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1 Virtual Boy Virtual Boy

same as guy before, v-boy sucks and the wii and X-box are fantastic!

2 things: 1. This thing was just pure garbage. 2. The Wii is awesome, how dare it make this list!

they seriously tried to pass this off as a console!?!?

So boring and dumb!

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2 Philips CDi

This is utter garbage that came out of a baby's diaper. This console had YouTube Poop legends like Hotel Mario, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Plus, the controllers are crap, the graphics are terrible, and there was no good games. This console should've never existed.

Let's face it, when they made the unholy triforce (three lousy Zelda games too many) and Hotel Mario for this joke console, they gave Zelda and Mario the LJN treatment.

This has to be the worst console to come out of the 1990's. The remotes are poorly designed & plug into the back of the console, despite there being a port in the front. The games are asinine, such as the infamous The Legend Of Zelda games & Hotel Mario, plus a worse version of Dark Castle. Overpriced? Check. Got to have absurd prices in your bad console. The graphics are also awful.

This console sucks, it's kind of an irl scam unless you buy lemmings. - BlueSheep

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3 Jaguar

It's not a bad console. But still failed to impress. Was it a good console, no. But it doesn't deserve to be this far up. Switch the jaguar with the jaguar cd, then it makes sense

The Jaguar was Atari's attempt to make a somewhat similar take to the n64, saying its 64 bit technology, it hardly handles 32 bit, the controller was a calculater with 8 extra buttons on the top, who can even hold this thing without breaking their wrists?

It was so bad it bought down Atari to ruin. - coolguy101

Thanks for ruining your company, Atari. - BlueSheep

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4 Xbox One

This piece of crap console will be focused on watching T. V on your Xbox which is connected to your T.V. what?

This is just the worst game console of all time. Its games are full of annoying sequels of overrated first person shooters. The wii you is absolutely amazing. I feel sorry for Nintendo because the gamecube, the wii you, and even the end of the wii's life were underrated. - Harri666

Crap console that solely will be focused on watching T.V. , movies, music, radio, and podcasts instead of games. If it does have games, they will all be shooters!

I like Xbox 360 a bit more

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5 Tiger R-Zone

How is this only number 13? Sure the Virtual Boy was bad, but this was literally a copy of the Virtual Boy! They used red and black just like the virtual boy. And it's still the Tiger's games 5 frames per second. While the Virtual Boy caused headaches and eyestrain within minutes, this thing does it instantly. Having it projected over one eye meant you either had to cover the other eye or go cross eyed. And the games suck anyway! Virtual Boy WAS a bad consoles, but there were some decent games. But this pile of filth deserves more to be picked on than Virtual Boy!

While the Virtual Boy caused headaches within minutes, this causes them immediately because of it's abysmal screen placement which you had to look to the right for!

A crazy cuckoo cross between the virtual boy (note the lowercase letters) and Tiger wrist games (which barely qualify as games)

Its basically a bad version of the virtual boy. YES I Said that!

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6 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The 3DO was advertised as the most advance video game console and it dared to mock SNES and the Megadrive calling them baby toys but nobody ever want a 3DO maybe because of the price 700 dollars. You can daisy change controller and all of the model has one controller input why they make many model for one a controller input well it's failure advance instead of two why not one so you daisy change them together - CerealGuy

The only reason to hate the 3DO is the ads the price and "Plumbers don't Wear Tie's"

This is called a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. How about we called it 3DO for short? Or better yet, call it 3DOh my gosh! This game console is so horrible!

Not the worst console. It definitely doesn't deserve to be sixth. But lt is bad. It's overpriced, focuses more on crappy, window-sized movie footage than on gameplay (post-modern consoles in a nutshell) & gave us Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. With those exceptions, lt's playable.

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7 Gizmondo

Horrible handheld console, horrible games, you get interrupted by ads while the gameplay and its an expensive garbage!. You could save your money rather than buying this you could save it for a Gameboy!

Why are ads on a console. Explain that. This thing was naturally on the meh level but ads, come on! Who wants to see tooth brush ads when doing something crazy important. Ads, are you serious. It'S not like the creator or the ads win anything at the end. Because the creator paid so much for these ads the console is expensive. Play it yourself and ask yourself 'why did this guy make a disgrace to games.'

