Worst Eurovision Winners of the 2000s

The Top Ten

1 Russia 2008 - Dima Bilan: Believe

Ugh, one of many cheesy and generic Eurovision songs that shouldn't even had gotten to the final, not to mention winning Eurovision...

2 Azerbaijan 2011 - Ell & Nikki: Running Scared

Probably the most forgettable song in that year's contest. When I saw the voting and realized that so many countries gave points to Azerbaijan, I was like "what song was it again? " I couldn't remember. It was THAT vanilla, cliche and boring... Just forgettable

On votes per country alone, this song is the worst winner in eurovision history! Let alone in just the 2000's

This song isn't even good enough for the Disney Channel. What made those voting people think that this song was good enough to win Eurovision?

Just the worst song ever... I can't believe that eric saade lost against this stupid and annoying song! It just sucks so bad!

3 Latvia 2002 - Marie N: I Wanna

I can not believe such a song won the eurovision. If there was a semi-final this song should not evern make it to the final. But still I like Latvia and I am happy for Turkey's victory there. This band sounds like a voicemail.

4 Estonia 2001 - Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL: Everybody


5 Turkey 2003 - Sertab Erener: Everyway That I Can

Everyone says it was a rip off of another song. The songs of Urban Trad and T.A.T.U. were much better

good song did not deserve to win though - carrac111

It's not an orijinal song. Some parts are taken from a turkish song.

If the show was produced correctly t.A.T.u. would've won.

6 Serbia 2007 - Marija Serifovic: Molitva

Whoa whoa whoa... This is one of the greatest and powerful winners!

The worst Eurovision song in history.

7 Ukraine 2004 - Ruslana: Wild Dances

Am I the only one who thinks this song is just a tad overrated?

IT doesn't even sound like a song.

8 Greece 2005 - Helena Paparizou: My Number One

It's just an awful song, isn't it? It has no soul, no feeling. Look at her eyes, she sold her soul to the devil to win the contest. One of the peaks of the worst wave of english pop cheap songs. Just awful.

romania and malta were way better - carrac111

9 Germany 2010 - Lena: Satellite

This song was incredibly bad and dull. The singer had no sign of talent nor did she know what to properly say on the stage as she said the following when she won "eh thanks! "

Not to be confused with why we won't back down. - Ikura

This little girl wanders on to the stage singing a song that took 0 effort to make!
Her squeaky voice really gets on my nerves!

She didn't win because her song was good. Shw won because the other songs sucked completely.

10 Norway 2009 - Alexander Rybak: Fairytale

The best in Eurovision history!

I hated Norway's song.
The bad vocals mixed with cringe worthy lyrics

The Contenders

11 Finland 2006 - Lordi: Hard Rock Hallelujah

Greece was awesome in 2006, actually one of my favorite songs in eurovision history. But these guys (Lordi) suck. So childish, stupid masks.

12 Denmark 2000 - Olsen Brothers: Fly On The Wings Of Love
13 Denmark 2013 - Emmelie de Forest: Only Teardrops

Where do I even start with this one. This is possibly one of the worst winners in Eurovision history! It is boring, disgusting, cliche and Emmelie is not so great at singing. There were much better songs than this. Gravity, I Feed You My Love... These two songs are amazing. Gravity should have won that year.

Wait a minute! This song is the greatest!

Worst song ever, worse than Blurred Lines

I just thought there where so many songs that were better than this, like Norways song

14 Israel 2018 - Netta - Toy

Horrible lyrics, annoying voice, bad song in general, cheap looking staging & outfits. - -KILL-JOY-

Worst song I ever heared in this contect. Can't believe that this thing won

Netta is the worst singer in the history of the universe.

15 Austria 2014 - Conchita Wurst: Rise Like a Phoenix

This is the dumbest song ever

It only won because the gaysterical community went nuts with it.

16 Ukraine 2016 - Jamala: 1944


Crap voice
Crap song
Crap staging

17 Sweden 2012 - Loreen - Euphoria

Never gonna top as the worst because it's the favorite of many European people. It may be hinted as a bit bad for others for having a generic electro beats like what Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, and the like would make.

18 Sweden 2015 - Mans Zelmerlow - Heroes


19 Portugal 2017 - Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois

I'm surprised why this isn't on the list. Such a boring and cliche song. Very bad. Sorry.

20 Serbia 2013 - Moje 3: Ljubav Je Svuda

This didn't even win lol

21 Luxembourg 1965 - France Gall

1965, seems legit - meowth

The singer was bad. Like, R E A L L Y B A D! ! !

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