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41 Attack of the Cyberman

A great performance by Colin and the plot wasn't actually that bad... Although the theme tune was so overused and annoying!

Underrated, but the story goes nowhere until the Cybermen appear.

A very disappointing episode. Way too violent as well.

42 Underworld
43 The Name of the Doctor

I hate this one. It's a horrible conclusion to the impossible girl arc, and the monsters in it do pretty much nothing.

I liked the atmosphere of this episode, but I wish it made more sense.

44 Hide

Love will always save the day! God, if I had £1 every time that cliché happened, including this episode.

45 Delta and the Bannermen

One of the most pointless and boring episodes in the entire show.

46 The King's Demons

Why on Earth would the Master want to stop the singing of the Magna Carta?

47 Aliens of London
48 Closing Time

How To Ruin the Cybermen 101

Surprised to see this listed. Not the best Cybermen story, but far from the worst(that unfortunately was still to come in that travisty of a story plot involving Mr.Pink) This ep. is well written and fun the Stormageddon bit deserves credit by itself.

Considering James Corden's DW debut was one of the best episodes of the
Moffat era, viewers could have been forgiven for thinking this episode
could have been really good. The episode itself was not so forgivable.
Again, the Cybermen are back, with no explanation. They are living
underground, and low-key terrorizing a department store. Already, this
sounds terrible. But then they try and convert James Corden into a
Cyberman, but fail... because he loves his son too much... and then they
blow up. The worst episode since the reboot of the series. Possibly
even of all time.

49 Time of the Doctor

The whole team must have been high when they wrote this. It attempts to wrap EVERY plot thread from the past few years. Not only is that a near-impossible feat, but they try and throw in a bunch of other crap that doesn't really need to be there. Why are all of the Doctor's enemies returning AGAIN? (Moffat, you already did that with the Pandorica! ) What's up with that cameo from the Weeping Angels? Why does the Doctor only start visibly aging NOW when he's never done so before? In fact, how come this is his last regeneration, when neither the War Doctor or the meta crisis Doctor seemed to count as lives? And how the heck does he trick Clara THREE TIMES to go back to her own time?

Terribly written, terribly executed. I was never a fan of Matt Smith, but anyone deserves better than this.

50 The Leisure Hive
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