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1 Virtual Boy Virtual Boy Product Image

Let's make a quick recap:
This is a console with monochrome graphics, namely red and black.
This is a console labeled as "portable", in spite of its obvious bulkiness.
This is a console whose library encompasses a total of 22 games. And most of them didn't even emphasize on the "virtual 3D" effect the console boasted boldly.
This is a console that didn't even last a year on the market.
This is a console that can cause headaches from prolonged exposure.
This is a console that deserves to be smashed with a sledgehammer because it is simply BAD and it should've NEVER been made.

Virtual Boy:
Of course. Nintendo is always coming up with ideas. The competition was epic. The graphics were getting better. Nintendo continued their massive line of great consoles. They announced the VR32 would become known as the Virtual Boy. They thought it would be great. It turned out to be horrible instead.

The controller has a battery pack. You can swap it with an AC Adapter. But when you play on the table, it would come loose and shut off your game.

The true king of crappy consoles, this piece of scrap metal did not only include horrible games, but it was also nearly unplayable due to the fact that it was almost impossible to hold, and seriously damaged your vision if you used it over 30 minutes daily (it said so on the package), incredibly expensive and as "virtual" as a magic eye image. Its not a game console, but rather a shame console.

People. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys, what the...

Seriously, stop acting like a hater. I am neutral person and let's be honest here. Why would now-gen consoles like Xbox 360, One, PlayStation 3, 4, Nintendo Wii, you are on this list! What, just because you have the best company in the world. No, all of those that I have mentioned are great. They all have their pros and cons so stop yapping around.

THIS IS THE WORST CONSOLE. I am pretty sure Nintendo learned their lesson on this one but seriously, 3D doesn't even make any sense on this console. It's just garbage...

2 Philips CDi

To start with, WAY TOO BIG. That's not my complaint, though. It had four controllers throughout it's lifespan. The one that came with the console sucks so bad it isn't even worth it. One looks like a spoon, one is like a Genesis controller without a start button, and one is a Super Nintendo controller with a joystick on top of a D-pad. The one that comes with it is almost as bad as the 5200 controller. Also, there is not ONE good game on the cdi. The well known ones are a crappy Mario game, and three crappy Legend of Zelda games. (I don't count them as LoZ)

This has to be the worst console to come out of the 1990's. The remotes are poorly designed & plug into the back of the console, despite there being a port in the front. The games are asinine, such as the infamous The Legend Of Zelda games & Hotel Mario, plus a worse version of Dark Castle. Overpriced? Check. Got to have absurd prices in your bad console. The graphics are also awful.

This is utter garbage that came out of a baby's diaper. This console had YouTube Poop legends like Hotel Mario, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Plus, the controllers are crap, the graphics are terrible, and there was no good games. This console should've never existed.

Giant garbage come from the toilet, bad controllers, awful games and what the hell?! How they just waste there plastic for this garbage!, rather than torturing myself I would use it to wipe my butt its saving the toilet paper a whole lot more

P. S It's a giant monstrosity of video game console its bigger than the Atari 5200

3 Tiger R-Zone

The Tiger R-Zone is effectively a rip-off Virtual Boy, which was bad enough on it's own. So how do you think that a rip of the Virtual Boy would turn out? Well, this one is ten times worse. First of all, the graphics are basically a Tiger wrist watch game that you play in red and black way up close to your eye. It causes headache and eye strain within seconds. Plus, it is only over one eye, so you would have to close one eye in order to play. Plus, the controller is probably the worst video game controller except for the Atari 5200 controller. The d-pad and buttons are switched places, so if you are used to playing on literally any other gaming console, then you will have extreme difficulty playing with it. It's not even worth all this trouble to even figure out how to play it, because the games suck and there are only a few of them.

The Virtual Boy attempted at least attempted VR. The Virtual Boy also had a pretty good line of games and a good controller. The R-Zone was an awful version of the Virtual Boy that scrapped the idea of VR but kept the red and black art style, despite it being unnecessary for the R-Zone. The R-Zone had no good games as the games on the R-Zone were essentially the Tiger wrist games played up close to your eyes on a piece of reflective plastic in bright red and black, while awful audio made your ears bleed. The R-Zone also had a terrible controller, which is fitting for its awful games. The only good part about it was that it actually featured a head strap.

