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1 Virtual Boy

Games aren't horrible to be honest. - Jawsome274

I mean it was terrible but it inspired the virtual reality games we play today - SkyRimLegend21

People actually went blind from this - codgtamk34

Want to burn your eyes? Then look no further than this pile of garbage. - jdramirez

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2 Philips CDi

This was a joke system, period - SkyRimLegend21

This is totally the worst thing ever created! Should be number 1!

This is absolutely the worst should be number 1.

This is utter garbage that came out of a baby's diaper. This console had YouTube Poop legends like Hotel Mario, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Plus, the controllers are crap, the graphics are terrible, and there was no good games. This console should've never existed.

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3 Tiger R-Zone

This is the worst thing of all time

And here I thought nothing could get worse than the Virtual Boy... - TheDelBel

it sucks

The Tiger R-Zone is effectively a rip-off Virtual Boy, which was bad enough on it's own. So how do you think that a rip of the Virtual Boy would turn out? Well, this one is ten times worse. First of all, the graphics are basically a Tiger wrist watch game that you play in red and black way up close to your eye. It causes headache and eye strain within seconds. Plus, it is only over one eye, so you would have to close one eye in order to play. Plus, the controller is probably the worst video game controller except for the Atari 5200 controller. The d-pad and buttons are switched places, so if you are used to playing on literally any other gaming console, then you will have extreme difficulty playing with it. It's not even worth all this trouble to even figure out how to play it, because the games suck and there are only a few of them.

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4 Xbox One

Also gold is kinda stupid but What do you expect do you expect the thing to give you whatever you want without paying. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO ITS NORMAL. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT don't PLAY XBOX OTHERWISE SHUT UP YOUR JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT A COMPANY THAT MAKES MONEY OFF OF 5654456 BILLION OTHER PEOPLE BESIDES YOU. - SkyRimLegend21

This is gaming consoles we have and I love it to death and it best consoles ever so in this list face

Besides Tiger, this is the bane of my existence! - Peppapigsucks

This console literally makes you pay for every thing on it including, Xbox live gold(who wants to pay just to play online with friend) They bag you to by gold, then you insert a game you have to download it, it takes all your space then you have to delete a favorite game just to download another, then Microsoft mess everything up by updates and messing with the system. That is why Microsoft sucks all together.

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5 Jaguar

I like the idea of a game console that is ment to ruin your industry. - SkyRimLegend21

It's not a bad console. But still failed to impress. Was it a good console, no. But it doesn't deserve to be this far up. Switch the jaguar with the jaguar cd, then it makes sense

The Jaguar was Atari's attempt to make a somewhat similar take to the n64, saying its 64 bit technology, it hardly handles 32 bit, the controller was a calculater with 8 extra buttons on the top, who can even hold this thing without breaking their wrists?

Hey the jaguar was an amazing console. Atari was great

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6 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

3do WE WANT YOUR MONEY - SkyRimLegend21

The 3DO was advertised as the most advance video game console and it dared to mock SNES and the Megadrive calling them baby toys but nobody ever want a 3DO maybe because of the price 700 dollars. You can daisy change controller and all of the model has one controller input why they make many model for one a controller input well it's failure advance instead of two why not one so you daisy change them together - CerealGuy

The only reason to hate the 3DO is the ads the price and "Plumbers don't Wear Tie's"

This is called a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. How about we called it 3DO for short? Or better yet, call it 3DOh my gosh! This game console is so horrible!

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7 Gizmondo

This exists? I never heard of this. - jdramirez

This is bad on its own, but what makes it worse is that the guys at Tiger are criminals!

Horrible handheld console, horrible games, you get interrupted by ads while the gameplay and its an expensive garbage!. You could save your money rather than buying this you could save it for a Gameboy!

Why are ads on a console. Explain that. This thing was naturally on the meh level but ads, come on! Who wants to see tooth brush ads when doing something crazy important. Ads, are you serious. It'S not like the creator or the ads win anything at the end. Because the creator paid so much for these ads the console is expensive. Play it yourself and ask yourself 'why did this guy make a disgrace to games.'

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8 Tiger Game.com

Game-com, Game-dot-com, either way it sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

If you can even call them games, The graphics, If you can even call them graphics are 10/10 primitive, these things brainwashed kids in the 80's and 90's.

