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61 Nintendo Switch

How can you hate on something that hasn't even been released yet?

Nintendo switch is gonna be the best Nintendo console

I'm Gonna Call The Switch The B! tch - VideoGamefan5

The Piece Of Crap Console That Will Be Focused On Being Handheld, But Is Connected To Your T.V., What? , this Is Gonna Be Nintendo's Xbox One - VideoGamefan5

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62 Neo Geo CDZ
63 Coleco Telstar Arcade

This is one hell of a weird game console! It's an ugly triangular-shaped piece of Coleco crap that has a realistic-looking light gun on one side to play rudimentary shooter games, a big, realistic-looking steering wheel on one side for shallow arcade-style 2D racing games, and a set of dials on one side for primitive sports games, such as Pong. You put a triangular cartridge in the middle. What an ugly hunk of junk!

It is the most craziest thing, If I could say one thing about this, it would be crappy, This thing has a gun, driving wheel, and, pong game, crazy!

A triangular console with a steering wheel, a gun, Pong controls and a triangle in the middle where you stick a triangular cartridge on top? Did someone named Triangle design this frankenconsole?

64 Game Boy Advance

Why the Hell is this on here? The Gameboy Advance was awesome. It sold more than 1 million copies and I had one of these, only the S.P. version. And I didn't even care about the "backlit screen". Who cares about that? - airplain313

There are more pros to cons. A lot more. People said Game Boy Color sucked, and game Boy sucked and the other one. Nintendo listened to the people and brought this out. They made it better.

You're kidding me. The GBA was great.

Ayy, you no nothing mate. The YO generation handheld bro. And nintendo haters did what we "Nintendon't,
say bargon bruh." - SwampertBABY

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65 Game Boy Color Game Boy Color

Bits its doesn't matter only the game play and you could play a game is the important aspect of video games

How is this higher than the Genesis? I like both consoles but I wouldn't say it's better than the genesis

This is better then a genesis no way

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66 ZX Spectrum
67 MiWi Xtra

This joke console is a ripoff of a joke console (Intec Interact) which is a ripoff of the Wii (although the Wii-U is even worse).

A ripoff of one of the worst consoles ever, the Interact. And the Interact is a ripoff of one of the worst legacy consoles, the Wii. Y'all don't know how to rip off properly.

68 RDI Halcyon


$2500 for a video game console with only TWO games (ignoring homebrews) produced for it? Gimme a break!

69 AT&T 3DO
70 Casio Loopy
71 New Nintendo 3DS

I vexed when this came out. They only added amino to the console. Nintendo I am sticking to the original.

It's a slight improvement from the 3DS, but I only suggest buying one if you don't have a 3DS already.

It's basically the same as the Nintendo 3DS. What they did is they tooken a pre licensed Nintendo 3DS, added some buttons and here you have the new Nintendo 3DS. There's no difference from the two.

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72 Atari 2600 Junior V 2 Comments
73 OnLive OnLive

Six words: slow. Stupid. No games at all.

Controller was good, but this isn't a console at all. - noo7na7

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74 Sega Nomad.

Battery time? Six Duracell's last you for half a hour if you are lucky, you wont be spending much on batteries, since the games, (with a very few quasi-exceptions such as bad ports of classic Sonic games and Tetris ripoffs) honestly suck.

75 Moga
76 Steam Machine V 4 Comments
77 Mattel HyperScan

Let's face it, the hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

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78 PSP E1xxx
79 Panasonic Q

No! This console was basically a GameCube, but much better. Why are every single console here, when some were great, and some are even PCs? - noo7na7

At least this thing can play DVDs & has a region lock free version

This was a hybrid version of the Game Cube with the ability to also play CDs and DVDs. The only problem is that it was only released in Japan. Why Nintendo?

80 Super PolyStation 2

Error. Polystation just give up. Hiding behind play station will never help you.

Worse than the PolyStation & this time, lt rips off the Super Nintendo. Still not as bad as the third though.

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