Worst Iron Maiden Album Cover Art

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1 Dance of Death Dance of Death

This is... Come on what HAPPENED TO EDDIE THE KILLER THE WELL KNOWN EDDIE, becomes some dance party grim reaper! Seriously maiden?

Not only the worst cover of maiden, is the wost cover than I ever seen in my whole life (and actually is a pretty cool album) I mean... what the hell happened here? at least the x fctor got an alternate cover art who made it better, this album only got this... CGI dancing girls with monsters with bizarre masks maing a parody of eyes wide shut... What the hell happened meanwhile this was created?

2 No Prayer for the Dying No Prayer for the Dying
3 The X Factor The X Factor

Utterly atrocious. This was during the post-Derek Riggs album covers sessions, and boy does it show. While there have been good covers besides Riggs, this cover is utter crap. Dated CGI combined with a horribly designed Eddie (what is up with that facial expression? ) make for the worst Maiden cover in history. The alternate cover is a lot better, and manages to express more with its minimalistic design than this utter monstrosity does. While the alternate cover was used in order to give retailers a less graphic cover to sell, it wouldn't shock me that these retailers weren't concerned with taste, but more with how crap this cover was, and released that the other had a higher chance of selling units. Despite this, I still quite like the album, and champion it as Maiden's most underrated. Shame about the cover though. - Mrveteran

This looks like death metal in my opinion

4 Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark

I hate this cover art

5 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
6 Virtual XI Virtual XI
7 The Final Frontier The Final Frontier
8 Brave New World Brave New World
9 A Matter of Life and Death A Matter of Life and Death

I don't think this is that bad an artwork. - jack2244

10 Piece of Mind Piece of Mind

The Contenders

11 Somewhere In Time Somewhere In Time
12 The Book Of Souls The Book Of Souls
13 Killers Killers
14 Live After Death Live After Death
15 Maiden England Maiden England
16 Live at Donington Live at Donington
17 A Real Live One A Real Live One
18 A Real Dead One A Real Dead One
19 A Real Live Dead One A Real Live Dead One
20 Rock In Rio Rock In Rio
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