Truly a piece of crap. Seriously, did you kids ever actually play the Gizmondo? Or are you just voting on scandalous news stories? This Tiger console was ATROCIOUS. Virtual Boy, 5200, all leagues better than this piece of crap. - maxlamb1

Woah this was 1997 remember? You can't expect that much from the company.

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9 Sega 32X

The genesis is already good by itself it doesn't need several other systems merging with it - SkyRimLegend21

It makes the Genesis look like it's on Life Support. - thisisspata

I am not counting it as bad it just the wires so one for the Genesis and one for the 32x and look at it it's a mess what a perfect diagnoses

I don't think it counts since technically it's an Add-On.

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10 N-Gage

Lets see if it has the duriblity of satan - SkyRimLegend21

An failed attempt by Nokia to make a handheld game console and all the ports of the game is bad plus you could buy a Gameboy instead of this garbage

N-Gage is a piece of crap because you had to take out the battery so you can get another game

The N-Gage QD (as in Quirky Design) is a blatant improvement over the taco-shaped N-Gage but still a lot less popular than the Gameboy.

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11 Air Wireless 60 Gaming System

Are you trying to get sued for copyright infringement - SkyRimLegend21

What happens if someone knocks off the Xbox Kinect? You'll get this garbage. I saw Rerez breaking this thing for being terrible. Not to mention that there's one game that steals sprites from a Neo-Geo game. - jdramirez

A crazy cuckoo cross between Wireless 60 (joke console with 60 games) and Kinect

Like the virtual boy and intec interact (neither of which deserves to be capitalized), this crazy joke is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

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12 LJN Video Art

Even the Wii-U (worst Wii knockoff EVER), Intec Interact and Wireless 60 are phenomenal video game systems compared to this Microsoft Paint ripoff brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts (insert infamous rainbow of doom here).

Jesus, it's horrible! Don't wish your worst enemy's to play this.

How the Xbox One higher than this junk, at least you can play more games on it - ToddHoward

Even the one AVGN Adventures level made by and named after LJN is a LOT more playable than this coloring book wannabe which doesn't even feature a fill option a la Paint Shop Pro. Do these Laughing Joking Numbnuts who never stop ruining everything to do with video games ever learn!

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13 RCA Studio II

This thing is 1 Bit. Literally 1 bit. Enough said? I think so

A console that was already obsolete to the Fairchild Channel F at the time of launch in 1977. It was in monochrome while the Fairchild was in colour. There was actually NOTHING at all good about this console. It had no external controllers which meant two people would have to huddle around the keypads. Horrible wiring forcing you to use a switchbox and a possible fire hazard and NO games even worth playing! - Cazaam

Wouldn't imagine what the RCA Studio I would of been if they ever made it..

Worst PONG console I have ever seen! One of the worst consoles too!

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14 Atari 5200

Three words. Reason. It. Died. - SkyRimLegend21

Atari 5200 was meant to be a successor to the Atari 2600 but it failed

Three words: Worst. Controller. Ever.

Giant garbage like the CD-I, they trying to be cutting edge by eliminating the use of wires. It was intended to replace the Atari 2600 but ironically it failed and faded away and why everybody forget about it? Well it's a piece of garbage! And the controller just suck and what the heck it has keypad what for the keypad?! Why not they did it like the 2600?! And the controller is like a phone

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15 Apple Bandai Pippin

I love the startup though. - Katildalover93

Apple is so terrible at making Gaming consoles, that they never made a successor and Mac games became bad. - noo7na7

That's why you stick to Microsoft people

Already on the list, apple bandai pippin - Harri666

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16 PlayStation 4

I like this console. Only problem is it's not backward compatible - codgtamk34

The 2% of cretures who voted this up shouldn't play systems - SkyRimLegend21

Not worst,but should be higher.

This console have bad battery and it broken so easy

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17 Sega CD

Am I the only one who doesn't have anything mean to say - SkyRimLegend21

Am I the only one who likes the Sega CD

I actually play Sonic CD as an app. But the only Sega console I have is a remastered Sega Genesis with built-in games. - PhoenixAura81

Yeah, The Sega CD Isn't Really Much, The Only Reason People Bought It Was For Sonic CD, Seriously, They Should Remake Sonic CD On A New Console So People Don't Have To Buy A Sega CD - VideoGamefan5

Sega. I hate this add-on. Sega. I want a different system. Sega. I don't have enough money because I wasted it on this piece of crap.

