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1 Nightlife

As a Green Day fan, what the actual hell is this. Rap, auto tune overdosage, Overall pop song? Green Day went way to out of style here. Dos was a bad album with a few gems, this song just sucked...

I love Green Day, but this song is probably their worst. The effect on Billie's voice is just weird and so are the lyrics. The bass is decent, but that's about it.

This song/rap/speech thing makes me want to barf. - PerpendicularSealeo6

Didn't even need to listen up to the 2nd line. This is actuall BS - Kaypi

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2 Take Back

What this is my favorite Green Day song

This song is great. The rocking bass line, cool drums, fun lyrics and awesome guitar riffs make for a fantastic song; possibly the best of Nimrod. Oh wait, This isn't Hitchin' A Ride? Oh Take Back. Yeah, this song sucks. - Mr_Awesome

I bet this is 2 because all the fake Green Day fans don't understands TRUE punk rock. They only know poppy Green Day songs. - Gruunge

True - I never heard this song before, but it IS proper punk, so even if it wouldn't make my top 10, I appreciate your point - Kaypi


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3 Youngblood

I personally do like this song, but I will admit that it was the weakest of what was a fantastic album. The lyrics were a little sloppy at times and it takes a little too much from "She's a Rebel". Needless to say, that song was much better.

I like the song, but I started thinking about lyrics and realised that this makes no sense! Completely agree with most of the other comments, except one - sometimes, good music has simple guitar and drum parts; what about 21 Guns? That has one of the easiest drum parts in a song I've ever heard and it's still amazing! - Kaypi

Yeah I didn't really like this song, the lyrics aren't good and the gitaurs and drums are simple, plus this song has a horrible lyric "I want to hold you like a gun" I mean what, Who ever says that? Overall this song is just hard to listen to. Worst song from their latest album

How do you shoot the moon into the sun?

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4 Kill the DJ

Why? This is my favourite Green Day song! - Kaypi

Decent song, poor lyrics, but catchy - Revrad

Worst lyrics ever writen by Billie...

5 F*** Time

Worse than Nightlife

God this is awful

God awful song. Also, why is Take Back at number 2. - AliciaMae

Just what even is this

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6 Warning

I love this song just like every other Green Day song that isn't on this list but I love this song all of you guys are crazy if you don't like this song. WOW

Highly underrated song not really terrible.

Crap! I voted for Warning on accident. I meant to cast one in for Youngblood. =(

Warning is an awesome song!

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7 Christian's Inferno

Woah ooh Chirstian's inferno. to be honest kinda band and repetitive. but it's relatively solid.

8 Tight Wad Hill

This song is awesome so is the whole album - Sabbath

What is it second in this list? It's one of their best songs.

It's not one of their best songs but it is still a decent song, this Take Back and Platypus are over hated. Nightlife and Last Ride In are the worst


9 Dominated Love Slave

This song is for fun. Don't take it too seriously haha

It's a joke song it doesn't count

Warning is good, Maria is okay, Armatage is good, Little Boy Named Train is pretty good. This sucks though! Tre Cool is bad at singing! Don't let him sing again Green Day! PLEASE! He's good at drumming, so he should be drumming!

Sounds like a cowboy themed green day song. Its below average in my opinion.

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10 All by Myself

I was obama's elf

This is why we made Tre a drummer

Funny but kinda sucks

Tré's sex songs are lit! Don't diss them! - Kaypi

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? Letterbomb

Not really repetitive or anything but forgettable - inamate

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11 Drama Queen

It Green Day talking about a period WHY!?

12 Do Da Da

This is great! Soulful and awesome!

A bunch of gibberish, terrible and just sucky.

13 Lady Cobra
14 Maria

Maria is better than pretty much every song on this list, and I think it's actually a really good song. Strange to see it so high up.

My 2nd favorite green day song is on here? I give up faith in humanity.

This is awesome!

ARE YOU SERIOUS! Maria is a Great Song

15 Troublemaker

How is nobody voting for this?!?!? WORST LYRICS I've EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!

In single words is the biggest bull in all around the world, Green Day is awfull

A friend of mine likes this song his name is rigir he introduced me into this


16 Ashley
17 Platypus (I Hate You)

I love this song its amazing

This song is my anger song

Fast and catchy. Why not?

This is my wedding song.

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18 Lazy Bones

My only complaint with this song is how it has the same intro as 99 revolutions - Revrad

19 21 Guns

I like this song but its just the most overrated green day song to be honest.

I hate this song. It's 3 minutes too long, it's repetitive, it's boring, it's a momentum killer, it DRAGS, and it sounds AWFUL. I love Green Day, but this is one of their lowest lows.

Honestly, I expected this and Boulevard would be 1 and 2. I actually like this track, but I know a lot of people don't

This song sucks a lot more than Look What You Made Me Do.

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20 Amy
21 Armatage Shanks

How is this on the list? This song is badass! - FailedStunt78

Crap. I clicked vote by accident. This is in the top three for this album (the other two are Walking Contradiction and Panic Song)

Okay, I actually jam out to this song lol

This is really one of Green Day's purest songs from the 90s it shouldn't be here - Revrad

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22 Wow! That's Loud

Come on its not a bad song pretty good actually

This whole album for me was a flop. Uno was good, not brilliant but good, Tre was OK but there are very few songs on here I would consider listening too - Danielsun182

I actually like this song. Yes, I do. Sue me. - Tristan1975R5

23 Makeout Party
24 King for a Day

What?!?! this is arguably green day's most fun and entertaining songs to watch them preform live - Revrad

25 Last Ride In

More like an elevator song

Yeah this is the kind of music Tom delonge would have in an elevator if he owned a hotel franchise - Revrad

Lol! He does like this kind of music, he always puts this type in his videos! This is funny!

