Worst Growtopia Scammers

The Top Ten

1 Doomcraft

Most of the rest aren't scammers. It's just Doomcraft adding people he doesn't like

Wow I Agree The Owner Of This List Has Some Thing Very Wrong Because Why Is Hamumu And Seth On The LIst

Doomcraft Is Not A Scammer He Helps Other People He Does YouTube Videos He Does Giveaways To The Noobs With Rare Stuff so Whoever Owns This List Is A Scammer And A lier For Adding Doomcraft

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2 coldrush
3 Qura
4 12311taco
5 Proknight123
6 @hamumu
7 @SpiDer10
8 @seth

@Styx I'm your biggest fan my name in growtopia is Tony567 please go to my world at bestshoptony come please please please ;). Come and I wanna your picture please.

10 @AtomicShadow

The Contenders

12 @1965
13 @NeedSpeed7
14 @IDerpyGamer
15 @jairrocket
16 xbox554
17 Tony467

This is an addition because he added a comment to this list

18 bro602

Bro602 IS NOT A SCAMMER. Another player Doomcraft doesn't like

19 hackbroz
20 MaxxAmillion

MaxxAmillion is not his growtopia name it's a Facebook account, his growtopia name is probably bro602 or sumthing

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