Top Ten Worst Fruits


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1 Durian


Smells nasty

Never,ever heard of it - JustSomeRandomDude


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2 Breadfruit
3 Papaya

Smells like feet, tastes like a dirty diaper. This is not something you want to mess with. - Solacress

Papaya should be number 1 on this list. it smells and tastes horrible.

4 Sapodilla
5 Banana

You know what I hate about it?

it turns brown and the texture turns weird.

now this is why I prefer strawberries, grapes and apples more than this.

Squishy and gross

This fruit blows

6 Jambu
7 Grapefruit

Ids a horriblr person and fruit and is verry sour and bitter


8 Jackfruit

Best tasting fruit

9 Passionfruit

If you don't like passionfruit, you have no passion for food. - PositronWildhawk

10 Nectarine

If I created this list, nectarines and strawberries would switch places.I enjoy nectarines (with the exception of the pits). - Turkeyasylum

I love nectarines! Why is it so high on this list?

Well, I like them.

I really don't like it. - letdot52

The Contenders

11 Canistel
12 Tomato


Makes me vomit when I eat it,come on,make this number 1 already. - JustSomeRandomDude

13 Soursop
14 Pineapple

Nooo this should not be here

15 Avocado Avocado
16 Orange

Its hard just to peel off

17 Strawberry

They are good, but are too sweet for me in the mornings

I think strawberries are delicious. You can dip them in chocolate or sugar. Or you can eat them plain, they are sweet. - Pegasister12

I agree with turkeyasylum. Strawberries are tasteless and bitter. Sure, it's good with chocolate or sugar, but fruit is supposed to be good without additional ingredients.

I personally dislike the texture and flavor of them. Just not flavorful enough. Their flavor is especially dull in candies. - Turkeyasylum

18 Blueberry Blueberry

How is this not in the top 5? Sometimes they would taste like grass and I have to spit them out.

It should be higher because of all the whiny blueberry haters even though I personally like them -DrayTopTens

19 Mango

What wrong with this fruit I do not like it TAKE THAT FURIT OFF RIGHT NOW!

Yum u guys suck

20 Lemon
21 Coconut
22 Honeydew

It has no good taste

23 Raspberries

Ewww, looks like you know what's on the bushes

24 Dragon Fruit

Disgusting tastes like smoke

25 Pears

Shoutout to all the pears! - Pegasister12

26 Apple

So they put literally EVERY fruit they know on this list. - Pegasister12

Please watch my YouTube videos sausagelover99

27 Peach
28 Cherry
29 Grape

A bad start for sugar survivors

30 Watermelon Watermelon

What the heck

31 Kiwifruit
32 Cucumber Cucumber

It is a fruit because it contains seeds

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1. Durian
2. Jambu
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