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21 Mountain Dew

Best in taste, definitely, but easily the worst for your health. If this list is about health as well, than this needs to be close to Rockstar at least

Why is this here? Moutain dew tastes really good! No one should hate it!

The best drink ever to come onto this earth - kylebuschfan18

How is this soda worst? This soda is good to tastes! - LapisBob

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22 Diet Coke

Tastes like flat coke. Gives a subtle nasal feeling like horseradish does, but instead of sniffles you get a headache. - airbb

It sucks and is false advertisement like Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero

Tastes like water with food coloring... - TopTenHaters

Pure Cancer, Enough Said. - SoloPotato

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23 Big Red Soda

This drink really is the worst tastes like carbonated peptobismol! Horrible.

24 Beer V 1 Comment
25 Mother Energy Drink

like off cola and I mean OFF - browney115

26 Cream Soda

What? Cream soda is tasty

It was so dissap

27 Strawberry Milkshake
28 Turnip Juice

It tastes like salty ass! I had to drink a whole glass of onion juice to get taste out my mouth.

I thought it said Trump Juice for a minute - SammySpore

29 Sprite Remix
30 Xzude

*shudder* This stuff is terrible. My grandpa bought it on sale, hated it and keeps trying to sneak bottles of it into the fridges of our family members. It's THAT bad! - kiwigreeneyes

31 Pibb
32 Budweiser
33 Club Soda
34 Black Cherry Soda
35 Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk is best I hate chocolate and banana milk but I like normal milk

I like white and chocolate milk, but I dislike strawberry milk.

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36 Fanta
37 Root Beer

Root beer is delicious. Why is this on the list?

I love the Great Value root beer. - TopTenHaters

Blame GreatKid123 for putting Root Beer on the list

Root Beer by far should be one of the best sodas. Maybe I'll pass up the root beer they have at Papa John's pizza. The Root Beer tastes like meds. Later I found out that the sugar level is below average of Mug's root beer, Banga's root beer, and A & W's root beer. Even the no name brand is better.
But seriously, root beer tastes like meds. It's allright but don't add ice cubes or it WILL taste like meds in a minute. - SuperBacca

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38 Water

WHAT!? Water is good for you! Why is it on this list!? Water is the main source of drink in the entire world! What would you expect!? Drinking soda while you are trying to survive!? I don't think so. If you drink soda, it rots your teeth, plus it's not good for you. But if you drink water, it doesn't rot your teeth and prevents you from getting thirsty, and it's a healthy drink! The people that only drink water are doing pretty well. But the people that only drink soda need to start drinking water or else you might get cavities, plus you might even have to get a dental implant, which is VERY bad, also, you might even have to get replacement teeth like bridges or even dentures. DRINK WATER! - TopTenJackson

What the heck how is water a bad drink, I don't understand when you people all die just remember it was because you didn't drink water, God put water on this earth not for you all to show hatred towards it.

Water? What, you are kidding? Water is the life even it has no taste to put it here

You would be dead without it. Who put this here? - TopTenHaters

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39 Sting Energy Drink
40 Sunkist Sunkist

It Tastes Terrible, Greanted Coke Makes It, No Wonder! Pepsi rules

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