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41 Ouya

Ouya it suck! Ouya I'll buy another console, Ouya I don't have enough money because I wasted my money on this crap!

The Controller's buttons have it's name's letters on it. what? - noo7na7

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42 Super PolyStation 2

Error. Polystation just give up. Hiding behind play station will never help you.

PlayStation wan a be 2

Worse than the PolyStation & this time, lt rips off the Super Nintendo. Still not as bad as the third though.

43 Atari Touch Me V 1 Comment
44 Nintendo DSi

Amazing console are you kidding me? I do agree with the guy who said the internet browser sucks on it... It does! All the images are either 404 not found or on some weird site where every time you try to go to it it says 'the system is running low on memory and whatever' DRIVES ME CRAZY! And when you DO actually get to see the pictures, they're always so HUGE you can't even tell what you're looking at! But I love flipnote studio and wish they didn't shut hatena down :(

Flip note is the only thing good about this. Otherwise it is the DS form of Virtual Boy. But some games are good.

I hate this handheld! Getting rid of backwards compatibility is bad if it's for online functionality that NEVER WORKS!

Game slot broke less than a month, crappy vga camera, crappy screens, crappy performance, crappy everything!

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45 PolyStation

A stupid ripoff. I wouldn't say anything, except for the fact that this spawned TWO sequels. And rumor has lt that there is now a third. That makes this a legacy console. These guys & Wireless managed to become the only bad legacy companies ever. That's quite a feat. And as you can expect, the sequels are worse.

Daft name is the first thing. Play station good, polystyrene awful. They gave away that it is a copy just like chintendo vii and ye Nintendo wii

This is stupid! It comes with a cartridge instead of a dvd! Super Mario Bros., Mario is replaced by Pikachu! What are they thinking!

It has the branding and box of the N64, the console design of the PS1, Namco games, and a SNES cartridge design.

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46 Nintendo 3DS XL

Why is this here. Explain. Gosh! People mix up good consoles with the horrible. How come the VISA isn't here or 3DS.

The XBOX FANBOY- even I like it

Remove this off the list!

I know its awesome. - coolguy101

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47 Neo Geo

The main problem with the SNK Neo Geo AES is that the system cost $650, and the games cost over $200 each! Not only that, but the joysticks cost about $80 each! Apart from that, there isn't a very good variety of games, consisting mainly of one-on-one fighters, arcade-style shooters, and sports titles. Nice value, SNK!

Dude, the Neo Geo was an ARCADE CABINET, which people used in arcades for a profit, of course the components are expensive. It could hold 6 games

Why Neo Geo is here?! It shouldn't be on the list this is SNK masterpiece! - CerealGuy

48 Amiga
49 Intellivision

Just because its old and the graphics aren't good you think it sucks in its day it rivaled Atari what did you expect for a console 40 years old hi defenition hardware like a ps4

The controller has a disc instead of a joystick (Yes, before the d-pad was invented).

50 MiWi Xtra

This joke console is a ripoff of a joke console (Intec Interact) which is a ripoff of the Wii (although the Wii-U is even worse).

A ripoff of one of the worst consoles ever, the Interact. And the Interact is a ripoff of one of the worst legacy consoles, the Wii. Y'all don't know how to rip off properly.

51 Sega Genesis

WHAT? It had sonic 1 2 and 3!

This thing killed all consoles- XBOX FANBOY IN THIS ONE TOO

It was failed by PlayStation 1

Yes because.
Why is the Sega Megadrive called Sega Genesis in America.
I live in Britain.

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52 Atari Jaguar CD

Atari releases a cd based add on for the jaguar couldn't sell, and the best part, IT DOESN'T WORK. How did they mess it up so badly? The most important part, for it to work. Not to mention it looks like a toilet. I'm not kidding, look it up

A CD add-on that's even tackier than the sega 32x (note the lowercase letters)

A Cd based add on for the jaguar that didn't actually work. That defeats the entire purpose for an add-on. It looks like a toilet

+ the add on is rare on ebay.

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53 GameKing
54 Nintendo Switch

I don't own one but I heard many people have dead pixels, scratches, permanent game crashes, glitches to the entire system (ESPECIALLY IF YOU PLAY ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD) and guess what? nintendo says this is all PERFECTLY NORMAL. I wont be ordering a nintendo switch until 3 or 5 months. - WarioMan

Nintendo switch is gonna be the best Nintendo console

How can you hate on something that hasn't even been released yet?

It has been released now. And it was released in such an awful, unfinished condition, as in it's failing to work properly. - SelfDestruct

The switch is a masterpiece! 10/10

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55 PlayStation 1

Sure, the N64 had more games and better specs, but the PS1 had a way better controller, it was better at any genre, including FPS and racers. Why? Because the N64 controller had a middle handle which no one used, and the analog stick was too loose. I think a Nintendo fanboy (don't get me wrong, I like SOME Nintendo games, like Zelda, etc. ) put this here. - noo7na7

It is good, but this and the n64 deserve about 65 million sold, - Harri666

Final Fantasy VII failed? You've got to be kidding me.

The only crime here is calling lt the, 'PlayStation 1'. It's called the PlayStation. Just because there is a PlayStation 2 does not mean lt gets demoted to, '1'. Even Sony hates that people do this, so they made two consoles called the PSOne & PSX to stop people from calling lt that. This is the one thing that Sony & Microsoft agree on, as Microsoft made the X-Box One to stop people from demoting the X-Box to the, 'original X-Box'. What next? Original Wii? Original Entertainment System? Original Odyssey? Call the consoles by their correct names please. Espeacially great consoles like the PlayStation, X-Box & Odyssey.

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56 PS Vita
57 Wii Mini

This Thing... Oh God No!, This Thing Was A HUGE Fail, Not To Mention This Trash Came Out After The Wii U, And This Is Just A Wii But With No Internet/Online Access, Seriously, How Is This Crap Not On The List? - VideoGamefan5

This Console Should Have A MUCH Higher Spot Than 42 - VideoGamefan5

What was the point of this? It's just the same as the original Wii but with online features removed, plus there was no excuse for saying it was released as a 'budget' version as proper Wiis had already gone down in price. - Entranced98

This was completely pointless. It removed Wi-Fi and GameCube support, and it was also released around the same time as the Wii U, which wasn't a very good idea. - drdevil

58 Nintendo DS

Really? The DS Lite is the bomb. It sold much better than the original DS. That's because the original DS had a chunky design. The DS Lite had a brighter screen with adjustable brightness, select and start buttons that were relocated under the 4-button keypad, and better battery life. Awesome Nintendo! You did a good job!

I just voted to say that who ever put this thing in the list in mean. It's an incredible system with a second screen for help and touch.

The N64 came before this yet they didn't put the circle pad at first.

It wasn't bad actually. The games are great and it had Picton hat like Nintendo whatsapp or something. It is the base root of some of these portable systems we see today

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59 FM Towns Marty

Has no third party support but still ranked 8

Dumb name & nobody cares about lt. This should be higher than the Genesis & PlayStation.

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60 Neo Geo CDZ
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