How is this only number 13? Sure the Virtual Boy was bad, but this was literally a copy of the Virtual Boy! They used red and black just like the virtual boy. And it's still the Tiger's games 5 frames per second. While the Virtual Boy caused headaches and eyestrain within minutes, this thing does it instantly. Having it projected over one eye meant you either had to cover the other eye or go cross eyed. And the games suck anyway! Virtual Boy WAS a bad consoles, but there were some decent games. But this pile of filth deserves more to be picked on than Virtual Boy!

While wondering why this is number 3 instead of number one, this should be number one. There are no memorable games in this piece of crap, seriously. While yeah virtual boy is also worse, but at least it has decent games. This one is just game & watch on crack. It's trying to be virtual boy but its not. They even misleaded the idea of virtual boy anyway. There are 0 memorable games in this pile of dump anyway, that you rather to play a console version of the game they rip-off.

4 Xbox One

I've owned 10 consoles in my life and without a shadow of a doubt the Xbox One is the worst one. Simply put, its crap. Really crap. Microsoft have managed to suck out all of the joy and excitement of getting a new game by then making you wait around 2 hours while it installs. 2 hours is on a good day too I should add... don't even waste your time trying to install a game on xmas day because it isn't going to happen. Got a hard copy of a game and think you can get around this by playing it from the disc? Think again! But hold on, at least once it's installed you'll never need the disc again right? Wrong again! Then just when you think it's finally installed you have to update it. Then there's the regular issues with servers going down for online games, the lack of quality games outside of FPS's, the absolute requirement to buy Xbox live because frankly it's not worth owning the console otherwise and the lack of local or split screen games. I miss my SNES!

This was marketed to be an awesome pc like consle that could be capable of cross play. But it just came of as slow underpowered overpriced and having a pretty underwhelming library. PlayStation 4 had persona 5 spider man god of war ratchet and clank and the list goes on. Xbox one had crackdown 3 one of the most underwhelming games I own. Halo 5 was mediocre at best. And gears 4 and 5 were embarrassments in almost every way. It also sold terrible. Ps4 sold 60 million more units. Xbox one s was an improvement but I still perfer the ps4 slim. The xbox one x was okay but it is overly complex and frustrating to use.

Why do people think this console is so bad? From reading these comments, I can tell that more than half of these people are sony fanboys. The Xbox one is better than the 360 in so many ways, but people are still saying the 360 is better. The one has backward compatibility with 360 games so it's a one and 360 all in one. The kinetic has been much improved now letting you snap T.V. messages and more. Plus the one has so many awesome exclusives like Halo and forzia. Why the hell do people hate it?

This console literally makes you pay for every thing on it including, Xbox live gold(who wants to pay just to play online with friend) They bag you to by gold, then you insert a game you have to download it, it takes all your space then you have to delete a favorite game just to download another, then Microsoft mess everything up by updates and messing with the system. That is why Microsoft sucks all together.

5 Jaguar

The Jaguar was Atari's attempt to make a somewhat similar take to the n64, saying its 64 bit technology, it hardly handles 32 bit, the controller was a calculater with 8 extra buttons on the top, who can even hold this thing without breaking their wrists?

The only reason games were bad was because the system had a mixture of different processors, other than just one 64 bit one. That's what made the games hard to program.

It's not a bad console. But still failed to impress. Was it a good console, no. But it doesn't deserve to be this far up. Switch the jaguar with the jaguar cd, then it makes sense

This was Atari's last attempt at competing with Nintendo and Sega. After the video game crash of 1983/84 Atari became a shadow of their former self from which they have never recovered; neither the 7800 or the Lynx won over gamers like their Nintendo and Sega counterparts and by the early 1990s, Atari were on their last legs.

