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1 Nightlife

This song is ear torture. I always use this song to torture my Friend. He gets really pissed.

This is the only Green Day song I can really say I don't like.

The "Friday" Of Green Day Songs

I like this song... is that bad?

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2 Take Back

What this is my favorite Green Day song

What people it's a punk song. It's something a bit different then the usual green day, which makes this song great!

This just a punk song, made by punk rockers. What's wrong with it


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3 Youngblood

I personally do like this song, but I will admit that it was the weakest of what was a fantastic album. The lyrics were a little sloppy at times and it takes a little too much from "She's a Rebel". Needless to say, that song was much better.

Yeah I didn't really like this song, the lyrics aren't good and the gitaurs and drums are simple, plus this song has a horrible lyric "I want to hold you like a gun" I mean what, Who ever says that? Overall this song is just hard to listen to. Worst song from their latest album

I honestly kinda agree with what that guy said.

4 Warning

I love this song just like every other Green Day song that isn't on this list but I love this song all of you guys are crazy if you don't like this song. WOW

Highly underrated song not really terrible. - BoredJeff02

Crap! I voted for Warning on accident. I meant to cast one in for Youngblood. =(

Blatant ripoff of picture book by The Kinks. come on, Green Day. We knew you could do better.

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5 Dominated Love Slave

Warning is good, Maria is okay, Armatage is good, Little Boy Named Train is pretty good. This sucks though! Tre Cool is bad at singing! Don't let him sing again Green Day! PLEASE! He's good at drumming, so he should be drumming!

This song is for fun. Don't take it too seriously haha

Sounds like a cowboy themed green day song. Its below average in my opinion.

Why tre your funny but don't sing

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6 Tight Wad Hill

This song is awesome so is the whole album - Sabbath

What is it second in this list? It's one of their best songs.

It's not one of their best songs but it is still a decent song, this Take Back and Platypus are over hated. Nightlife and Last Ride In are the worst

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7 Do Da Da

This is great! Soulful and awesome!

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8 All by Myself

Funny but kinda sucks

9 Kill the DJ

Worst lyrics ever writen by Billie...

10 Maria

Maria is better than pretty much every song on this list, and I think it's actually a really good song. Strange to see it so high up.

ARE YOU SERIOUS! Maria is a Great Song

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? Last of the American Girls

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11 F*** Time

God this is awful

My ears are bleeding.

Really stupid. Just like the rest of the trilogy bicides a few freat songs. Glad that revrad rocks!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) le lenny commands this song out of the list asap ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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12 Lady Cobra
13 Christian's Inferno
14 Ashley
15 Platypus (I Hate You)

I love this song its amazing

Fast and catchy. Why not?

This song is my anger song

Not aggressive enough? You idiot. It's so aggressive it was unprintable, probably like your negative IQ score!

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16 Lazy Bones
17 Armatage Shanks

How is this on the list? This song is badass! - FailedStunt78

Okay, I actually jam out to this song lol

This is one of GD's greatest hits!

18 Amy
19 Wow! That's Loud

This whole album for me was a flop. Uno was good, not brilliant but good, Tre was OK but there are very few songs on here I would consider listening too - Danielsun182

Come on its not a bad song pretty good actually

I actually like this song. Yes, I do. Sue me. - Tristan1975R5

20 Last Ride In

More like an elevator song

Why is this song there? It's one of their best.

Good elevator music lol - ONHOLIDAY

This is backround music

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