in ruins and an alliance between the Davros and Missy. The population of the Capitol had been evacuated and are now somewhere in the desert areas of the planet. Working together, Miss and Davros create the legendary Hybrid - the Dalek that can never die - and they prepare to invade the Universe with this Genius Level Dalek to lead the fight. Clara was captured and placed on Gallifrey using Time Lord/Dalek time travel technology. She is in the moment between life and death. The villains threaten to kill her if the Doctor interferes in their plan. Eventually the Doctor finds himself next to the body of Clara having tricked his way into the Stasis Room. He places her consciousness in to the Matrix and tearfully leaves her inanimate body. As he leaves the Stasis Chamber he sets his Sonic to create a force field around the chamber and expands and expands this to cover the whole Capitol. As the Dalkes ...more

I speak for everyone who's watch this episode for when I say "Why the hell would you bring back a character to send them off when you've already brought a fitting end to their story? ". I won't spoil who it is, but seriously, this episode is the worst of all series finales in the show's run, and, believe me, I've seen some terrible ones.

This episode undermines "Face the Raven" and "Heaven Sent", both of which present great character development for the Doctor. It also leaves the hybrid story arch is left unexplained and wastes the return to Gallifrey, which had been building up since the 50th anniversary. That's why people hate it so much.

12 The Wedding of River Song
13 Boom Town

Farting green aliens for 3/13 episodes of Season 1... No. Just no.

Boom Town wasn't that bad, I actually don't understand why is it so hated - RickyReeves

Boom Town is the definition of a filler episode, but it's not really that terrible.

Boom Town was fun I don't get all the hate :(

14 Heaven Sent

Oh come on, this one is the best in Series 9. Interesting story, full of great surprises and great development of the Twelfth Doctor's character. It's really the episode afterwards "Hell Bent" that deserves all the backlash.

I can't believe this is on here! It is one of my favourite stories! It has great acting and a great script. It worked as an abstract metaphor for conquering grief and is very mature and dark. 10/10

A brilliant evocation of what it means to be the Doctor, and just how far this man will go to do what he thinks is right. This episode is one of the best, plot holes and all, and no way should it be on any kind of "worst Doctor Who episodes" list.

This is the best episode in the whole doctor who

15 Robot of Sherwood

I liked this episode. It had a good sense of humor, and the acting was supposed to be a bit campy.

Extremely crappy acting (sans Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman) - RickyReeves

Peter capaldi's acting is enough. Its really enough.

Smack in the face for Capaldi fan's, make's no sense.

16 Timelash

Worst story ever, the plot has more holes than Swiss Cheese, the villain is absolutely crap, and it is boring. The worst part is that it's not even fun to watch fail, like Love & Monsters, or Fear Her.

I felt insulted as a fan of the show after I saw this episode. It's uncreative, extremely dull to just look at, and full of plot holes that could have been easily covered up.

The Doctor has to stop people using a windy tinsel-covered play area/time vortex and get rid of an evil dictator with a half hippopotamus face

When your titular Timelash device looks like something made of cardboard and tinfoil... Just give up.

17 The Face of Evil

A very tedious story, the plot was a computer who wanted the doctor's face? Seriously? - cameronbrown

I love this story.

18 A Good Man Goes to War

This set up all the weird, confusing story arc stuff that is hard to keep track of. I prefer an episode with its own plot. - Hajj

Slightly overrated, but still better than most of the second half of series 6. - IronSabbathPriest

This is really when Doctor Who went from good to bad. Thanks a lot Moffat, you fan-hating lunatic.

A bit rushed and that "Doctor's darkest hour" is named by an amature. Come on! He's been in worse scrapes. Otherwise, I enjoyed it.

19 The Eaters of Light
20 Time and the Rani

Time and the Rani was great! Why do people hate this episode! The part 1 cliffhanger is one of my favorite cliffhangers in Doctor Who. - RickyReeves

This is just unfortunate. It is not bad because of the stars and crew, it is bad because the BBC clearly did not care anymore about DW at this point.

Poor Sylvester McCoy. What a terrible start. A first episode worse than Colin Baker's.
This episode is full of uninspired dialogue and plot points, ridiculous monsters, pantomime-ish performances, and, worst of all, it's SO dull.

21 The Long Game

The best aspect of it is that Simon Pegg looks like he's having so much fun on set, but his character was really wasted, as was him as an actor. There were some interesting ideas, but the execution was not very good. Also, Adam comes across as really annoying in this one, by design or not.