The Jaguar was advertised as the first 64-bit system but in reality it's architecture was a hybrid of 16 bit, 32 bit and 64 bit architecture which made programming difficult, it's small library of games often ranged from mediocre (Zool 2) to terrible (Kasumi Ninja), the controller was horrible and is often considered the worst controller ever made and to top it all off the system had a terrible CD add-on which was prone to hardware failures and was released after the launch of the Sony PlayStation.

Speaking of which, the Jaguar was ultimately overshadowed by the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64, all of which are much better consoles ...more

6 Gizmondo

Why are ads on a console. Explain that. This thing was naturally on the meh level but ads, come on! Who wants to see tooth brush ads when doing something crazy important. Ads, are you serious. It'S not like the creator or the ads win anything at the end. Because the creator paid so much for these ads the console is expensive. Play it yourself and ask yourself 'why did this guy make a disgrace to games.'

Horrible handheld console, horrible games, you get interrupted by ads while the gameplay and its an expensive garbage!. You could save your money rather than buying this you could save it for a Gameboy!

Let me get this straight... you watch T.V. Ads in a console to pay little more than half the original price, just to play stupid games?! And there were only six of them! SIX GAMES!

This is bad on its own, but what makes it worse is that the guys at Tiger are criminals!

7 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Reasons why I hate the the 3do because,
1. High price of a 700$ retail price
2. Has a poor game library
3. Has almost no good games
4. Most games use interactive movies instead of gaming
Best game: street fighter 2 turbo. Worst game: plumbers don't wear ties.

Not the worst console. It definitely doesn't deserve to be sixth. But lt is bad. It's overpriced, focuses more on crappy, window-sized movie footage than on gameplay (post-modern consoles in a nutshell) & gave us Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. With those exceptions, lt's playable.

This is called a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. How about we called it 3DO for short? Or better yet, call it 3DOh my gosh! This game console is so horrible!

It cost about $700 in 2016 that would be $1148.68 what Panasonic it had 0 good games. Ok it has two good games-wing commander 3 which was in arcades I believe and a port of super street fighter 2 turbo. SSFTT was on SNES and Genesis.

8 Tiger Game.com

Truly a piece of crap. Seriously, did you kids ever actually play the Gizmondo? Or are you just voting on scandalous news stories? This Tiger console was ATROCIOUS. Virtual Boy, 5200, all leagues better than this piece of crap.

If you can even call them games, The graphics, If you can even call them graphics are 10/10 primitive, these things brainwashed kids in the 80's and 90's.

People think it's called the game.com, and it's actually the game com. It has a dot in the name on the system, though. It had a modem on it for limited access to the internet. But you couldn't leave your house to use the internet, because you had to connect it to a modem. You could just use a computer, and you could access the internet 12 hours earlier.

DS has a much better touch screen than a stupid console with bad controls in their games.

9 LJN Video Art

This is not twenty seventh. This is first. It's made by LJN. No, don't play lt. No need to. It's made by LJN. A videogame CONSOLE made by LJN. Still not convinced? Relax yourself & enjoy the fine-tuned ambience of white noise & a squeaky joystick. Look at the beautiful images of jagged lines you can draw. When playing the Video Art, you only need one game. Even the name sucks. Why is this a console? Why is this even a game? Why does this exist?

Even the one AVGN Adventures level made by and named after LJN is a LOT more playable than this coloring book wannabe which doesn't even feature a fill option a la Paint Shop Pro. Do these Laughing Joking Numbnuts who never stop ruining everything to do with video games ever learn!

The fact that the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us the worst Microsoft Paint ripoff ever are so infamous for ruining countless video games, no matter who programmed said games, would be plenty absurd on its own.

Even the Wii-U (worst Wii knockoff EVER), Intec Interact and Wireless 60 are phenomenal video game systems compared to this Microsoft Paint ripoff brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts (insert infamous rainbow of doom here).