Oh and the guy behind the gizmondo Stefan Ericsson was linked to the Swedish mafia and drove a Ferrari and literally split the car into a poll

This thing is expensive as hell, yet has ads!

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8 Sega 32X Sega 32X

It makes the Genesis look like it's on Life Support. - thisisspata

I am not counting it as bad it just the wires so one for the Genesis and one for the 32x and look at it it's a mess what a perfect diagnoses

Ugh what was Sega thinking when they developed this thing?

It makes it look like some kind of tumor.

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9 N-Gage

An failed attempt by Nokia to make a handheld game console and all the ports of the game is bad plus you could buy a Gameboy instead of this garbage

N-Gage is a piece of crap because you had to take out the battery so you can get another game

The N-Gage QD (as in Quirky Design) is a blatant improvement over the taco-shaped N-Gage but still a lot less popular than the Gameboy.

One of the best devices of all-time...ups, sorry. This device sucks in reality!

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10 Tiger Game.com

Game-com, Game-dot-com, either way it sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

If you can even call them games, The graphics, If you can even call them graphics are 10/10 primitive, these things brainwashed kids in the 80's and 90's.

Truly a piece of crap. Seriously, did you kids ever actually play the Gizmondo? Or are you just voting on scandalous news stories? This Tiger console was ATROCIOUS. Virtual Boy, 5200, all leagues better than this piece of crap. - maxlamb1

This console is horrible... The games suck and are controlled horribly and the only good game is Frogger. - PinkSheepYT

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11 RCA Studio II

A console that was already obsolete to the Fairchild Channel F at the time of launch in 1977. It was in monochrome while the Fairchild was in colour. There was actually NOTHING at all good about this console. It had no external controllers which meant two people would have to huddle around the keypads. Horrible wiring forcing you to use a switchbox and a possible fire hazard and NO games even worth playing! - Cazaam

It try to be a hit but failed miserably, no external controller so you need to huddle around and plus why would anybody would want to play on this?! Well I give the answer is a piece of garbage

Wouldn't imagine what the RCA Studio I would of been if they ever made it..

At least the RCA Studio II wasn't made by LJN, unlike the worst MS Paint ripoff ever.

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12 Apple Bandai Pippin

Apple is so terrible at making Gaming consoles, that they never made a successor and Mac games became bad. - noo7na7

That's why you stick to Microsoft people

Already on the list, apple bandai pippin - Harri666

This is worse than the X-Box 360. At least the 360 plays games well in terms of software. This can't do anything right, including browsing the Internet & whatever else lt's designed for. The name just sucks. Who wants to play on a Pippin? Apple, just stick to what you're good at: nothing.

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13 Xbox 360 Xbox 360

I'm sorry if I get all the Xbox fans angry but in my opinion I think the Xbox 360 is a rip-off. For one, sometimes for just playing for a couple of hours it overheats and then comes the red ring of death, secondly I just has a lot of hardware failures and errors and then you have to pay a fair amount of money to get it fixed, no wonder Microsoft make loads of money out of this thing. But while the ps3 is extremely reliable, you don't need membership to go online, has cool Sony brand games such as little big planet and metal gear solid, it also has slightly more advanced hardware and software since its one year older, and finally it looks cool! And another thing I like about the ps3 is that I grew up with the good old ps2 and had being playing it since I was about 4! And anyway my apologies if get you Xbox fans angry because I respect your opinion :D

One of the major criticisms of Xbox 360 is that it is geared mainly towards hardcore gamers. Casual gamers are hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive toy they will not use regularly. The Wii will most likely fill this void due to its price and its simple, yet highly enjoyable games.
- Celestius

This and Play Stations have ridiculous prices and peoples excuses are "It's for hardcore gamers". I'm sorry but if X-Box's for hardcore gamers why do hardcore gamers keep on getting the same console just updated. Nintendo's consoles are cheaper, they have some of the best franchises in gaming history and they have a variety of consoles that carry a special unique feature. Oh and Nintendo is doomed articles are fake

R U NUTZ? , Y Is IT HERE? - VideoGamefan5

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14 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3

Why is this, the Wii, and Xbox 360 even on this list? Who ever made this list needs to be fired.

