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21 Bleach Drinking Challenge
22 The Habanero Challenge

I would never eat a Habanero pepper. - RiverClanRocks

23 Condom Challenge

It's where they fill a condom up with water and drop it on your head to have the water hanging around in the condom on your neck. Trust me, it's more stupider than it sounds. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I don't even want to know what this is - Ajkloth

I'm not even going to think about about it... - SamuiNeko

Surprised this isn't higher on the list

24 The Game of 72
25 Xxtra Hot Cheetos Challenge
26 Mannequin Challenge

You stand completely still. It's the EASIEST thing to do but you call it a challange!

27 Poop in Face Challenge
28 Plastic Bag Challenge

Worst challenge of them all... Look it up on YouTube

29 Sex Position Challenge

You put parts of your body, legs, head, genitals, butt, into the other's sexual positions, it's too much like porn, Shane Dawson did that recently, he's going too far.

30 Rock Paper Scissors Challenge

Yeah, look this one up on your own time... - WonkeyDude98

31 Lego Challenge
32 Aunt Jemima Syrup Challenge
33 Roast Yourself (Diss Track) Challenge V 1 Comment
34 Duct Tape Challenge
35 Russian Roulette Challenge

It's just beyond stupid.

36 Saltine Cracker Challenge
37 Backpack Challenge

The backpack challenge was actually one of the few internet challenges that I found entertaining. - NicholasYellow

You throw backpacks at people and they get hurt.

38 Gray Sweatpants Challenge

So stupid it makes me laugh.

Oh. Don't search that up. - SansTheComic

39 1000 Degree Knife Challenge

I can't believe people would do this on YouTube now.

Its pretty dangerous, - SansTheComic

40 The Smoothie Challenge


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