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18 Nokia N-Gage

Anything nokia should be used only for a weapon to bash peoples face in - SkyRimLegend21

I hate this one.

No one will live this down. It appears twice because of its complete flaw of existence

So bad it has to be here twice!

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19 Xbox 360

Are you talking about the red ring xbox 360's or the whole thing in general? - SkyRimLegend21

Whoever put this here must have gotten the RRoD. - BritishGoat

Honestly,this is probably the best console Xbox made so far.

I love it. - Katildalover93

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20 PlayStation 3

Why is this, the Wii, and Xbox 360 even on this list? Who ever made this list needs to be fired.

How are they going to be fired dumb ass, people who post are regular people - astro_kitty

Your a joke the 0.9% - SkyRimLegend21

I loved this console. We used to have one. - Katildalover93

it suck

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21 Atari Jaguar

It was already on the list - jwaughtal



It's a great consle! just has a very low amount storage

22 Chintendo Vii

Chinese knockoff Wii I am guessing? - Katildalover93

Original console, don't steal! - PerfectImpulseX

A complete ripoff of Nintendo wii! I hope nintendo launches a rocket to destroy the company who made this rubbish trash thing! There are no good games

What is with the name. It just says Wii'S lesser twin. Insult to games. Why do people knock-off good consoles and make farces out of them. Ugh. This thing should die

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23 Sega Saturn

It's not that bad, I played and seen worse, like the 32X and Philips CDI

The Saturn had a TERRIBLE marketing campaign. The biggest mistake Sega did was making the console extremely difficult to program for, especially 3D games. This means that nobody was able to push the hardware to it's limits. The hardware is more powerful than the PlayStation's, but it rendered in quads instead of triangles, forcing 3D designers to change every model for the Saturn to render.

It's game library was very lacking, with not many games that people remember. (Although there are exceptions, like NiGHTS Into Dreams, House of the Dead, Radiant Silvergun, among a few others)

It did quite well in Japan, but the western regions bought PlayStations and N64s instead. Perhaps if the marketing was much better and the development of games were easier, it could have saved it, and the Dreamcast.

I first played the Sega Saturn at an exhibition (in 2012) I played nights into dreams, it wasn't the best game but at least it's playable. The controller wasn't the original one OH NO it was a hulk sized 3d controller. That is the biggest controller I've ever seen. They're even bigger than the duke Xbox controller

The problems were no Sonic games, odd commercials, and it was found to be too difficult to develop for.

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24 Sega Neptune

Whats next sega earth?

What even is the sega neptune - vololv0

That was never released! What kind of list is this!?!?

32X was suppose to be the Sega Neptune. But, it would have a different look. But, it would be a great idea. But, if it was used we would have the Dreamcast around 2003. Or if the sega neptune was published we wouldn't even have a dreamcast.

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25 Hyperscan

A good idea executed very poorly in the worst way possible - PerfectImpulseX

I bet the idea was like this
hey boss lets mske a game console that's ment to make HUMANITY TO DESPISE US YEAA. - SkyRimLegend21

Why isn't this even in the top 10? This is the worst console ever. The cards don't work, there's only 5 games released, and all of them are TERRIBLE ABOMINATIONS.

Hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

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26 Nintendo 2DS

The 3ds was awesome, but this sucks!


I love this console! People don't like it because it doesn't have the flap. So, who cares. It might actually be better that way. When I got a DS lite, I loved it! Until we were babysitting a family. Two of the boys in the family wanted to play on it.(My brother had one too.) So we gave our DS's to them. The 3 year old boy took good care of it. But the 6 year old boy broke the flap. It was my brothers. So he didn't play with it anymore. So the Wii u should be higher than this!

Why? All I cared about is playing the games, I don't use any of that idiotic shop or mii verse or 3d and the flap is just stupid because you aren't gonna carry it around anyway. In my mind, its just saving money.

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27 Atari 2600

Wow... You have no idea what video games are huh - SkyRimLegend21

Wow. This is on here because it has E.T. on it? This was the longest living game console EVER. And there are WAY worse games than E.T.

How did the system make it on the list even though it was largely successful?

