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81 Sega Nomad.

Battery time? Six Duracell's last you for half a hour if you are lucky, you wont be spending much on batteries, since the games, (with a very few quasi-exceptions such as bad ports of classic Sonic games and Tetris ripoffs) honestly suck.

82 Moga
83 Steam Machine V 4 Comments
84 Mattel HyperScan

Let's face it, the hyper-SCAM is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

V 1 Comment
85 Colecovision


86 PSP E1xxx
87 Panasonic Q

No! This console was basically a GameCube, but much better. Why are every single console here, when some were great, and some are even PCs? - noo7na7

At least this thing can play DVDs & has a region lock free version

This was a hybrid version of the Game Cube with the ability to also play CDs and DVDs. The only problem is that it was only released in Japan. Why Nintendo?

88 PocketStation

Never released outside of Japan. The only time most people heard of this handheld is from the episodeof Forgotten Media

89 Gamestick

A console that was dead on arrival

90 Sega Game Gear V 4 Comments
91 Sega Pico

SEGAs actual last console. Lame.

I Love SEGA!

92 Microvision

An early handheld console with a 16x16 grid and a game library smaller than that of the virtual boy (note the lowercase letters).

93 Epoch Game Pocket Computer V 1 Comment
94 Mega Duck
95 Pokemon Pikachu
96 Gakken TV Boy
97 Turbografix 16

Take the Turbografx 16 off the list I hate seeing good consoles being putted on bad gaming console list.-. - CerealGuy

98 Super A'can

So failed it barley existed with only 2 games for it

It has poor graphics & steals from better consoles. Also, no games.

Wireless60 had more games, but it was even worse than this! - imacg4

Wireless60 had more games, but it was even worse! - imacg4

99 PSX

This was good. And PS1 was already here, and so was that DVD Player. - noo7na7

100 PSP Go

"This sucker didn't last long due in no part to it's inability to use physical media"

I can't believe this failed. I didn't want a stupid PSP-Go at the time. - noo7na7

What a waste. My cousin had it for only five days.

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