10 Sega 32X Sega 32X Product Image

Sega CD was bad. But at least it was just 1 add on and it has one of my favorite games (Sonic CD) but, the 32X... the only game that was good on the 32X was Knuckles' Chaotix. Nobody should of cared about the 32X cause 6 months later in the US the Sega Saturn would come (and I actually liked the Sega Saturn) They also thought of making the 32X a later console called the Sega Neptune. And It should of been but, I think that would replace some of Dreamcast's time.

It's a huge add-on for the Sega Genesis that also uses the Sega CD add-on. It used 7 AC adapters (3 for the 32X, 3 for the Sega CD, 1 for the Sega Genesis). They were talking about the release of a standalone 32X system. That never happened because the Sega Saturn was on the way.

They should've just waited until the Saturn was released to make 32-bit games.

Ugh what was Sega thinking when they developed this thing?

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11 N-Gage

Horrible ports of games, small screen, a desperate attempt by Nokia to compete with the Gameboy
I can't believe this imagine you watch this commercial and you will be all like "damn that's the hot ticket" but you end up getting horrible ports of games and look at the design its like a space taco! And the buttons are just horrible and even the Microvision is a whole lot better than this

Something I was interested in when I was younger a mobile phone & game console but I never got it. But according to many people N-Gage failed and sounded crap.

The N-Gage QD (as in Quirky Design) is a blatant improvement over the taco-shaped N-Gage but still a lot less popular than the Gameboy.

Nokia disappointed me. Stick to phones because you have destroyed your name in games. Do not try again.

12 Air Wireless 60 Gaming System Air Wireless 60 Gaming System Product Image

My mistake, THIS IS the Air 60. This thing is a ripoff of the Kinect, which is a ripoff of the Wii. There are no remotes, just a bad sensor bar that doesn't sense. No good games. It's too' expensive. I think I found something worse than the Wii U. It's called the Air 60 & lt's a follow-up to the 60, a rip-off of the Wii. Meanwhile, the Air 60 is a ripoff of the Kinect. Unlike the Wii, there are no remotes, just a really bad sensor bar that doesn't actually sense. Only a few games take advantage of the 3D, while the rest look like PlayStation 2 games, except in 2D. If you don't like the Air 60, beware the Hunting 60.

Just when you think you've found the worst, something like the Wireless 60 comes along. Can you believe that lt got three sequels? Yeah, that makes lt a legacy console in Gen 8? (I estimate. I can't find the date.). It's a ripoff of the Wii, which already sucks, except this doesn't even have good games. I won't say much, because lt's at least not as bad as the Air 60 or the dreaded Hunting 60 or the abysmal Zone 60. Do me 60 favors & unrelease these consoles.

What happens if someone knocks off the Xbox Kinect? You'll get this garbage. I saw Rerez breaking this thing for being terrible. Not to mention that there's one game that steals sprites from a Neo-Geo game.

Like the virtual boy and intec interact (neither of which deserves to be capitalized), this crazy joke is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

13 RCA Studio II

A console that was already obsolete to the Fairchild Channel F at the time of launch in 1977. It was in monochrome while the Fairchild was in colour. There was actually NOTHING at all good about this console. It had no external controllers which meant two people would have to huddle around the keypads. Horrible wiring forcing you to use a switchbox and a possible fire hazard and NO games even worth playing!

This should be at least top three lf not first. I don't know why there are handhelds & add-ins on this list of worst CONSOLES. Anyway, lt has no color & the graphics are outdated. The sound comes out of the console, but not the remotes. No, the console is your remote. If you happen to knock the cartridge loose while playing, tough luck. It has a stupid name, since lt's not a studio or a sequel. It uses a faulty switchbox connected to devils pitchforks, which means you can't play on a modern T.V. set & lt's a physical hazard. Ironically, RCA invented the RCA cable (red, yellow & white) in the 1940's, yet for their console they used the worst possible means of connection instead. The whole reason they made this is because Ralph Baer approached them in 1967 to distribute the Brown Box & they declined. Like William Angus in 1924, history repeats ltself. Anyway, to spite them, Ralph approached their archrivals, Magnavox. And he ended up starting the Videogame Craze. The Studio II is their ...more

It try to be a hit but failed miserably, no external controller so you need to huddle around and plus why would anybody would want to play on this?! Well I give the answer is a piece of garbage

There is no external controllers so that means the person needs to huddle around to play it!