Why is this song there? It's one of their best.

This is backround music

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26 A Little Boy Named Train
27 Wake Me Up When September Ends

This shouldn't be here. - Tristan1975R5

Why is this on the list? No, not today satan

This song is about Billie Joe father's death.So please don't vote for this song - Kartman

If you hate this song than you are an evil person. its about billies dad death and hating a song about death is mean. - Th3Zm0nst3r

28 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Another song that doesn't belong on here, I know it's overplayed but at least it wasn't as bad as the entirety of Dos. Dos in my opinion was their worst album. However this song isn't bad for this list in my eyes.

Yeah. Their second best song, listened to by 75 million people at once in America's biggest 90's T.V finale. What idiots vote here?

Okay why the hell is this on here, this is in their top 5


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29 X-Kid

What's wrong with this song? Seriously? It's a great meaningful song with catchy riffs. My favourite from the trilogy. - Tristan1975R5

30 Jesus of Suburbia

Eh a lot of this list is rubbish, this song is good, despite it being number one on my top 10 Most Overplayed Green Day Songs list. A lot of these songs aren't really bad, just overplayed or underrated, some overrated.

A big " F.O.D" for those who voted this

This guy must be on drugs because its amazing

I hate it because blashpemy

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31 Road to Acceptance
32 Extraordinary Girl

The whole Arabic-something feel to me is quite annoying. EVERY OTHER SONG ON THE ALBUM IS TOP NOTCH but I can't bring myself to like this :/

I agree with the person that said this prevented letterbomb from getting heard - Revrad

So repetitive it hurts

I will forever hate this song because it’s sheets poor lyrical content and repetitive riffs overshadow what is in my opinion the 3rd greatest Green Day song in “Letterbomb”. Not to mention it is the worst song on American idiot and the thing that made American idiot fall short of perfection. Honestly I think I would have rather had “Too much too soon” as the song before letterbomb because that was the best hidden track by far. And finally, what is with that 35 second Arabian themed intro. The only good song with Arabian style guitars is “Come Out And Play” by the offspring

33 American Idiot

Why? This was the song that got me hooked on Green Day! - Kaypi

34 Know Your Enemy

This song literally has no substance to it. All it is, is the same repetitive melody... Over and over and over again. I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't so boring. Green Day needs to learn: they are not the Ramones, who were actually good at making 2 minute repetitive punk songs.

Also, please do realize-Green Day are my favorite band of all-time, I just dislike this song... A lot... - seankraus99

Voters are the enemy
Against Bill, Mike and Tré
Well voters are the enemy

This song is so amazing
Why are you all hating
When this song is so amazing

I don't understand this list
It's just a pile of ****
If it thinks that this song is thirty-fifth - Kaypi

This list is my enemy..owe owe now REMOVE THIS SONG ON THE LIST owe owe now REMOVE THIS SONG ON THE LIST owe owe now REMOVE THIS SONG LIST.

I'm sorry seankraus99 but I couldn't agree with you less. This is really a catchy song with truly inspired lyrics. just listen to what Billie Joe is saying when he goes
"Violence is an energy
Against the enemy
Violence is an energy
Bringing on the fury
The choir infantry
Revolt against the honor to obey"
this is a great example of a classic green day song, in a way it is a lot like the title track on American Idiot and Burnout on Dookie or Nice Guys Finish Last on Nimrod. Also I got the opportunity to see them live, and if you ever get that chance, you will see my point. I think that this was GD's strongest single on 21st century breakdown up until Bang Bang took that spot when Revolution Radio was released. - Revrad

35 Restless Heart Syndrome

HOW?!? How in the hell and why in the hell is this song on this list? - RestlessHeartGrenade

This song is a masterpiece I wish this was more popular

One of best for guitar riffs its good

Sounds like boulevard of broken dreams. - Th3Zm0nst3r

36 Last of the American Girls
37 Fell for You

I very much disliked this song, it's the only Green Day song I really don't like. It's pandering garbage. Green Day is my favourite band, but this song is just awful.

38 D.U.I.

This song needs to be wiped from green day's history, it's moral is terrible, and lyrics are dull!

Where is the link to this song I'm too drunk to find it.

Yes because every other Green Day song has an amazing message to it...
Controversy is their entire brand!
Geek Stink Breath, Brain Stew, Jaded, pretty much the entirety of Insomnia, while talking about how drugs are bad, still has morals that are pretty bad.

39 Dirty Rotten Bastards

Who idiot put this here? It's a masterpiece! @

40 F.O.D.

Dookie is THE most important album of the pop punk music. There are technically no flaws and the music is very good!

Why is this on the list? Its one of if not the best non-single green day songs from dookie.

Haters can F.O.D

41 Carpe Diem

Not that good. Sounds a lot like Before the Lobotomy(which is better). Also sounds like any other ¡Uno! song. Never one of my favorites.

42 Like a Rat Does Cheese
43 Loss of Control - Uno

This song is the song from the trilogy that I genuinely hate. - Tristan1975R5

44 Oh Love

One of there best! - SDGVsdfgvsdvgsdfgv

This was one of their better new songs

It's the best song of the whole trilogy - Th3Zm0nst3r

Billie's voice is annoying and disgusting in this song

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45 Walk Away

Ok, who added this? - Tristan1975R5

46 Rest

What's so bad about this

How is this bad?

47 My Generation

What's wrong. It's just a punk version of The Who's; My Generation

48 Basket Case

This list is such rubbish! You're putting BASKET CASE, LONGVIEW, and JESUS OF SUBURBIA here? What is wrong with you people?!?!?! - RestlessHeartGrenade

This is a good song - Rorywilbren

Your clearly drunk I love it

Not bad, but highly overrated - AliciaMae

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49 See You Tonight
50 Longview

I'm listening to it and it classic

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