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141 Gameboy Light
142 Game Boy Advance SP
143 TurboExpress
144 Gamate
145 Hartung Game Master
146 Mega Duck
147 Design Master Senshi
148 Neo Geo Pocket
149 Neo Geo Pocket Color
150 WonderSwan V 1 Comment
151 WonderSwan Color
152 SwanCrystal
153 Pokemon Mini
154 GP32
155 GP2X Wiz
156 Nintendo DSi XL
157 V.Smile Pocket

This is a baby-type handheld. It's because the games are educational dangit. It ran on 2AAs and had a full color display meaning that if you were using rechargeable batteries, here's the problem:
2AAs-1 Hour

158 Sony PSP
159 Neo Geo X
160 New Nintendo 3DS XL

Seriously this is my 2nd favorite out of all of them right behind the 2DS - jwaughtal

V 1 Comment
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The Angry Outlaw Episode #6 Apple Bandai Pippin
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