. #Dumbest episode

22 Victory of the Daleks

I was excited for this episode at first, Daleks showing up in World War II? Seemed pretty cool! But the Daleks were not the Daleks we all saw as the evil war machines they were before, this time they were serving tea and pretending to be soldiers of the humans... Despite the Dalek's highest priority is to exterminate all life forms except them. The writing was terrible, it didn't all make sense, the Daleks were transformed into a bunch of colorful non-intimidating jokes. Also, don't get me started on the World War II Spitfires flying up to space and taking a Dalek Ship down!
This is the worst episode in my opinion because with other terrible episodes like "Fear Her" and "Love & Monsters" they are easily forgettable, but this one isn't.
This episode can't be ignored since it has a big impact on the Daleks, the monsters that appear far more frequent than any other in Doctor Who.

The thing is, in this one, the Daleks have a plan, and if they want that plan to succeed, they can't just exterminate everything they see. And it's not the first time they've pretended to be servants. They did that back in Power of the Daleks. - Galagion

A prime example of the new series' overuse of the daleks. Poorly written with incredibly stupid resolutions, with the worst design of the daleks by a very large margin.

Would you care for some tea?

It's not the worst episode of the revived series (in fact, there are episodes that are much, much, much, MUCH worse than this) but the concept of spitfires in orbit around Earth and Daleks that look like colourful bowling pins kind of drags it down.
But undoubtedly the worst thing in this episode by fifty country miles is the scene where the Doctor seems to think that a jammy dodger is a suitable weapon of choice for the Daleks and aims it at them thinking they're gonna retreat.
This is probably the stupidest decision the Doctor has made in nearly three hundred stories and fifty dozen books, audio stories, fan fiction and pretty much everything in the Doctor Who universe.
It had so much potential, but some of the concepts unfortunately didn't quite gel with me.

23 Warriors of the Deep

Terrible plot, embarrassing acting, Turlough deciding that the Doctor drowned after he fell in the water, and that Myrka pantomime horse sea monster thing. I don't know if the story about this episode putting classic Who on track for cancellation are true... but seeing that Myrka and the waste of the classic Silurians AND Sea Devils, it is plausible.


24 The Curse of the Black Spot

Boring and badly written. 4/10

Bad idea. Bad execution. Bad story.

25 The Girl Who Waited

This is my favourite episode of series 6. I don't understand the hate it gets. It is an emotional character piece with great writing and acting. 10/10

Complete bull, like most of series 6. this was all about the retarded Amy/Rory/Doctor love triangle.

Very overrated and boring

I agree. It's very mean-spirited and massively overrated.

26 Survival

WHAT?! Why is this here? Survival is one of the most popular Doctor Who episodes!

I love Survival. 9/10

27 The Web Planet

Why is it we can't see The Myth Makers or The Daleks' Master Plan, but we're forced to have this?

It's just absolutely boring.

Not very good

I like it - cameronbrown

28 Delta and the Bannermen

This is a brilliant one! Sure, the plot and development is pointless. The pacing can be weird. It's a fun run-around though! I found out that if you take this story seriously, you won't like it. I feel like this applies to every 7th Doctor story. - mediocre_doctor

One of the most pointless and boring episodes in the entire show.

Worst story ever! God's of Ragnock not withstanding! Sorry Ken!

29 The Gunfighters

Absolute bull. I could have fallen to sleep while watching this Western crap with a annoying song.

I'm from the US and I think this is GREAT! The tooth scene is genius!

The song was not only terrible but very obtrusive.

1) The song was terrible.
2) It was extremely slow, with not much story.
3) The accents were horrible, and hard to understand.
4) The plot with the Doctor's tooth was too gross.
5) It wasn't historically accurate.

30 Nightmare in Silver

This episode is why I don't like Clara she was an idiot she took the kids the baby sits on the trip and left them in a room of cybermen? It was also a really boring episode - goinsane413

This one would probably been decent, if it had been kept in it's original two-part format.

Disappointing but not bad. 7/10

I love this episode. What are you thinking

31 Underworld

If you ignore the crap blue screen it's actually not bad.

32 Daleks in Manhattan

I haven't seen a whole lot of the episodes post-series 5, the show just sort of went downhill for me after Matt Smith's first series in my opinion - not because of him, I thought he was a great Doctor, but simply down to what I saw as the poor storytelling of the writers. So because of this I guess I am a bit limited, but I'll roll with what I have.