14 Atari 5200 Atari 5200 Product Image

Giant garbage like the CD-I, they trying to be cutting edge by eliminating the use of wires. It was intended to replace the Atari 2600 but ironically it failed and faded away and why everybody forget about it? Well it's a piece of garbage! And the controller just suck and what the heck it has keypad what for the keypad?! Why not they did it like the 2600?! And the controller is like a phone

Why is the PS3 above this? It shouldn't even be here! By the way, I am NOT a Sony fanboy, I've also played on the original Xbox and the Wii, and I think both are pretty good. On a final note, an Atari game for this console caused the video game crash of 1983. You should know what I'm talking about. If not, look it up!

There are many problems with this thing. It was a console with the worst controller ever, and a price even higher than the 2600's price. So they later helped the controller problems with the release of the 7800.

This console is BIG! And the controllers suck and whats for the key pad numbers?! Why not do it like the 2600?!
And how many plastic are wasted because of this?! This should be banned and why it still around?!

15 Apple Bandai Pippin

This is worse than the X-Box 360. At least the 360 plays games well in terms of software. This can't do anything right, including browsing the Internet & whatever else lt's designed for. The name just sucks. Who wants to play on a Pippin? Apple, just stick to what you're good at: nothing.

This product is made by BANDAI & APPLE, The price tag doesn't get any better,600$, Yeah, top dollar, by the way, the market was already dominated by the N64.

This is considered as a console?
Looking - yes.
Interface - no.
It's a console with PC interface, games are horrible, it's PC with worser games.

Apple is so terrible at making Gaming consoles, that they never made a successor and Mac games became bad.

16 Hyperscan

How is this lower than an add-on, an unreleased console & a legacy console? People, you're supposed to choose the worst, not the most relatively bad. New & old bias are what ruin this list. The HyperScan is just sad, not only because lt's made in Gen 9 & nobody ever heard of lt, but because lt's made by Mattel, the company that made the Intellivision, the one-hit wonder of the 1970's. Where did the quality go? The games are ass, the load times would make PlayStation & 64 fanboys put their differences aside, the RFID reader is cheap, you have to scan cards to play. What's hyper about that? More like DiaperScan. It makes the Wii & 360 look amazing. Hell, lt makes the 3DO look amazing. It's clear that Mattel wasn't trying to make a console. They were trying to make a toy. Keyword: trying.

What do the hyper-SCAM and all 5 or 6 of its games (ignoring homebrews) have in common? They're rated T for TERRIBLE!

Hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

This system was published in 1996 wait did I say 1996? I mean 2006.

17 Sega CD Sega CD Product Image

Sega. I hate this add-on. Sega. I want a different system. Sega. I don't have enough money because I wasted it on this piece of crap.

It wasn't a bad system. It did have some good games. It isn't a system at all, it's an add on. The people who put it here were a bunch of dumb Nintendo fanboys who have never played it

Ok I have one great game on here and its sonic cd its great sonic cd is the only good game on there!

This brought us Sonic CD, how is it bad? It is just overhated!

18 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Product Image

First of all, 8 year-olds are whining that PS4 doesn't have Mario games. What the crap? Mario is made by an entirely separate company. Do Xbox consoles have Mario games? No! Did PS3 have Mario games? No! No company except Nintendo has ever made a console that played a Mario related game! It would be a horrible copyright, and Nintendo would NEVER let the big, powerful gamer consoles get any part of Mario games, because Nintendo's whole income is solely from Mario games, and if Sony or Microsoft had the same Mario games, Nintendo would make as much as Sega makes right now.

Nintendo makes new ideas for their consoles and sometimes improves their older ideas. But Sony on the other hand makes their consoles look the same each time. I hope someone destroys the PlayStation 5 brand new condition when that comes out, which I hope it never gets released because Sony is trash at making video games now.