How are they going to be fired dumb ass, people who post are regular people - astro_kitty

Saying this is the worst is way too harsh. It's a brilliant console but I prefer Wii over this but still the worst is way too harsh.

Why isn't the IPhone on here

This console shouldn't be in the list, this console is way better than pc,xbox,360 and one - sumeragi

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15 Air Wireless 60 Gaming System Air Wireless 60 Gaming System

A garbage video game console that released in the new generation and the perfect way to explain that your son or daughter is adopted by buying this for your son or daughter birthday

A crazy cuckoo cross between Wireless 60 (joke console with 60 games) and Kinect

Like the virtual boy and intec interact (neither of which deserves to be capitalized), this crazy joke is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

How Is This Below Xbox 360? , At Least That Console Isn't A Joke, This Console Is TRASH! - VideoGamefan5

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16 Atari 5200 Atari 5200

Three words: Worst. Controller. Ever.

Giant garbage like the CD-I, they trying to be cutting edge by eliminating the use of wires. It was intended to replace the Atari 2600 but ironically it failed and faded away and why everybody forget about it? Well it's a piece of garbage! And the controller just suck and what the heck it has keypad what for the keypad?! Why not they did it like the 2600?! And the controller is like a phone

Technically there's nothing wrong with the atari 5200 except that the console is huge and the controllers break for no reason besides that the games doesn't really seem that bad

It just comes to show software like E.T for the Atari 2600 doesn't kill of an entire industry...it's the hardware like this piece of crap that'll do just that.

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17 Sega CD Sega CD

Am I the only one who likes the Sega CD

Yeah, The Sega CD Isn't Really Much, The Only Reason People Bought It Was For Sonic CD, Seriously, They Should Remake Sonic CD On A New Console So People Don't Have To Buy A Sega CD - VideoGamefan5

Sega. I hate this add-on. Sega. I want a different system. Sega. I don't have enough money because I wasted it on this piece of crap.


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18 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4

Not a Sony fanboy, but I don't see anything bad in it.

Ya haters r nuts its portable fast and the cotrollers have touch pads

First of all, 8 year-olds are whining that PS4 doesn't have Mario games. What the crap? Mario is made by an entirely separate company. Do Xbox consoles have Mario games? No! Did PS3 have Mario games? No! No company except Nintendo has ever made a console that played a Mario related game! It would be a horrible copyright, and Nintendo would NEVER let the big, powerful gamer consoles get any part of Mario games, because Nintendo's whole income is solely from Mario games, and if Sony or Microsoft had the same Mario games, Nintendo would make as much as Sega makes right now.

Hotel Mario was on a different console which was not from Nintendo. - Fretto

Better than pc and xbox consoles - sumeragi

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19 Sega Saturn

The Saturn had a TERRIBLE marketing campaign. The biggest mistake Sega did was making the console extremely difficult to program for, especially 3D games. This means that nobody was able to push the hardware to it's limits. The hardware is more powerful than the PlayStation's, but it rendered in quads instead of triangles, forcing 3D designers to change every model for the Saturn to render.

It's game library was very lacking, with not many games that people remember. (Although there are exceptions, like NiGHTS Into Dreams, House of the Dead, Radiant Silvergun, among a few others)

It did quite well in Japan, but the western regions bought PlayStations and N64s instead. Perhaps if the marketing was much better and the development of games were easier, it could have saved it, and the Dreamcast.

I first played the Sega Saturn at an exhibition (in 2012) I played nights into dreams, it wasn't the best game but at least it's playable. The controller wasn't the original one OH NO it was a hulk sized 3d controller. That is the biggest controller I've ever seen. They're even bigger than the duke Xbox controller

The problems were no Sonic games, odd commercials, and it was found to be too difficult to develop for.

Success in Japan. Failure in North America and Europe.

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20 Hyperscan

Why isn't this even in the top 10? This is the worst console ever. The cards don't work, there's only 5 games released, and all of them are TERRIBLE ABOMINATIONS.

Hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

This system was published in 1996 wait did I say 1996? I mean 2006.

Awful, And Of Course The PS3 And PS4 Are Above This, Because Nintendrones Don't Know What An Actual Bad Console Is - VideoGamefan5

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