But..but I love the atari 2600 and why do you pepole hate it I hate you now

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28 Wireless 60

A joke console with 60 lousy games

Knock-off of the Wii. Deserves to be in the top 10. - imacg4

Lmfao this isn't even a legit console

So bad it appeared again

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29 Wii Mini

With no Internet, this is now proven useful as all Internet related features are useless. If you have a regular wii, unless you want to transfer your data to a wii u, disable the Internet on the wii.

The difference between amarica and japan is we are greedy and want everything but japan doesn't want everything. - SkyRimLegend21

This should be higher because:
-No internet access or Wii Shop Channel (closed anyway)
-Not as great as the Original or Wii U
-Wii Menu Is So Blank
-Only Disc and Mii Channel
-It sucks so much it should be higher, and I mean the Top 10! - Katildalover93

BAD - MarioBros11

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30 Ouya

2 words: Absolute Garbage. - BritishGoat

Its just an Android in a box. Nothing else. - jdramirez

Ouya it suck! Ouya I'll buy another console, Ouya I don't have enough money because I wasted my money on this crap!

The Controller's buttons have it's name's letters on it. what? - noo7na7

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31 Atari Lynx

I mean it was outbested by a green plastic rectangle so it had to be bad. - SkyRimLegend21

Who put this on here? This thing was awesome, you could play Gauntlet on this thing, gauntlet, in your pocket! I'd buy it again just to have that ability.

Not only was it huge, but also batteries drained and ran for $190.

32 Xbox

No no no your saying tge series of xbox was bad well it wasn't - SkyRimLegend21

This console was awful. Bad games apart from halo and jet set 2. The controller alone made me get third party games on the PlayStation 2.

This was just awful how is it so far down the list? It was just a massive brick the controller was a massive brick. The only really good games were Halo and Jet set radio future. Bad lack of games. I really like the 360 I suppose this console was bad most likely because it was Microsofts first attempt.

The original Xbox is ok, the Xbox 360 is ok but it has a bad fanbase and the casual games are horrible, - Harri666

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33 Super PolyStation 2

Just seeing this makes wanna choke the man who thought of cloneing a PlayStation - SkyRimLegend21

I hate the Polystation series! Playstation clone anyone? - Katildalover93

Error. Polystation just give up. Hiding behind play station will never help you.

PlayStation wan a be 2

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34 Phantom

this system was so god awful that was not even released that is why it should belong on this list - florida000

35 Atari Jaguar CD

Well besides growling at me and showing me a red screen it helped me with potty training my kids - SkyRimLegend21

Atari releases a cd based add on for the jaguar couldn't sell, and the best part, IT DOESN'T WORK. How did they mess it up so badly? The most important part, for it to work. Not to mention it looks like a toilet. I'm not kidding, look it up

A CD add-on that's even tackier than the sega 32x (note the lowercase letters)

This console never workson any unit!

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36 Action Max

The games are more interactive games than gaming - coffeeberzerk

37 PolyStation

The cheap and poorly reviewed Playstation knockoff. - Katildalover93

What is a polystation is it play station but insted treets polio - SkyRimLegend21

A stupid ripoff. I wouldn't say anything, except for the fact that this spawned TWO sequels. And rumor has lt that there is now a third. That makes this a legacy console. These guys & Wireless managed to become the only bad legacy companies ever. That's quite a feat. And as you can expect, the sequels are worse.

Daft name is the first thing. Play station good, polystyrene awful. They gave away that it is a copy just like chintendo vii and ye Nintendo wii

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38 Apple Pippin

Wasn't this on a higher place?

39 V-Smile

Nostalgia. I still remember Zayzoo An Earth Adventure. That was a cute game! - Katildalover93

Really? Just because of it having bad graphic and that it was for little kids doesn't mean it's bad. The logo is cute. The purple and orange color scheme is nice. The only bad thing about it is the Smartbook.

This console brings back some major nostalgia when I was in, like, preschool. And I only played it in preschool, and then I was its intended audience. Now I'm not. Accept that this system is for preschoolers, and that's why its educational.

A whole series of joke consoles aimed at children ages 3-7

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40 Game com

Has horrible games and ports from famous franchise or movies and why would anybody want to buy a black and white handheld console that is made in 1997?! And it has an internet (text only) I can't believe it imagine using this to text people and you can't leave your house because you need a wire for the internet why not just use a computer!?

