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61 R-Zone

The R-Zone the most worst video game console I ever see I mean look at it where does this monstrosity come from? I mean the games are so primitive if you watch the commercial the kid is screaming in agony. I love how the magazine how the kids react to it "oh, he's horrified" and you know why there's the R-Zone? Because they do it because Nintendo did it and it's way beyond garbage than the VB!

This crazy farce is no better than Virtual Boy.

They did it because Nintendo did it and it's a torturing device plus causes seizures so you have to play it like for 2 minutes. It has horrible games and it's a perfect way to explain to your son that you are adopted

The virtual boy probably sucks, and so does this, but LJN video art is worse than any console.

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62 Coleco Telstar Arcade

This is one hell of a weird game console! It's an ugly triangular-shaped piece of Coleco crap that has a realistic-looking light gun on one side to play rudimentary shooter games, a big, realistic-looking steering wheel on one side for shallow arcade-style 2D racing games, and a set of dials on one side for primitive sports games, such as Pong. You put a triangular cartridge in the middle. What an ugly hunk of junk!

It is the most craziest thing, If I could say one thing about this, it would be crappy, This thing has a gun, driving wheel, and, pong game, crazy!

A triangular console with a steering wheel, a gun, Pong controls and a triangle in the middle where you stick a triangular cartridge on top? Did someone named Triangle design this frankenconsole?

63 Nintendo 64DD

It sucks really bad. A desperate attempt for Nintendo 64

It was that bad that the majority of the games for this ended up being cancelled

The N64 is great but except this monster
Nintendo did it because of their CD Rivals

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64 V-Smile

I used to play it when I was 5 and I have some good old memories. This is a good console for very young kids

What games are educationAl. It Brought a few on to many faces. If it has to be educational, name it so we can be warned.

A whole series of joke consoles aimed at children ages 3-7

Oh shut up. this is for kids, so shut up and be mature

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65 Atari 2600 Junior V 2 Comments
66 PlayStation 4 Pro
67 Game Child
68 Game Boy Advance

Why the Hell is this on here? The Gameboy Advance was awesome. It sold more than 1 million copies and I had one of these, only the S.P. version. And I didn't even care about the "backlit screen". Who cares about that? - airplain313

There are more pros to cons. A lot more. People said Game Boy Color sucked, and game Boy sucked and the other one. Nintendo listened to the people and brought this out. They made it better.

You're kidding me. The GBA was great.

Ayy, you no nothing mate. The YO generation handheld bro. And nintendo haters did what we "Nintendon't,
say bargon bruh." - SwampertBABY

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69 Game Boy Color

Bits its doesn't matter only the game play and you could play a game is the important aspect of video games

How is this higher than the Genesis? I like both consoles but I wouldn't say it's better than the genesis

This is better then a genesis no way

But I have a gbc

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70 Casio Loopy
71 New Nintendo 3DS

I vexed when this came out. They only added amino to the console. Nintendo I am sticking to the original.

It's a slight improvement from the 3DS, but I only suggest buying one if you don't have a 3DS already.

It's basically the same as the Nintendo 3DS. What they did is they tooken a pre licensed Nintendo 3DS, added some buttons and here you have the new Nintendo 3DS. There's no difference from the two.

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72 ZX Spectrum
73 RDI Halcyon


$2500 for a video game console with only TWO games (ignoring homebrews) produced for it? Gimme a break!

74 Xbox One X

The X-BOX One X controller looks the same as The Original model.

It's not out yet. - Masterlugia64

75 Game Boy Micro

You seriously released a new Game Boy after the DS was already out, and had the nerve to give it a $100 price tag? I love you Nintendo but I'm glad that few were stupid enough to buy this. You say the sales didn't meet your expectations? I'm beginning to wonder who it is at your company that projects your systems' sales. You don't have to be an expert to figure out that a pointless system like this just won't sell.

The Canadian commercial with the mouse humping it - N64Dude

Doesn't work with any Game Boy accessories & isn't backwards compatibile

It lacked the backwards compatibility, only being able to play GBA games while the GBA was backwards compatible with the GB and GBC games. Why?

76 Nintendo Game Boy

The screen was 4 shades of grey, but this was enormous fun!

Liars. Haters. This built every Nintendo game

If u hate nintendo u are nothing

NO. This was the best! Who cares if it had Monrochrome or only 4 colors, this was amazing! Take this off now!

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77 View-Master Interactive Vision

Another questionable console with a joke controller...

78 Xbox One S

Worse than original it doesn't change anything - sumeragi

Basically, their asking for more money - WarioMan

Another Xbone Laugh Out Loud - VideoGamefan5

Better than original Xbox One - ChuckECheese

80 Nintendo Wii

What the, no way! Wii is the best! You guy are just jealous cause the Wii can kick your console's butt

Well the Wii isn't my first choice its probably my 3rd because the best games are on here ex. Goldeneye, the conduit one and two

Underrated. It had motion controls and pulled it off. Also, don't blame the wii for modern warfare 3's wii version being bad: World at war's wii version was good, so modern warfare 3 could have been good too. the wii had nothing to do with it. Also, it has my two favorite games: Super Mario galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (That's right, I'm one of THOSE! ) - HeavyDonkeyKong

The wii was awesome! Take it off!

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