I wouldn't say its bad. Ps2 is still sony's best but this is still good. I don't have it, but myf riend does and while it don't live up to the other three home consoles tat sony made give it time people. Time is of the essence! Also, your just impatient because you bought the console the second it was launched! THAT's NEVER A GOOD IDEA!

I have owned 15 consoles like the Xbox One S and GameCube, and without doubt this is the worst of all. It only lasted 6 minutes until it said (WARNING: Your ps4 is malfunctioning) Then BOOM! It overheated randomly and flipped 15 times then broke down. Second, the storage made it worse. I played Minecraft and it said (too much storage) When I checked it was 200 MB out of 408 GB. WHAT THE HELL?!
Finally, the graphics. They killed me!

19 Chintendo Vii

What is with the name. It just says Wii'S lesser twin. Insult to games. Why do people knock-off good consoles and make farces out of them. Ugh. This thing should die

A complete ripoff of Nintendo wii! I hope nintendo launches a rocket to destroy the company who made this rubbish trash thing! There are no good games

Can we all just admire that this website thinks that this system is better than the console it was ripping off?

*AldoFitrian gives a middle finger to Chintendo Vii because that's the Nintendo Wii ripoff.

20 Nokia N-Gage

No one will live this down. It appears twice because of its complete flaw of existence

So bad it has to be here twice!

Anything nokia should be used only for a weapon to bash peoples face in

I hate this one.

21 Sega Saturn

The Saturn had a TERRIBLE marketing campaign. The biggest mistake Sega did was making the console extremely difficult to program for, especially 3D games. This means that nobody was able to push the hardware to it's limits. The hardware is more powerful than the PlayStation's, but it rendered in quads instead of triangles, forcing 3D designers to change every model for the Saturn to render.

It's game library was very lacking, with not many games that people remember. (Although there are exceptions, like NiGHTS Into Dreams, House of the Dead, Radiant Silvergun, among a few others)

It did quite well in Japan, but the western regions bought PlayStations and N64s instead. Perhaps if the marketing was much better and the development of games were easier, it could have saved it, and the Dreamcast.

This is the failure you get when you release a console way too early. Had Sega waited a few months to release the console and learn how to properly use it's hardware so devs could actually program the thing, then maybe the Saturn would've succeeded. The Saturn and Dreamcast would've lasted longer. Sega may not have stopped making consoles and as a result, the Xbox never exists.

I first played the Sega Saturn at an exhibition (in 2012) I played nights into dreams, it wasn't the best game but at least it's playable. The controller wasn't the original one OH NO it was a hulk sized 3d controller. That is the biggest controller I've ever seen. They're even bigger than the duke Xbox controller

The problems were no Sonic games, odd commercials, and it was found to be too difficult to develop for.

22 Sega Neptune

Heavy Fact: this unreleased console was used as a basis for Neptune, the main character of Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

32X was suppose to be the Sega Neptune. But, it would have a different look. But, it would be a great idea. But, if it was used we would have the Dreamcast around 2003. Or if the sega neptune was published we wouldn't even have a dreamcast.

Who put this here? How can you hate something that was never released or even MADE?

This never came out. How can you vote when nobody got it or played it. Morons!

23 Nintendo 2DS

Why? All I cared about is playing the games, I don't use any of that idiotic shop or mii verse or 3d and the flap is just stupid because you aren't gonna carry it around anyway. In my mind, its just saving money.

Seriously? This console was only made for people who have problems with the 3D and for people who like non folding systems (or that kids don't break the flap). Put this off the list!

What if someone had always wanted a 3DS but could not use 3D because it was unsuitable? A 2DS can be great for that because you get the games you play on 3DS, but in classic 2D.

GUYS, it's similar to the 3DS, just without the 3D effect and the hinges. It's better for people with visionary problems. Plus, it contains all sorts of games on it. Get this off this list, yee siren!

24 Wireless 60

See the Wireless Air 60 section to see my accidental review on this console. Hint: lt's not good.

Knock-off of the Wii. Deserves to be in the top 10.

So bad it appeared again

25 Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar Product Image
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