It's a crappy a handheld made by Tiger Electronic and the games are on Mini Cartridges and most game are popular franchise ports and why would anybody want to play a black and white handheld?! Its released in the 1997?! It's the time where GBC is alive?!

It's pronounced game com, not game dot com.

So bad it's here twice!

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41 Nuon

The hell is a nuon

It was a console that used cd technology and was made by all these random companies

42 Amiga CD32

Nobody? You have to put a paint bucket.. I mean the OFFICIAL AMIGA CD32 ADD-ON, on the disc tray or else the disc won't spin. The games are pretty funny, not intentionally of course. It signed lts (Commodore's) own death warrant by being 32-bit when consoles were making the gigantic leap to 64-bit. Oh; & this never actually made lt beyond a test-market release. This is an amiga you have to break up with.

43 PCP Station

What is a PCP station? I feel like maybe this was just a code word for angels dust. - austincrazycat

44 Intec Interact Console

This is what I said to a friend about this console:

"Believe lt or not, I just found one WORSE than the Hunting 60. It's called the Intec Interact. While, '60', 'Air 60' & 'Hunting 60', are at least good names, 'Interact', is not. It's another bad Wii knockoff. It only has three games, all of which are bad compilations of minigames. One just consists of sports games, one of ripoff games & one of musical games. The graphics are Genesis level. The remote is too' tiny to grip & has two of each A & B button. The controls are y, as in the golf game, you use Start to swing. You can't even find the Interact on Intecs website. Rumor has lt that a company is pretending to be Intec to steal their fans. Unlike the 60 series, the Interact is not interactive or 3D, even though lt's advertised to be. Also, the audio is MONO only. One guy said that he ordered a SEGA Genesis & when he tried lt, lt didn't work. He took lt apart to find that lt was full to the BRIM with cockroach corpses. ...more

Sports games (8 in 1): Place Kick Soccer, Bowling, Tennis, Fishing, Ping Pong, Golf, Baseball, T.V. Boxing.
Misc. games (32 in 1): Snake, Square, Diamond, Archery, Shudu, Fire Man, Lawn Purge, Zuma, Boxes World, Bee Fighting, Tank, Shooting Balloons, Pro Crack, Fish War, Aquamix, Duel Soccer, Maze Pac, Pets Crossing, Hammer, Rugged Hammer, Harry, Loop Legend, Fancy, Farm Keeper, Smart Bomber, Tiger Man, Golden Gate, Apex Gun, Pixie Princess Dandelion Of The Death Knell, Over Speed, Motor Storm, Highway Racing

Only three known cartridges: 8-in-1, 32-in-1 and 89-in-1 (Don't ask! ).

This thing is a cheap piece of plastic. And is a ripoff to the Wii. The games are like in 16 bit, when this thing came out in the 8th generation. Who would want to buy this thing?

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45 Pioneer LaserActive

Has expensive price, need bundles of expensive add on to play on this, the games you play is like watching a movie and lastly horrible games that come to this garbage

It costs $2,500. Really. Just that much for a system that has no games to play on it.

It plays laser disc games making it the first gaming console using laser disc but the game are primitive its like Sega CD games and you need bundle of add on

I'll find a Pioneer LaserActive LaserDisc player and a few laser discs released by Paramount. - playstationfan66

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46 Watara Supervision
47 GP2X
48 Atari Touch Me

Id rather die - SkyRimLegend21

Oml this is amazing

...uhn...touch me...uhn...sex me... - MarioBros11

This sounds wrong -.-

49 Mattel HyperScan

Let's face it, the hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Dear Lord No Games

50 Nintendo DSi

Amazing console are you kidding me? I do agree with the guy who said the internet browser sucks on it... It does! All the images are either 404 not found or on some weird site where every time you try to go to it it says 'the system is running low on memory and whatever' DRIVES ME CRAZY! And when you DO actually get to see the pictures, they're always so HUGE you can't even tell what you're looking at! But I love flipnote studio and wish they didn't shut hatena down :(

Flip note is the only thing good about this. Otherwise it is the DS form of Virtual Boy. But some games are good.

I hate this handheld! Getting rid of backwards compatibility is bad if it's for online functionality that NEVER WORKS!

Boring console than ds lite and 3ds. dsi is another Nintendo's failure from virtual boy console. the camera and the internet browser sucks on it

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