Although I am really not a fan of 'Fear Her' and consider that episode a strong candidate for worst, I have to go with this joke of a story because episodes like Fear Her and Love & Monsters are stand-alone stories with no real ties to any other episodes and can pretty much be left and forgotten. Daleks in Manhatten, however, ties into a bigger and greater overall story, being an episode featuring the Daleks, and features some terribly ideas and ruins great characters, notably Dalek Sec. When Dalek Sec was first introduced in Army of Ghosts / Doomsday he came across as such a cool Dalek; visually different, truly evil in personality ...more

Daleks needing pig slaves+ Daleks feeling the need to make human dalek hybrids despite hating them+ a compassionate human-dalek that somehow survived through almost all of part 2= the absolute worst dalek story you could ever imagine. - lolimmaninja

Woeful, but with some good supporting performances.The thing I hated the most was the Doc being hit by lightning and shrugging it off. SUPER-MAN!

The pig slaves are nightmare fuel.
Why does Dalek Sec sound like Owen Wilson after becoming a hybrid?
David Tennant arrives at the pinnacle of his narm in this episode.

33 Amy's Choice

Who put this on here it was so unnerving and creepy and was just so clever!

Bad, very bad,

What's great about Amy's Choice?
It stars Toby Jones as the main villain - Need I say more?
That aside, it's creepy, it's unsettling, it's rather unpredictable, and it also says a fair bit about the characters of Amy, Rory and even the Doctor. Toby Jones was endlessly entertaining and unsettling as the Dream Lord.

34 The Eleventh Hour

I actually love The Eleventh Hour - it's a great story and introduction to the Eleventh Doctor. Why is this even on this list?

Absolutely horrific, they should never had of gotten rid of David Tennant even if he wanted to leave, and Russell T. Davies too! What is the world coming to! Terrible start for a new doctor, series and head writer Steven Moffatt! I'm glad he is leaving this series, good riddance!

35 Resurrection of the Daleks

Doctor Who with all of the life drained out of it. Tegan was right to leave after this story. It just wasn't fun anymore and it shows that Eric Saward had learnt all the wrong lessons from the success of Earthshock. With a Producer too busy with "Doable Barkers" and a Script Editor flailing about in search of a style to call his own and failing to come up with one, the show was doomed.

But I actually liked this episode. Julian Bleach will never match up to Terry Mulloy's performance.

God-awful, continuity-obsessed rip-off of Earthshock, with a terrible Davros, plot holes galore, stupid hats, tons of overacting, a Doctor who makes quips as he commits genocide and no plot to be found.

It is epic. - cameronbrown

36 The Crimson Horror

I really liked the Crimson horror. Gaming's best. 8.5/10

37 Castrovalva

Come on. This is a Master classic!

38 The Doctor's Daughter

Completely abysmal.

39 Face the Raven
40 Attack of the Cybermen

A great performance by Colin and the plot wasn't actually that bad... Although the theme tune was so overused and annoying!

Underrated, but the story goes nowhere until the Cybermen appear.

A very disappointing episode. Way too violent as well.

41 The Sensorites

Extremely underrated. I think it's an intriguing story, especially the mystery aspect of it.

I'm surprised it's this low on the list

42 The Trial of a Time Lord

No, just no. Trial was epic! This episode proved why Colin Baker deserved a chance as The Doctor - RickyReeves

I don't really count this as a story. It's more of a story arc.

43 Aliens of London
44 The Leisure Hive
45 Destiny of the Daleks

Classic Daleks at their absolute worst!

I'm the only one who thinks the gooderson davros is the best 910

46 Midnight

This is a fantastic episode! We get to see the Doctor's "I'm clever" attitude pushed back at him, we see frightened humans at their absolute worst(and I always felt this had been "helped" by whatever the entity was) No molly-coddling, no quick fix. Brilliant!

This one of nu-who's best stories! Never seen the doctor that helpless before! What ever that alien was...scared me.

I don't like this episode, but it's not one of the worst.

This episode was extremely stupid.

47 The Space Pirates

It's a bad episode, but no lost episode should stay lost.

Here's one lost episode that should stay lost.

48 The Name of the Doctor

I hate this one. It's a horrible conclusion to the impossible girl arc, and the monsters in it do pretty much nothing.

I liked the atmosphere of this episode, but I wish it made more sense.

49 Hide

Love will always save the day! God, if I had £1 every time that cliché happened, including this episode.

50 The King's Demons

Why on Earth would the Master want to stop the singing of the Magna Carta?

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